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Home » Resources » Blog » It’s Not My Fault – Part 2

It’s Not My Fault – Part 2

If You Want To Get Rich, You Must First Put Yourself In A Position To Do So.

Being successful takes work, I didn’t get rich by sitting around. But you also can’t keep making excuses for why you’re not bringing in the big bucks. Stop trying to blame your set backs on everyone or everything else.

There’s an answer for all of your problems. Don’t believe me? Maybe I’ve got the answer right here for you in black and white.

1. Not Generating Enough Leads. Do the yellow letter campaign or call FSBO’s exactly like I laid it out on all my training and see what happens. Matters not where you live.

2. Wasting Leads. This is a training problem easily fixed by attending Quick Start Boot Camps. Don’t attend, waste leads. Do attend, make a fortune. One half of one deal pays for all this. You’ve lost that much this week. Check your trash can. The art of prescreening is critical. You must learn it quickly or face extinction. Once you learn it, one hour a week’s prescreening leads will drive a million-dollar business. Until you learn it a million-dollar business will drive you twenty hours a week or more, wasting production time.

3. Simply Won’t Go Get The Deal Even When You Can. This is a fear problem that can be fixed with persistence and a little grit. Don did it…you can too. Get off your ass and go see the sellers you’ve prescreened and get the deal. The paperwork will be wrong, you’ll say the wrong things, talk too much, make a mess…and then discover nobody cares about you.

4. You’re Getting Deals But Having Trouble Selling Fast Enough. Again, a training problem. Get to our classes and learn how to sell on autopilot. Get the biggest problem out of the way…YOU. Let our system work. Quit fighting it because you think you can do it better. Maybe you can but if the roof is leaking, you don’t wait until it caves in to fix it. Put my system in place first, then make it better. Then you’ll discover you don’t need to improve on a system that sells houses faster than you can ever can.

If you’re talking to buyers before they’ve seen the house and been prescreened, you’re an idiot. It’s Your Fault.

If you’re showing houses you need therapy. It’s Your Fault.

If you’re not getting enough leads, you’re lazy. It’s Your Fault.

Fix the part of your business and the biggest time waster of all has been slain.

Take a trip and get some private time to analyze what the real problem is and go to work on the solutions. They’re really not hard to find and implement.

Ask yourself this…

Has Anyone Else In My Area Ever Had The Same Problems And Overcome Them?

Of course you know the answer, don’t you?

It’s All Your Fault.

There are only a few things you must do to buy and sell houses and most are done for you.

1. Get basic training (we’ll help but can’t do it for you).

2. Set up system to take calls from sellers (PatLive.com/RonLeGrand).

3. Implement a few things to get calls (signs, ads, flyers, yellow letters). Get a virtual assistant to call FSBO’s, VirtualOfficeVA@gmail.com.

4. Prescreen the leads and pull out the few prospects and call them to confirm info and make appointments (this will take some training and practice).

5. Get a contract to buy or lease option from seller (a little more training).

6. Order a title search and put the house on the market (ads, signs, web traffic and soon just contact your own buyers list and tell them is available).

7. Select your tenant or buyer and get instructions to your attorney to close lease option or to your mortgage originator to close the new financing.

If you do these steps my way, they can easily be done in less and ten hours a week. If you do them your way, they can easily be done in ten hours a day. Just kidding, but my point is right on. This is not a time sucking business but it does require a system if you want to make more rather than less. You know where to find me and if you don’t, http://www.RonLeGrand.com.

To Your Quantum Leap,

Ron LeGrand

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8 Responses to It’s Not My Fault – Part 2

  1. Geri Bonvillain says:

    I am the only person that I can point the finger at. There is no one else that is responsible for me. It is time to stop using excuses and put a plan into action. I was at the ACTS work shop in Sept. but have done nothing to get started. No More Excuses.

  2. Quentin/Kristina Freeman/Mohammed says:

    >b>I can definitely say from experience, not getting training really…really…REALLY hurts you. Things you do before you are trained turn out to be obvious DONT’S when you get training.
    I wrote a blog the other day, “6 Lessons an Investor Would NOT Want To Learn the Hard Way
    and not getting training was number one on the list.

  3. John Rogers says:

    Oh no, part 2. I feel guilty enough already! No, I know it is my fault. Just do it! Stop procrastinating.

  4. Cresencio Mandujano says:

    PART 1 make me fell bad part 2 make fell lazy and bad

  5. Kim Ray says:

    Blunt, straight shooter. I needed that.

  6. Karen Lambert says:


  7. Rod McMasters says:

    Youch!!! Thanks R.L.

  8. Darren Logan says:

    I like to learn something everyday.

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