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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » Ron LeGrand – Special Reports

Ron LeGrand – Special Reports

This series of previously published special reports by millionaire maker Ron LeGrand has value for any Gold Club member who is invested in furthering their real estate business success.

Turn And Face The Tiger Or Become Its Lunch!

“I’ll admit that sometimes the tiger wins no matter how good your fighting skills are, but there’s a big difference between losing a battle and surrender.” Continue reading Read more »

What’s So Hot About A Market That’s Not?

“Sellers have lost the cocky attitude, values are dropping and equity is being given away by
the billions. If you can’t buy all the houses you want in this market…it’s you..
Continue reading Read more »

If You Want The Harvest, You Gotta Plant The Seed And Become A Fertilizer Expert

“It’s not the destination we’re after, it’s the thrill of the chase. When you stop the chase you stop the thrill, life becomes mundane and boring, your personality changes, and you may not even know why..” Continue reading Read more »

Get Er Done

“The last thing you need is more projects if you can’t even get one done. Think about why
you’re struggling
. Fix the real problem until it becomes easy to move quickly..
Continue reading Read more »

My Pet Peeves

“I’m usually a pretty easy guy to get along with, but there are some things that make me crazy.. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite pet peeves. See how many you’d put on your list.” Continue reading Read more »

How To Weather A Negative Cash Flow Storm

“The truth is none of that will matter if we don’t get this problem solved. You can’t make up a Negative Cash Flow by doing the same stupid stuff that created it!” Continue reading Read more »

To Get Good, You Must First Be Really Bad

“Everything I now do well I did badly at first. I know what it takes to get good at anything. The question is: am I willing to pay the price?” Continue reading Read more »

Whatever Happened To Common Sense?

“If locating prospects is common sense, why do I have to threaten bodily harm to make people stay on track until this critical step is set up and running on autopilot like clockwork..?” Continue reading Read more »

Are You Working On The Wrong Things?

“There’s a common mistake I see students making over and over again. That mistake is: doing everything they can to feel busy except the critical things required to stay in business.” Continue reading Read more »

The Key Ingredient Of A High Achiever

“There is one thing that I believe is a key ingredient in all super achievers. They all subject themselves to and master the use of Deadlines. A deadline is another word for a sense of urgency.” Continue reading Read more »