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Home » Training » #2d How to Purchase a Domain

#2d How to Purchase a Domain

This video will show you how you can purchase a domain name with GoDaddy, right from your DREAMS system.

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9 Responses to #2d How to Purchase a Domain

  1. Barbara Vera says:

    thanks for the great info

  2. Brian Lathrop says:

    Thanks, This was helpful. Almost purchased a domain on GoDaddy today.

  3. Bryan Davis says:

    Would it be possible to just get those name servers? It would take me less time to edit the name servers in my GoDaddy account than it would to hunt down their contact information, send my login information, and wait for it to be switched over. Thanks.

  4. Donald Clifford says:

    Still having trouble finding a new domain naming. Is it active?

  5. Emeline Faaumu-Niutei says:

    Dreams is an awesome tool! I like how you can purhase your domain name directly from Dreams. I cannot wait to get on this system.

  6. Rodrick Agba says:

    Mine is not active , I guess

  7. Paula James says:

    How do I access the dream solution Pro

  8. April Greene says:

    Really appreciate these videos. You guys have made using dreams really easy.

  9. Greg Klippenstein says:

    got to turn the volume up to hear this one.

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