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Home » Training » Business Management » Lesson 05 – Business Management Training – How to Maintain Focus

Lesson 05 – Business Management Training – How to Maintain Focus

In Lesson 5 of the Business Management Training series, Ron shows you his simple system of keeping organized and how he avoids time wasters.

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119 Responses to Lesson 05 – Business Management Training – How to Maintain Focus

  1. Scott Burton says:

    you make it sound so easy and simple Ron, and it should be. Thanks Ron.

  2. Jeff Clayton says:

    Ron, I see the framed newspaper headlines on your wall about the war ending…I bet your Dad fought in WWII.

    So did mine, in Germany and France. Yours must have been in the Pacific theater? Total respect for all those guys.

    Totally agree with Ron about cell phones. Who says we’re a bad person if we let calls go to VM. Cell phones can be a huge time waster if we let them.

  3. Bill De Martin says:

    Just reading all my e-mails takes up a lot of time. I like to the idea of making all your calls at once. All like tasks at once makes sense. Efficiency is key!

  4. William Allen says:

    Important point that may be overlooked with all of the other good information: Accumulate like tasks and do them at the same time such as filing, returning calls, acting on your in-basket. By lumping like tasks, you will recognize when it is time to add/use the assistant for that task and you will have trained yourself to delegate that task.

  5. Cres Mandujano says:

    other is good information THIS IS GOLD

  6. Scott Burton says:

    so true, this is definitely gonna take me endless practice, to change some old habits, but i will give it a go. Thanks Ron.

    • Ken Chavez says:

      A lot of old habits need changing badly. For someone who doesn’t like the telephone, I spend an awful lot of time on it. Turning off the ringer is an excellent idea–then I can use the phone ONLY when I choose to, rather than let others dictate when I need to be on it.

  7. Heather Olson says:

    This would be a dream come true to have the great staff like Ron does. (I do have great staff, I just don’t interact with them like Ron – YET!)
    I have been in Ron’s office, and he speaks the truth – it is the nicest office I have ever been in, I have been in many executive offices (which you can tell are organized by an assistant), and I was most impressed by Ron’s.
    That is the most comfortable couch too!

  8. Tracy Day says:

    That goes for your car too.

  9. James Noullet says:

    Thanks again Ron another great video!

  10. Gabriele Michels says:

    Your office system seems to flow nicely. Something to shoot for!

  11. KJ Roberts says:

    I would love to flow nicely

  12. John Rogers says:

    Time to get those time wasters under control. It will require habit changes.

  13. Dwayne Graves says:

    I agree you have to prevent distractions like email and phone calls…good idea to accomplish all like tasks together. Impressed to see Ron keeping up with technology with his iPad and maybe an iPhone too.

  14. Arthur Hardy says:

    Gabi’s right Something to shoot for!

  15. Mitch Hell says:


  16. Cheryl Brozovic says:

    the “FART” filing system and “time suck, time suck, time suck”, LOL!

  17. Todd Smith says:

    Another great lesson! I am so grateful that I am reviewing this again. Thanks Ron.

  18. Elliott Days says:

    Hey Ron when will you make available the planner in the goal club store? I would love to buy one of those planners

  19. Christopher Carrington says:

    another lesson on saving time and money.

  20. Mike Minnihan says:

    Serious time wasters:

    1) Facebook
    2) Twitter
    3) YouTube
    4) reading your email

    Stop doing #s 1, 2 & 3 and only do #4 once a day for a short time ie. 20 minutes.

    That’s time you could have been talking to FSBOs or Realtors.

    • Arthur Hardy says:

      very true, they all do suck a lot of time vs ROI

    • Faith Szafranski says:

      I totally agree. I have friends on Facebook, so I like to use it to stay in touch. But I allow myself ONE 15 minute block a week. I use a kitchen timer to keep myself honest.

  21. D.L. Cote says:

    Ron’s the greatest! He makes organizing so simple:
    F.ile, A.ct, R.eroute, T.rash

    Thats the F.A.R.T program!

  22. Sharon Collins says:

    Daily journals are an important way to not repeat the same mistakes.

    • Arthur Hardy says:

      @ Sharon Collins that is a great point Sharon Daily journals are an great way to not repeat the same mistakes. It also makes you recount what you did and work on getting better

  23. Sharon Collins says:

    FOCUS-PRIORITIZE Keys in success.

    • Arthur Hardy says:

      @ Sharon Collins really great thinking and philosophy Sharon FOCUS on what you are doing and PRIORITIZE to use you time and resources well Keys in success

  24. Sharon Collins says:

    Oh and lastly stay away from the I can’t people out there.

    • Arthur Hardy says:

      Wow Sharon really great advice! TY!

    • Ken Chavez says:

      Positive people are always good to have in our lives. Sometimes avoiding the other kind is not possible, but I always try to be a good influence on them (it works both ways, after all!) and help them realize that the world is a lot better than they want to believe.

  25. Sharon Collins says:

    Good Luck:)

    • Arthur Hardy says:

      @ Sharon Collins the more i think about it Sharon instead of lastly stay away from the I can’t people out there may well be the first thing we need to do.

  26. Sharon Collins says:

    Would love to work in Ron’s organization (for Free) for one month. What a time saver this would be in that it took Ron years to perfect his system and assemble a great staff.

    • Arthur Hardy says:

      @ Sharon Collins i don’t know about Ron inviting you into his Global world for free Sharon I suspect that there is a profit center in it and Ron will figure it out

  27. Michael Minnihan says:

    Next Shiny Object Syndrome is the cause of lots of people not achieving success in real estate.

    They lose focus on what is most important.

    • Arthur Hardy says:

      @ Michael Minnihan you are so right about that Michael Next Shiny Object Syndrome does cause of lots of people not achieving success in real estate and life!

  28. Debbie Magar says:

    You’re wrong Ron, you do council us so maybe you should be doing video from couch instead of desk

  29. Liliam Wiggins says:

    Great Lesson. I’ve implemented the phone advice from a past webinar Ron gave. Will implement the FART method for paperwork.

  30. Monica Garcia says:

    I cant wait to be able to go to my office at “the crack of NOON!” ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS!!

  31. Tom Holyfield says:

    Focus on your FART!!

  32. William Clark says:

    I already have the method of letting calls on my cell go to voicemail, but my wife could use some practice on this. Some very practical and humorous advice. I have yet to hear anyone taken to court for not returning a phone call.

  33. Joshua Dudgeon says:

    Love the couch, Got to get one!

  34. William Clark says:

    I don’t have the couch but it is a great idea. Maintaining focus is difficult enough, but then add ADD into the equation and……….

  35. Janet Levitt says:

    That was great information. Especially about the phones. I just about always answer the phone.

  36. Aaron Isadore says:

    Great job explaining organization Ron.

  37. Jim Dahl says:

    I like the merry-go-round. No use getting too serious!

  38. Harold Morgan says:

    Good information this sounds easy but I do not have an assistant as of now but will start building my business so I can get a PA.

  39. Marlin Walker says:

    Another great video from the real estate guru!

  40. Paul Brennan says:

    Comments Don’t Work!

  41. Paul Brennan says:

    my phone is to busy to get in cumming Calls

  42. Paul Brennan says:


  43. Mike Husson says:

    This was perfect!!

  44. Dan Wall says:

    simple, but good.

  45. Timothy Munson says:

    I’ve adopted the ‘let the calls go to vm’ approach and have to say I get much more done. I can concentrate and focus more easily. Turn that ringer off!

  46. Bruce Hancock says:

    really good stuff Ron

  47. Roger Young says:

    Thanks for offering this.

    Really great material. Again, THANK YOU!

  48. Charles Goodwin says:

    “…answer to my wife like a good husband should…”

    Lesson learned! 🙂

  49. Brad Addis says:

    Prioritization is key to managing the chaos. Creating piles of paper using F.A.R.T. is valuable. By setting a list of items and categorizing each according to level of importance is critical. Then, checking off each one as completed gives a sense of accomplishment. At end of day, transfer all open items to the next day’s TO DO list. I agree that just answering e-mail can kill you. Thanks fof the advice.

  50. Nathan Beutler says:

    Love it thanks

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