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Home » Training » Business Management » Lesson 07 – Business Management Training – How Much Time is Spent Trying to Solve the Wrong Problem

Lesson 07 – Business Management Training – How Much Time is Spent Trying to Solve the Wrong Problem

In Lesson 7 of the Business Management Training series, Ron discusses how much time folks waste trying to solve the wrong problem.

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76 Responses to Lesson 07 – Business Management Training – How Much Time is Spent Trying to Solve the Wrong Problem

  1. Jeff Clayton says:

    Ron tells it like it is again.

    Minituae is “no bueno”. Delegate, delegate, delegate and don’t worry about the cost of a VA.

    No one to blame but me if deals aren’t closing and I’m spending time tyring to troubleshoot my computer! No one can do it all. We have to be the revenue generator, not the detail grunt.

    Great philosophy, Ron. Thanks.

  2. William Allen says:

    Thanks again Ron for the important info.

  3. Bill De Martin says:

    Great info Ron. This gave me valuable insight to what my problems are so I can work on fixing it! Thank you!

  4. Scott Burton says:

    so true. great info. what a waste of time

  5. Philip Barber says:

    This will really help my business.

  6. Cres Mandujano says:

    I like this lesson so true sound like 2nd part
    from lesson # 3 thank Ron

    • Arthur Hardy says:

      @ Cres Mandujano it isvery true these two videos are hammering home some of the same stuff but it is very very important to lay the ground work right

  7. Heather Olson says:

    Thank you Ron for sharing this Business Management video, I can’t wait to be in your Business Management Course in Person in two weeks!

    • Arthur Hardy says:

      @ Heather Olson i still have not been able to attend the Business Management Course in Person Heather please give us some of your thoughts having taken it

    • Arthur Hardy says:

      @ Heather Olson it occurs to me not only do we want to hear your take aways from your Business Management Course class experience but what about after class and what it’s done for you

  8. Tracy Day says:

    Thanks again for the info.

  9. Mr. Ross says:

    Just like a car. You got to know when to switch gears.

  10. Sandra Kenney says:

    Thanks! Ron

  11. James Noullet says:

    Thanks Ron this lesson is right on!!

  12. John Rogers says:

    Stay focused, get a VA, and call the leads. Dont allow myself to get caught up in the mineuta. Delegate, delegate, delegate. Thanks for the info.

    • Arthur Hardy says:

      @ John Rogers that is very wellsaid John someone gave me a t-shirt they had put away and never worn that is a Ron quote, the less I do the more I make

  13. Dwayne Graves says:

    Delegation is the key. Also, quickly identify any issues and fix them. Got it.

  14. Arthur Hardy says:

    Thanks! Ron

  15. Cheryl Brozovic says:

    Very common sense – told in a GREAT straight-forward way. It’s too easy to become delusional and think the responsibility shouldn’t always boil down to us. Thank you again.

    • Arthur Hardy says:

      @ Cheryl Brozovic if you are new to Ron’s world or at least Ron speak Cheryl the straight-forward way is the only way you get it from Ron LeGrand

  16. D.L. Cote says:

    The RONBO of RealEstate!

    • Arthur Hardy says:

      @ D.L. Cote okay this one took me a few minutes to take in and comprehend D.L. but i assume you mean The RONBO of RealEstate is like the Rambo of…

  17. Staci Ross says:

    I agree totally, and it goes against the grain of most entrepreneurs – we do NOT have to be the CEO AND chief cook and bottle washer. Hire the cook and bottle washer and free us up for higher earning activities.

    • Arthur Hardy says:

      @ Staci Ross you are so very right Staci it does go against the grain of most entrepreneurs to let go and let others use their time and skill to make you a success

  18. Sharon Collins says:

    As they say in Real Estate, Location, Location, Location.
    Well in business it’s Delegation, Delegation, Delegation.

    • Arthur Hardy says:

      @ Sharon Collins i think you have hit on something very excting Sharon in that the right idea whether big or small in business it’s Delegation, Delegation, Delegation

  19. Sharon Collins says:

    Doing more with less work is what I always say.

    • Arthur Hardy says:

      @ Sharon Collins i am not so certain that it is doing more with less work but doing less yourself and getting more work done is my goal everyday now

  20. Debbie Magar says:

    more good info.

    • Arthur Hardy says:

      @ Debbie Magar It is good info and clear we do NOT have to nor should we try to be the CEO AND everything else. Sharon is right hire the cook and bottle washer and free yourself up for higher earning activities.

  21. Alan Witte says:

    Ron you sure have a way of cutting to the chase.

  22. Faith Szafranski says:

    This was timely. Need to do a better job of follow up with my VA… Not happy with the results? My fault! Got it.

  23. Tom Holyfield says:

    Gots to hire a VA ASAP!!

  24. William Clark says:

    I want to get a VA AND…..does manusha start with an “L”?

  25. Joshua Dudgeon says:

    Got it, Get more leads! Thanks Ron

  26. Karri Lewis says:

    This is great! I think when I first tried this business, I got scared about calling leads. Now I’m going to force myself to do it!

  27. Harold Morgan says:

    I will need start making money so I can hire several people to work for me.

  28. Paul Brennan says:

    Liston Carefully,You Say You Have fsbo’s Put Adds On Craigslist,Don’t You Mean The VA? I Think So. Look At 8.24 On This Video.

  29. Paul Brennan says:

    Hey It Worked This Time,

  30. Paul Brennan says:

    Thanks Ron,
    fsbo’s won’t put flyers on Craigslist
    VA’s Do

  31. Roger Young says:

    Thanks for offering this.

    Really great material. Again, THANK YOU!

  32. Amy Ellis says:

    Tough love and great info both in one lesson! Thanks Ron!

    • John Haughton says:

      Ron – Are we enjoying these lessons, yes we are. As for being gentle next time, NO! As Amy said above, we need what we usually get from you – Tough Love.

  33. Orville Smith says:

    Great lesson! Thanks, Ron!

  34. Homer Munoz says:

    So true Ron So true. I work for a broker who manages our apartment complex and i’m his real estate agent showing units for free at no fear of interaction with clients

  35. Jeff Wiresinger says:

    This is really good stuff!!!

  36. Fernando Ceballos says:

    Thanks Ron for these lessons.
    Really enlightening.

  37. Brad Addis says:

    Some people focus on the symptoms, not the underlying problem. Finding deals is about solving a seller’s problem. Inertia is very powerful and keeps people without a plan from taking action. I found it important to make goals visible, with reachable milestones. Always can make just one more call, because that call may be the next big deal. there are always excuses why not to make calls. Just do it!

  38. Jim Burnsed says:

    thanks ron. looks like i have to find some help really fast, and if they dont perform, then i just dont pay becauce they havent done their job. money problems over huh!!!

  39. Ijaz Mirza says:

    No time at all.

  40. Regina Brown says:

    Ron no need for you to be gentle with us, we are creating our own problems. We must face reality and deal with it.

  41. Alyssa Franzo says:

    Love these videos. Great Info.

  42. Sheila Reno says:

    Yes I agree with all this. Thank God I will implement the system in Jesus name!

  43. Aaron Anderson says:

    I like the need to make a conscious effort to focus on solutions rather than excuses.

    You can have reasons or results…not both!

    I also love the deal analysis that he goes through! Thanks Ron!!!

  44. Cesar Torres says:

    I love the idea delegate everything you can.

  45. Brian Brown says:

    Ron reminds us of the great expression, “IF YOU DON’T HAVE AN ASSISTANT, YOU ARE THE ASSISTANT”

    -Brian Brown

  46. Stephen Foster says:

    Great quote @Brian Brown

  47. Anders Karlsson says:

    Very good, I need to stay on top of things, for them to happen. Or, not.
    Delegate, delegate, delegate.

    Thanks Ron.

  48. Bryan Davis says:

    There is a big push in corporate America to identify the core problem in complex situations. It’s too easy to waste irreplaceable hours chasing the wrong things. Identify what matters and ignore or outsource the rest.

  49. Devorah Sullivan says:

    Thanks Ron. Add to success delegation and delete molossia…Action taken!!

  50. Ian Lemke says:

    Thanks for giving it to us straight Ron

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