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Home » Training » #1a Welcome to Eagle VA

#1a Welcome to Eagle VA

Welcome to Eagle VA services. Thank you for signing up!

Please watch this short video that will cover what you can expect to happen next.

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18 Responses to #1a Welcome to Eagle VA

  1. Syvel Lowery says:

    I am sorry in didn’t understand what was the price for a VA, per month?

  2. Jason Sagers says:

    Can you utilize the VA service if you only are a gold club member at the $59 month level? It was my understanding that any member could buy a block of time.

  3. Fernando Diaz says:

    How do you find out the name of the VA that is calling? That way when I follow up on the lead, I can refer to someone rather than my assistant?

  4. Keith Lanier says:

    Hi I think I understood most of it” thanks!

  5. Anders Karlsson says:

    This is so helpful. Thank you for setting this up for us.

  6. Lorelei Hilz says:

    I haven’t gotten the welcome email for Eage VA yet.

  7. Anders Karlsson says:

    Great job, Pam

  8. Cody Cook says:

    HELP!!! I’m a $59 Gold Club Member and I’m having trouble with the getting the RonsVA.com sign up page Any other ways to sign up.

  9. Bryan Davis says:

    I feel like I’m just beating up on iFlip the more I learn about DREAMS but I love that it’s WordPress based. According to my SEO specialist, that allows for a lot more SEO tweaking which, of course, garners more leads.

    • Bella Chartrand says:

      Good point, Bryan. I love WordPress based sites because they are user friendly. That’s cool that you have an SEO Specialist. I should get one, too. Especially since I don’t even know what that is. This is all greek to me; I have so much to learn, but having fun learning it!

  10. David Rhoten says:

    thank you for all your great information very easy on the ears your voice to fully understand

  11. Beresford Kirton says:

    Looking forward to speaking to my VA and setting up my websites. Thanks, Pam.

  12. Gregory Fuller Jr says:

    Where do I go to sign up

  13. Lee Fields says:

    do i have a va in my gold club membership. how do i set up all of the va. need help

  14. Luke Kohls says:

    very helpful but, I think when Pam was spelling out the web address it should have been posted on the video.

  15. Michael Ardner says:

    This was very helpful, Thanks Pam for making this video!!

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