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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » How to Ensure a Recession Doesn’t Destroy Your Health or Wealth: Ron LeGrand

How to Ensure a Recession Doesn’t Destroy Your Health or Wealth: Ron LeGrand

Live Call with Ron – March 30th, 7 PM ET

We’ve conquered many catastrophes in this country, and I don’t believe this one will be at the top of the list. In fact, for many, it will be an opportunity to prosper like never before under the strong leadership of our President.

The world is in chaos right now, and no one knows for sure how it will affect the next few months and beyond. However, it’s my belief we can’t use it as an excuse to lay down and do nothing while it takes away the income and destroys the stability and wealth of millions.

Here are some of the things we’ll discuss in this 60-minute conference call:

  • Why it’s never been easier to buy and sell real estate without using your money or credit.
  • What are your big risks in a recession and how to avoid them if and when another one comes.
  • Steps I think you should take now to protect your fortress.
  • Why newbie real estate investors are missing the boat and wasting a fortune.
  • Where the big money is in real estate and why 90% of the newbies will never be exposed to true wealth.

*Also, don’t forget that we’re bringing the Summit to you, VIRTUALLY! April 1st – 3rd, that’s this Wednesday – Friday. Sign up below, and find out more:


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13 Responses to How to Ensure a Recession Doesn’t Destroy Your Health or Wealth: Ron LeGrand

  1. Robert Putnam says:

    I believe the upcoming recession will only benefit our business. A lot of folks credit will get wrecked. Homes will be foreclosed upon. People will still need a place to live and Banks will be reluctant to lend. A perfect storm if you will.

    Robert from Robert

    • Richard Ullrich says:

      Scary Times
      Past, Present, Future.

      Stay away from Negative People!

      Move forward with work and education.

      Spanish Flu
      1929 Crash
      1930’s Change & Innovation comes from Adversity!

      Pearl Harbor
      Cold War/Red Scare
      Virtual Nam
      1987 Stock Market Crash
      2008 Financial & Real Estate Meltdown

      1976 SOhio shuts down 200 Service Stations…
      including Ron’s!

      1987 Financial Meltdown/RTC.

      2009 Ron gets a Quadruple Bypass…
      and lives to tell about it!

      Virtual Work at Home for Global Publishing.
      Opportunities for Students to learn and work from home since cancelling the Vegas Summit by transitioning to a Virtual Summit and Virtual Deal Room.

      Ready to learn, grow and prosper!

      Ron’s getting stir-crazy from being stuck at home, but getting more done!

      A new camaraderie is being established.

      Greater use of technology is and will be occuring.

      Increased involvement with virtual education to supplement live/in-person events.

      People find ways to innovate and adapt and competition is thinning.

      What’s next?

      Crank up the buying machine.
      Put out door-hangers.
      Advertise more…it’s cheaper to do so now.
      Make calls to sellers…they’re home!
      Pursue additional income streams.
      Clean out your house and sell what you don’t need online.
      Get a second job if your job has been temporarily eliminated.
      Overages Business with Bob Diamond.
      It’s easier to buy and sell online that it’s ever been!

      Take every problem one at a time, one day at a time and solve each problem.

      19 Deals have been done by mentors in
      one day, in preparation for the
      Virtual Summit.

      Quick Start School will be done online for the first time.

      Contact Ron with questions:

      “Deal with the people who want to deal with you and get rid of the rest at
      lightning speed.”

      -Ron LeGrand

  2. Keith Yedinak says:

    Get things in place now for the perfect storm after this recession

  3. Maria Whitaker says:

    Thank you all for what you do. I am trying to join at the 299.00 level in about 2 weeks when the stimulus check comes. I have a bankruptcy case like Ron did many years ago. I am so glad I am not stuck here at all. I work 35 hours a week (at home on a computer) There is nowhere to go but upward, and onward. You all are Dear Souls. I am very happy I can get in a pretty house, and get others in them too.

  4. Hani Ghali says:

    As always Ron, Great contents. Thanks

  5. Randy Connolly says:

    This should be a time that will create many more motivated sellers willing to sell with Terms.

  6. Dan Sawman says:

    Education and implementation. Now is the time to make it or break it!

  7. Kasim Adeleke says:

    Ron, who are you using to provide door hangers?

  8. Aaron Anderson says:

    The time is right to get things into place!!! Im actually getting excited for the opportunities that are comming down the pipeline.

  9. Yong Xu says:

    Nationally there is a 28% decline in terms of the number of listing on Zillow. And over 50% of listings were taken off the listing service in New York City. As such, the price are going up right now due to the shortage of inventory. I think it’s only going to be short term… since there are about 4.5MM-5MM people on forbearance as I’m writing this comment. And close to 20MM people are facing eviction by the end of Sep. 2020. Definitely will see more motivated sellers in the next year.

  10. Fernando Diaz says:

    Is this seminar available online?

  11. Fernando Diaz says:

    Great information. Very insightful and we need to stay true to our principles

  12. Michael Cellini says:

    The White House said to expect a food shortage. It concerns me very much. Let’s say we are aiding TB’s and they can get food, then they’ll abandon the property. We’ll pass go and start over, but if people have no food, no work then who will be our prospects?

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