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Nick & Jon Pick Up Giveaway Car for the Summit, and Ron’s NOT Happy

Today’s the day we’re taking the fully restored and upgraded 1946 Ford Coupe up to our filming studio so we can give it away during the Great American Real Estate Summit, April 14-16! Ron isn’t quite ready to let go … Read more »

Joyriding with a 1946 Coupe!

Watch Jon, Nick, and Deb snatch up the opportunity to take this 1946 Ford Coupe out for joyride! Shhhh … Ron doesn’t know! This could easily be yours to take out anytime you’d like, all you have to GET REGISTERED … Read more »

The Legend of Ron LeGrand

The legend of Ron LeGrand is only spoken of in hushed whispers throughout real estate investing clubs across America… Some say he’s half-human, half-house; that’s why he’s so darn good at real estate. Some others say that Ron was never … Read more »

Happy Independence Day!

From the staff of Global Publishing and Ron, we wish all of our family and friends on Planet Ron a very healthy and happy Independence Day! Today we celebrate our great country, the United States of America. May we all … Read more »

How to Ensure a Recession Doesn’t Destroy Your Health or Wealth: Ron LeGrand

Live Call with Ron – March 30th, 7 PM ET We’ve conquered many catastrophes in this country, and I don’t believe this one will be at the top of the list. In fact, for many, it will be an opportunity … Read more »

The Mentor Podcast: Bob Diamond

When the government sells tax-defaulted properties at auction, generally they are only allowed to keep enough money to cover the owed taxes. What happens when a property sells for more than that? On this episode of the Mentor Podcast, attorney … Read more »

The Mentor Podcast: Prosperity

Be sure to listen to this week’s edition of The Mentor Podcast for a very special message and Ron and Global’s COO, Jennifer Shedlin. With the pandemic and the economic uncertainty it brings, now is the time to begin preparing … Read more »

Las Vegas Quick Start Real Estate School 2019

Our wonderful Mentor, Alton Jones, took some great photos of last week’s Quick Start Real Estate School in Las Vegas. Good knowledge, good food, and good company! Not a bad way to end the week before Easter Sunday.

The Dallas Experience

On a trip to Dallas years ago, Beverly and I visited DEALEY plaza, where Kennedy was shot, and learned a lot of information that was never published. For example, this photo was taken where he was actually shot in the … Read more »

Summit Registrants

If you don’t see your name below, you’re not registered! Updated 08/22/2014 Call 1-800-567-6128 to get signed up! Adam Midkiff Adrena Mosley Adriana Carrasquilla Ahmad Karim Albert Bogdanowitsch Albert Ramirez Alex Vaneck Allan Bauman Allen Shellum Althea Brown Alton Jones … Read more »

Success Contest 2016

We invite you to enter our Success Story Video Contest to be held at our 2016 Great American Real Estate Summit in Orlando, Florida! It’s simple!  Follow the rules below to create and upload your video. The Top 10 videos … Read more »

The Mentor Photo Contest Rules

We want to see your pictures! Here at the Gold Club, we like to think of ourselves as a family.  And, there’s nothing we love more than being able to put a name with a face!  Many of you interacting … Read more »

Josh & Stephanie Caldwell’s Success Story

March 12, 2012 It has been exactly one year to the day that my wife, Stephanie, and I first heard Ron LeGrand speak on a stage.  To be honest, we had no idea who he was or if he had … Read more »

Contest Rules & How to Upload Your Video

Videos can be submitted until April 6th. The voting will then be open until April 13th! We want to see your testimonial on video! Each week, Ron brings you video lessons, Q & A sessions and Planet Ron videos of … Read more »

The FHA Waives Anti-Flipping Rule Through Year-End

Read the Article below and see what the FHA has so graciously done for us. They’re giving us another year to practice capitalism and actually make a profit from our risk, labor and entrepreneurism. The truth is they give us … Read more »

The 2011 American Economy – Part Five the final piece

For the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing with you a total of 50 startling facts about the 2011 U.S. economy. We’re up to number 41 on our list and this is our last week. Like me, I’m sure many … Read more »

The 2011 American Economy – Part Four

For the last few weeks, I’ve been sharing with you a total of 50 startling facts about the 2011 U.S. economy. We’re up to number 31 on our list and the facts continue. This week we’re going over numbers 31-40. … Read more »

The 2011 American Economy – Part Three

For the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing with you a total of 50 startling facts about the 2011 U.S. economy. We’re up to number 21 on our list and it doesn’t stop there. This week we’re going over numbers … Read more »

The 2011 American Economy – Part Two

For the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing with you a total of 50 startling facts about the 2011 U.S. economy. Last week I shared with you the first 10 and this week, the list continues. Even though most American’s … Read more »

The 2011 American Economy – Part One

I saw an article the other day that discussed some economic numbers from 2011 and to be honest, I even found a few of them shocking. Even though most American’s have become frustrated with this economy, I know that my … Read more »

Getting Radio Active

Radio is a powerful, far-reaching medium that can be an incredible source of leads as you crank up your “buying machine”. It has the ability to spread your message throughout your entire target market at one time. It also allows … Read more »

My Pet Peeves

As I go through life and deal with hundreds of people each month, sometimes it amazes me how some folks get to be adults and not get put out of their misery by some short tempered idiot who shoots first … Read more »

How To Drive A Stake Through The Heart Of The Time Vampires – Part Two

Nowadays, a huge time vampire and one of my big pet peeves is that stupid cell phone everybody in America seems to be surgically attached to. How in the world can anyone carry on an intelligent face-to-face conversation with someone … Read more »

How To Drive A Stake Through The Heart Of The Time Vampires – Part One

Time vampires are needy, thirsty selfish creatures who suck up your time and energy, leaving you pale, weak and unorganized. Once they’ve found a good meal they keep returning for more, every day. Even though you regenerate yourself with a … Read more »

A Few Recent Lessons

As I write this, I’m flying back from Los Angeles after speaking at a huge event. I shared the platform with Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump and a few other legends. There were over 30,000 people registered and paid … Read more »

How To Achieve Peak Productivity by Dan Kennedy

As a teenager, I worked summers as a groom at harness racetrack, taking care of horses and shoveling manure. A lot of manure. Every workday started at 5:oo A.M, stopped around 1 P.M., started back up about 5P.M. to get … Read more »

Whatever Happened to Hustle?

A great deal of my time is devoted to teaching and I’m always confronted almost everywhere I appear with three different types of people in my audience. The first type are those who are bearing me for the first time … Read more »

10 Homes You Never Want To Buy

People love a good ghost story this time of year, and we here at Global are happy to oblige. We scoured the internet for the 10 most haunted homes in the U.S. While this did make for some interesting research, … Read more »

It’s Not My Fault – Part 2

If You Want To Get Rich, You Must First Put Yourself In A Position To Do So. Being successful takes work, I didn’t get rich by sitting around. But you also can’t keep making excuses for why you’re not bringing … Read more »

It’s Not My Fault

A few years ago, I hired a full time mechanic to work on my jet to reduce the maintenance costs and improve its reliability. He was sitting in my office with my pilot, my CFO and myself and we carefully … Read more »

You Can’t Eat Everything That Looks Appetizing

Trying to do too much can be just as destructive as not getting things done, maybe more so. Somewhere in everyone’s personality and lifestyle choice there’s a balance of not enough or too much. Everyone’s breaking point is different. I’ve … Read more »

What’s it Like Working for Ron?

“Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. LeGrand has left the building!” No, really. He’s gone for the week and that leaves me with the daunting task of putting together the weekly report all by myself! My first thought? I can write about … Read more »

Nine Ways to Improve Your Closing Ratio (Written in 1989 But Still Valid)

You’ve pre-qualified your prospects. They look good and you’ve made an appointment with your lender for the formal loan application. You’re feeling good about yourself now because, as far as you’re concerned, this house is sold…or is it? Don’t spend … Read more »

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Everyone has a comfort level in which they live and work. It is determined by several factors and can be changed with practice and time. We have a choice of what we do each day, how we spend our time, … Read more »

Thanks for the Bad Economy

Yesterday I took my wife in for a medical checkup and decided to sit in the parking lot and read. After a while I looked up and took notice of the cars parked around me and was amazed at what … Read more »

Flipping is Illegal!

Oh No! All this time you’ve been telling me I could make a killing buying & selling (flipping) houses and now you’re telling me it’s illegal, Ron? Well, sort of! But before you get all upset, I’d better explain. Don’t … Read more »

What Do I Do?

Ok, enough already! Quit asking. I’ll tell you what goes on in my life behind the scenes even though I can’t imagine why anyone would care. I’ll bet you won’t be very impressed. I’m doing this only because you asked … Read more »

Nine Ways to Improve Your Closing Ratio

Don’t spend your money before you get it! Would you be shocked to learn that a full 25 to 40% of the buyers you put before a lender will not make it to the closing table? That’s right. Over one … Read more »

Just A Marginal Shift

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our every day problems, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees and a minor tweak in our business can have a major impact on our income. I call it… A Marginal … Read more »

I’m A Workaholic And Proud Of It

Sometimes people ask me if I’m a workaholic and my normal answer for them is to define what they consider one to be. Their answer is usually along the lines of someone who spends most of their time working. Then, … Read more »

Whatever Happened To Common Sense?

What ever happened to good ole common sense? For some reason it appears to be quite uncommon. Sometimes I stand in awe of how many people go through life requiring a babysitter to make decisions for them because the ability … Read more »

Triple Your Income in the Next 12 Months

Oh sure, you’ve decided to either increase your income on a part-time basis or you’ve quit your job and taken the full-time plunge. So what! All that means is you’ve decided to take control of your own financial future and … Read more »

To Get Really Good, You Must First Be Really Bad

I never cease to be amazed by people who expect to get good at something overnight. I see new investors get into real estate all the time and somehow they get this illusion its some kind of fairy tale business … Read more »

Selling Houses Fast – Part Two

This is the second in the series of lessons on how to sell houses. Refer to last weeks issue if you missed it. Problem #7- Salesperson’s lack of knowledge of funding and prescreening. The first step to success in buying … Read more »

Here’s What I’ve Learned – Part One

Are you not buying because you’re waiting to sell what you have first? Is your income suffering because you haven’t plugged the hole in the back end? Are you so afraid of selling you quit (or never started) buying? In … Read more »

How To Weather A Negative Cash Flow Storm

I just spent two days talking to my master’s members. We discussed numerous subjects, but one topic that always comes to the surface when several people are in a room or on a call is:

Cash Flow Problems! Continue reading Read more »

Make Quick Cash on Assumptions

by Ron LeGrand Using this technique, you will find loans that can be assumed, such as non-qualifying FHA and VA loans and private loans. The beauty of this is that non-qualifying loans require little money, no credit checks, and you … Read more »

The Legend Of Ron LeGrand

Ron LeGrand and Dan Kennedy, the marketing legend, have been friends for over 20 years now. Ron was in Dan’s first and last years platinum  inner circle. Attached is a short book Dan wrote about Ron on his 60th birthday (2006). … Read more »

Professor of Harsh Reality’s Lecture About Time-Dan Kennedy

The Professor of Harsh Reality’s Lecture About Time By Dan S. Kennedy Having recently had another birthday click over on the odometer, time is on my mind. It’s never far from it in my work-cave, because I have strategically placed … Read more »

Get Er Done

It amazes me how some people, most in fact, who have the same amount of hours in a day, get so little done. I’ve always had a hard time understanding why people intentionally waste time and live an unproductive life. … Read more »

The Three Best Ways I Know To Find Ugly Houses

The Three Best Ways I Know To Find Ugly Houses by Ron LeGrand The first step to a successful business, any business is to locate prospects who are predisposed to do business with you. The good thing about finding ugly … Read more »

Are You Working On The Wrong Things

Are You Working On The Wrong Things by Ron LeGrand There’s a common mistake I see students making over and over again and it doesn’t seem to matter if they are new or been around awhile. That mistake is: Doing … Read more »

Do You Have The Courage To Be Rich?

Do You Have The Courage To Be Rich?        I’m constantly amazed at how the majority of the human race in a great country like America would rather spend their entire life being mediocre, swapping hours for dollars, taking little … Read more »

When to Look A Gift Horse In the Mouth

When to Look A Gift Horse In the Mouth by Ron LeGrand Many investment courses and books on real estate (mine included) tell you to find a motivated seller. That’s where you get your good deals. As a rule, that’s … Read more »

Deadly Mistakes You Can Avoid

Deadly Mistakes You Can Avoid by Ron LeGrand Over the last 23 years, I’ve known many investors and entrepreneurs. I’ve seen every possible scenario, from overnight success to plodding, sit-on-your-butt-and-do-nothing failure. I’ve known people who would get off to a … Read more »