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“…the cost of the VAs will be peanuts compared to the gains!”

I’m full of anticipation about my future with Eagle Virtual Assistants. This week is our very first week with our new VA, who is Laura, and if our future is anything like it’s beginning, we are in for an exciting … Read more »

“10 Advantages of Owning Multifamily Properties” by Lance Edwards

In these tough economic times, people are looking for sound investment opportunities. People desire investments that are low risk but yield great returns. Unfortunately, such opportunities are hard to come by. Owning multifamily properties offers you the best of both … Read more »

“10 Creative Ways To Get Your Deals Done” by Lance Edwards

Trying to get your multifamily deals done but scratching your head as to how to do it? Believe me, you are not alone. I know what it’s like to struggle over how to get these deals done firsthand watching everyone from novice real … Read more »

“10 Customer-Getting, Sales-Boosting Tactics You Never Knew Existed” by Dan Kennedy

There’s a certain mindset in direct response marketing folks. We are very results oriented. We find it very difficult to just go out for a drive or go to the mall just to hang out and browse—we want a definite … Read more »

“7 Reasons Real Estate Investors Should Get Their Real Estate License” by Gary Wilson

Getting my real estate license was probably the greatest single improvement I made in my real estate investing business. It not only made investing easier for me, it opened up doors for creating massive wealth and income that produced profits … Read more »

“A big thank you for making our jobs easier!”

Ron, Thank you for recommending your Gold Club Virtual Assistants. After signing up, our assigned VA, contacted us, introduced herself and the rest is history. We are grateful to have such a quality individual as part of our team who … Read more »

“Acquiring and Renovating Older Facilities: A Hot Investment Strategy for Today’s Economy” by Scott Meyers

The ongoing recession and the subsequent lack of development capital has created a shift in strategy by both Self-Storage developers and investors alike. There has been a great deal of activity in the market for those willing to buy older, … Read more »

“All I had to do was negotiate!”

Hey Ron, This Terms thing really works! I picked up this check for $34,266 the other day from a house I had under contract with terms for five years. For the property, I found cash buyer. It killed the golden … Read more »

“Apartment Buildings for Sale: The No-Brainer Business Plan” by Lance Edwards

You’ve probably heard that if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. That’s good advice, especially when it comes to buying apartment buildings for sale. Planning is the key to success in any business and it’s no different … Read more »

“Areas Of Responsibility For Rental Property Managers” by Elaine Salt

After you have invested in a rental property, you have to make sure that you carefully manage it to attain success even in the middle of an economic crisis. If unfortunately you do not have the time to properly manage … Read more »

“Benefits Of A Landlord Insurance Policy” by Jennifer Biggins

Many people today, for various reasons, have decided to lease their property. Renting out property carries risks that must be considered. Therefore, many people that lease out property carry landlord insurance as protection. There will be circumstances that would normally … Read more »

“Big Changes Coming To Google Rankings” by Elliot Land

Google has recently announced some major changes to the way websites are listed in their search results. Starting April 21st, mobile-friendly websites will be ranked higher in their search results than non-mobile websites. Let’s examine the impact this change will … Read more »

“Changing Lives and Careers” by Brian Wolff

It’s hard to believe—we have now been teaching real estate investing alongside Ron LeGrand for over 10-years. (He’s been at it for over 25-years!) Together, we have created some spectacular success stories. We hope you’re one of them! Most of … Read more »

“Do Things Really Change?” by Lonnie Scruggs

In 1986, I started buying used mobile homes for $2,000-$3,000 and selling them for $5,000-$6,000 with payments of $200-$300 per month. Some 19 years later, I’m still buying and selling mobile homes at the same prices, same payments. Yet, I … Read more »

“Don’t Get Taken By Private Money Scam Artists” by Lance Edwards

Everything we do in my business, everything we teach, revolves around the fact that you can get into small apartments and multi-family real estate investments through private money (or Other People’s Money) without using any cash or credit of your … Read more »

“Dude…You Need Help!” by Tony Pearl

So there you are-a proud real estate investor (or business owner)! You’re doing some marketing, talking to sellers, driving out to meet them, making offers, following up, raising private money, selling your houses and a million other things. Meanwhile, you’re … Read more »

“Ever Wondered What My Favorite Exit Strategy Is?” By Ron LeGrand

For a lot of years now, I’ve been selling houses that need work without doing the work, and I don’t mean wholesaling them. There’s a whole sub-culture of people who’d love to buy a home and are willing to do … Read more »

“Every problem is resolved so quickly that it wasn’t a problem.”

Jonathan, I have to say that working with everyone has been pleasant and very efficient. I have had the opportunity to work with several folks at various times. Every problem is resolved so quickly that it was never a problem. … Read more »

“Feel Good About Your Life and Be Happy” by Brian Tracy

Sometimes people feel that they are controlled by external circumstances.  But the fact is that your life is largely determined by your own personal choices and decisions in every area.  You are where you are and what you are because … Read more »

“First-Ever Crowd-funded Self-Storage Facility” by Scott Meyers

Realty Mogul, an online marketplace that allows accredited investors to pool money online and buy shares of pre-vetted investment properties, has announced the first-ever crowd-funded self-storage facility. Through a private placement traditionally offered only to larger institutional investors, the platform … Read more »

“Five Steps to Creating a Balanced Life” by MaryEllen Tribby

It was a simple business call. My colleague – “Larry” – had invited me to speak to his mastermind group on a teleconference later in the week. Nothing out of the ordinary. But my sister-in-law’s mouth was hanging wide open. … Read more »

“Flight turns unforgettable when passengers learn of fallen soldier” By Johnny Jet

Delta Flight 2255 from Atlanta to Los Angeles. (Photo: Courtesy of Johnny Jet) Delta Flight 2255 from Atlanta to Los Angeles seemed to be an ordinary flight with the exception of Candy, who was the most loving flight attendant I’ve … Read more »

“Four Free Ways to Market Your Multifamily Real Estate Deals” by Lance Edwards

A common misconception for those getting in the small apartment space is that you have to have a fortune to not only get your first deal under contract but to market the deal to attract a buyer. Both are simply … Read more »

“Four Future Financial Investor Trends” by Lee Arnold

Number One: The Wealthy Baby Boomers The aging of the baby boomers is affecting housing because they are downsizing. They are affecting job creation because they are working longer. And, there is a generational wealth transfer happening where they are … Read more »

“Get Down and Dirty with Filthy Riches Homes” by Larry Goins

Larry Goins spent years perfecting his Filthy Riches approach to real estate. But, where are the properties that Larry targets to generate so much personal income? The houses in this program are low-income, distressed, “dog with fleas” homes. They are … Read more »

“Get Out of Your Job and Get Into Multifamily Real Estate…Fast” by Lance Edwards

Let’s be honest: Work isn’t always a pleasure. That’s why it’s called work! You fight traffic, you put up with your boss, you try to ignore the office politics, and you can’t wait to get home at night. Day in … Read more »

“Getting Started in the Overages Business” by Bob Diamond

You need to learn the following to get the business going: 1. What States to work in 2. Where to get the lists of people owed money due to overages 3. How to find the people who are owed money … Read more »

“Getting Things Done” by Lance Edwards

In my No.1 best-selling book, “How to Make Big Money in Small Apartments”, you can learn how to create a real estate business, but you also need to be concerned with creating your net worth. There is a process that I, … Read more »

“Having a VA opened up a whole new world to my REI business.”

Having a VA has opened up a whole new world to my real estate investing business. For minimal time on my part I receive an abundance of leads. After the lead sheets come in all I have to do is call the … Read more »

“Home Selling: Which Fixes Are Worth It to Lure Buyers?”

If you’re one of those homeowners who’s been moaning about how hard it’s been trying to sell your house, your bargaining power — you remember that concept, right? — hasn’t been completely devastated just because a flood of new foreclosures … Read more »

“Honey, Will You Get That?” by Tim Walker

While on the surface it may seem like a good idea, if not approached properly, working at home with your spouse could be a decision that you’ll eventually regret. Sure, it can mean significant savings to the family budget, cutting … Read more »

“How A Zillow-Trulia Merger Could Finally Change The Business Of Real Estate” by Brad Stone

Despite the multitude of online real estate websites, buying a home today remains stubbornly anachronistic, with dual real estate agents, proliferating fees, and reams of old-fashioned paper documents. Now two of the leading real estate websites are merging—Zillow, the Seattle-based site … Read more »

“How Mortgage Delinquencies Affect Credit Scores” by Tom Bukacek

If you are involved in real estate, then chances are you’ve had to deal with a motivated seller who is behind on payments and trying to figure out their best options. And, with motivated sellers come many different goals that … Read more »

“How To Make Your House Look Bigger Than It Is” by Nick Altrup

When you sell your house, you’ll want to make it look as big and beautiful as possible. And just because your house is small, that doesn’t mean it can’t look big. You can make any space look bigger by employing … Read more »

“How to Prescreen Contractors to Build a Dream Team to Get the Job Done!” by Robyn Thompson

Many real estate investors shy away from houses that need rehabbing because they fear hiring contractors. We have all heard the horror stories of rehabbers who lose their shirt because a contractor took them to the cleaners. I am here … Read more »

“How To Profit From Mobile Park Homes” by Omar Johnson

via BiggerPockets.com They may not be the most popular housing, but manufactured homes are certainly a form of affordable housing to be appreciated. Mobile homes these days are a far cry from the ones being produced several years back. They … Read more »

“How To Read Your Prospect Like A Book” by John Boe

Top salespeople and the most successful managers recognize the importance of nonverbal communication in the selling process and have learned to “listen with their eyes.” They understand that one of the easiest and most effective ways to close sales is … Read more »

“How to Sell Your Filthy Riches House QUICK!” by Larry Goins

So, here you are. You’ve looked for potential properties. You bought your ideal first $30,000 property for $5,000. You’ve marketed the property. Now it’s time to complete the sale… and watch your income start to build. With the amount of … Read more »

“Introducing ‘Shedquarters’: The Hot New Trend Home-Based Business”

Space-efficient work spaces are becoming all the rage these days. They’re great for maintaining privacy and uninterrupted workflow, and they can also be cozy and stylish as well. Here are some examples of a growing trend of miniature studios (for … Read more »

“It Pays to Live Near a Starbucks” by Nicole Goodkind

It’s difficult to predict the next big neighborhood when looking to buy a home. Finding the right area where houses are still affordable but prices are quickly appreciating is an art that takes an exorbitant amount of time—something most home buyers … Read more »

“Keeping Your Fixer-Upper Cash Flow Under Control” by Joe Lane

While there are some real estate investors that pursue fixer-upper properties because they like the challenge, most are in it for one thing: the money. Getting the most out of your particular piece of real estate should be your only … Read more »

“Make More Money, Not More Work” by Gary Wilson

I believe that investing in real estate is the best path to realizing the American Dream, and I was fortunate enough to have a great teacher when I first got started at the ripe, old age of 23. I eventually … Read more »

“Making BIG Money Buying Small Self-Storage Facilities: A Popular Investment Strategy for Today’s Economy” by Scott Meyers

Has the ongoing recession and lack of development capital left you wondering how to get into commercial real estate? Well one strategy that some investors are beginning to consider is investing in small, Class C Self-Storage Facilities – many of … Read more »

“Multifamily Potential: 3 Guidelines for Quickly Evaluating a Deal” by Lance Edwards

You want to invest in multifamily properties, but with all the apartment buildings in your city, you could spend all your time looking at them, analyzing them and comparing them without ever getting anywhere. You need a simple, effective way … Read more »

“My Heart on the Line” by Frank Schaeffer

Before my son became a Marine, I never thought much about who was defending me. Now when I read of the war on terrorism or the coming conflict in Iraq, it cuts to my heart. When I see a picture … Read more »

“New Deals for the New Year: An Excerpt” by Ron LeGrand

Let’s look at an example: A seller calls you about a house on the river worth $750,000. It belonged to her mom who recently passed away and left it to her brother. It’s now vacant and has been on the … Read more »

“On the Road Again…” by Nicky Bialik

On the road again……………………………………. Texas……Texas…….Texas……Texas…….. Did you know that the state flower of Texas is the Bluebonnet? The state tree is Pecan? State bird is a Mockingbird? The state dish is Chili and the state Folk Dance is a Square … Read more »

“Persuasion” by Dave LeGrand

A Sobering Thought: Anytime you are in the presence of another human being, either that person is persuading you, or you are persuading him/her. So, do you want to be the persuaded or the persuader? In other words, who is … Read more »

“Pitching Your Multifamily Property Deal to Investors” by Lance Edwards

When you are trying to pitch potential investors a deal, you have 20 seconds to catch their imagination. In that 20 seconds, you need to address the investors’ “What’s in it for me” mentality. You need to talk to their … Read more »

“Ponzi-ing Your Way Out Of Trouble” by Tom Zeeb

I’m disturbed by a certain type of person each and every time I see them. They make me sick. And their behavior perturbs me. Who is it? People who try and “Ponzi” their way out of trouble. Let me explain… … Read more »

“Quantum Coincidences” by Jay Conner

I’ve been known to say that “Coincidence is God’s way of staying anonymous,” and I feel like my life and my career is proof of that! You may not know it, but I moonlight as a world famous composer. I … Read more »

“Real Estate Auction: A Superior Pricing Strategy” by Dane Atherton

The property auction system of selling real estate when implemented effectively is without a doubt the most successful method of sale available. The auction system is designed to remove the price as an objection and encourage purchasers to act based … Read more »

“Staging Tips for Selling During the Holidays” by Kara Wahlgren

via FrontDoor.com Before you deck the halls, see which holiday decor can help you sell. It’s the time of year that calendars are packed with holiday parties, budgets are strained by gift-giving and the roads are covered in freshly fallen … Read more »

“Stinkin’ Rich By 30–10 Steps On The Path To Cash” by Loral Langemeier

Loral began her career working for the Chevron Corporation right out of college. It was clear to her early on that there was more to life than cubicles and trading her time for dollars. Despite her own fears and persuasion … Read more »

“Stinkin’ Rich By 30 — 10 Steps To Get The 20-Something On The Path To Cash Part 1” by Loral Langemeier

1) Stare in the Mirror. Ask yourself out loud, “What am I good at? What skill set do I possess?” Whatever your skill set is, somebody is probably already paying you to do that. So why not do it on … Read more »

“Stinkin’ Rich By 30 — 10 Steps To Get The 20-Something On The Path To Cash Part 2” by Loral Langemeier

5) “Say YES! and Figure out How:” If you’ve heard this before, it’s because it’s single-handedly been the biggest key to success in my life. You’ll never hear me say “no.” When a problem comes up, an issue arises, or … Read more »

“Strong Leaders Identify and Remove Their Blind Spots” By Kaylene S Mathews

I recently returned from a trip that included a 15+ hour drive in one day. I can’t even tell you the number of times I used my rear-view mirrors to navigate the road on that trip. I relied on them … Read more »

“Thanks For Getting My Business Up And Running!”

“The Eight Key Elements Of A Successful Business Plan: And How To Make Them Work For You” by MaryEllen Tribby

“I don’t have one” was Dave’s response when I asked to see his business plan for his new company. You may think this is normal for a first-time entrepreneurial adventure. But, what if I told you that Dave has started … Read more »

“The Formula for Failure and Success” By Jim Rohn

Excepted from the book The Five Major Pieces of the Life Puzzle by Jim Rohn Failure is not a single, cataclysmic event. We do not fail overnight. Failure is the inevitable result of an accumulation of poor thinking and poor … Read more »

“The Gap” by Ron LeGrand

Recently I was reading an article written by Noah St. John published by Mary Ellen Tribby in her WorkingMomsOnly.com newsletter. Noah talked about the gap between your Current Perceived Reality (CPR) and your New Desired Reality (NDR). His discussion was … Read more »

“The Holy Grail of Health” by Barbara “BJ” LeGrand Cockrell

Finally, the long awaited, moment of truth you’ve all been waiting for. Have you been wondering, “when is she going to tell us how to get and stay healthy instead of just how we are currently destroying our bodies”? Remember … Read more »

“The Investing Equation that Cost Me Thousands” by Lance Edwards

You’ve probably heard of the term “ROI” – used in investing and business – it means “Return on Investment. It’s what investors and business owners want to make sure they get whenever they sink their hard-earned money into something. Another … Read more »

“The Safety of Private Lending” by Lee Arnold

Unlike stocks, bonds and mutual funds, private money investments offer the security of the properties being funded. Private money mortgages are based on a percentage of the market value of the property. That means the lender always has equity in … Read more »

“The Science of Market Analysis” by Joe Lane

The key question most home sellers ask at the beginning of the home selling process is simple. How much is my home worth? Determining that value takes a comparison technique that matches up your home with others in your immediate … Read more »

“The Soul of a Real Estate Champion!” by Robyn Thompson

Life can change on a dime! It was just another day at the ranch and I was trying to do a good deed! I had a dozen real estate students for two days of training at my 56 acre ranch … Read more »

“The Strategy Behind Filthy Riches” by Larry Goins

Everybody has driven by a house that has been on the market for what may seem like years. You know the house: the windows might be broken or covered with plywood, the grass hasn’t seen a lawnmower all season, and … Read more »

“The Strategy Behind Filthy Riches” by Larry Goins

Everybody has driven by a house that has been on the market for what may seem like years. You know the house: there might be a broken window here or there, the grass hasn’t seen a lawnmower for the last … Read more »

“The VAs get leads more effectively than we get them ourselves.”

We began rehabbing houses in 2010 and wanted to expand our options. We have been using the Ron LeGrand Quick Start Real Estate Course methods for 6 months and have had our Virtual Assistant for four months. Although the VA … Read more »

“The Wealth Blue Print to Running Your Real Estate Business Like a Business” by Robyn Thompson

Do you have doubts about being a real estate investor? Are you scared to make offers because you are afraid of making a mistake that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars? Are you having a hard time finding … Read more »

“They are professional and persistent in calling…”

It has been our pleasure to work with the Gold Club virtual assistants since we joined the Masters program. They are professional and persistent in calling day after day and following up on prospects until they acquire a lead sheet … Read more »

“Think Before You Talk” by Bernard Zick

It amazing how often we are in a negotiation and forget to use basic negotiating principles. We negotiate every day, all day long, and quite often we do so by giving up. In a real estate situation you would think … Read more »

“Think Tank: Learning to Fish Like Ron LeGrand” by Carol Joy Conner

Perhaps you’ve heard Ron wax poetic about the Salmon Falls Resort—how it’s the best place on Earth to go, the best place to catch salmon, the best this, the best that, etc. It has certainly come up in our conversations … Read more »

“Three Good Ways To Find Pretty House Deals” by Ron LeGrand

We should start with defining what a pretty house really is. It’s not the price that makes the definition. The house could be high-priced, but most people in the pretty house business work in a range from $70-$200,000. If you’re … Read more »

“Three Unique Challenges Of Inspecting An Old Home” by Parthenia Newhall

Home inspections for older houses pose challenges that property inspectors don’t confront with newer properties. Although new homes have their share of issues, older properties are definitely more prone to be filled with concerns as a result of age, use … Read more »

“Turn Your Passion Into A 6-Figure Online Business… And Do It PART-TIME” by Jeff Vacek & Ken Preuss

What if we told you it’s possible to build a 100% automated online business based on a topic you’re passionate about? And what if we also told you it’s possible for this business to generate up to 6-Figures per year … Read more »

“Unplugging… To Recharge” by Tony Pearl

As I write these words, the summer is almost over. School has already begun in many places throughout our country and will soon start in the rest. Vacations have (hopefully) been taken, and before you know it, it’s back to … Read more »

“Using Solo Ads Effectively” by Nick Kouvatsos

We had a student write in to ask for help with our Gold Club affiliate program. The student was using solo ads to promote his affiliate link, and he received over 500 clicks through his affiliate link, but no one … Read more »

“Vacant Land and Baby Boomers” by Russell Ward

(via BiggerPockets.com) Are you aware in the midst of a slumping housing market that land in many places is appreciating in value? So why aren’t more investors pursuing land as a part of their investment strategy? The answer is that … Read more »

“Want To Purchase A Short Sale?” by Rodney McNabb

Are you looking to buy a new home? Are you thinking that now’s a great time to find bargains? Before you make an offer, it pays to know a little about the seller’s situation. If a home is being sold … Read more »

“Want to Sell Quickly? Think Paint. A good first impression helps sell your home.” by Michele Dawson

It can’t be overstated—when it comes to buying a house, the first impression is everything. If you’re selling or getting ready to sell in the coming months, one of the easiest and most dramatic ways to enhance that first impression … Read more »

“What’s Stopping You from Getting Started?” by Jeanne Chizek and Michele Hoffecker

Would you like to be a Real Estate investor? Have you gotten started? Have you made any offers? If not, why not? Or have you been procrastinating? Have you been to a Real Estate Seminar or two or three…? Have … Read more »

“What’s an Asset, What’s a Liability and What Does it Mean to Me?” by Lee Arnold

You have to know the difference between assets and liabilities. Many people don’t understand what a true asset is. It’s a generator of revenue versus a liability, which will drain your bottom line. We have to stop spending money on … Read more »

“Who Is the Closer?” by Lee Arnold

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is Lee Arnold. We’re going to talk about “Closing the Closer.” Who are they and why should we go after them? Once we have their ear, what are the magic questions to ask them … Read more »

“Whose Idea Was It Anyway?” by MaryEllen Tribby

I know you want to start an online business but you don’t have an idea for a product. Or you need to add products to your current line-up. Or you have an idea but it is just not fully formed … Read more »

“Why A Clean Title Is A Must In Real Estate Investing” by Simon Macharia

I made a novice mistake recently and lost over a thousand dollars even though it sounds so basic. Here’s how: Normally I only pursue a short sale if I see there is potential to create a lot of equity to … Read more »

“Why Cash Offers Are More Attractive To The Seller” by Treena Drinnan

In a financial environment where many loan providers are tightening their purse strings, there has been a rise in the number of cash buyers looking to invest in real estate. Whether the sale is made directly using cash or through … Read more »

“Will You Be Ready When Your Ship Comes In?” by Carol Joy Conner

Believe me, it took a lot of preparation and navigation of lots of systems for nine people to be in the right place at the right time. Two travel agents (Hint: think VA as in Virtual Assistant) and three airlines … Read more »

“Your Staff Bends Over Backwards To Help!”

Jerry Zebrowski, a student in New Jersey, called into Ron’s last monthly Q&A call not to ask a question like everyone else but simply to give his thanks. He called in to say thanks to Ron for his wonderful VA … Read more »

$15K In Profits From Eagle VA Leads

Hi Julie, I have attached two deals that were done by Eagle VAs, and one was yours. We actually were supposed to receive around $24K  in the deal, but once my seller saw how much we were going to make … Read more »

10 Homes You Never Want To Buy

People love a good ghost story this time of year, and we here at Global are happy to oblige. We scoured the internet for the 10 most haunted homes in the U.S. While this did make for some interesting research, … Read more »

10-Day Notice Before Collections on Delinquent Account

Dear I have written to you several times over the past three months requesting an explanation on why you have failed to bring your account with us current. By ignoring these requests, you are damaging the excellent credit record you … Read more »

2014 FHA Loan Requirements

FHA minimum credit score is 500 to buy a house or refinance. New FHA policy requires a minimum credit score of 500 to buy a house or refinance. Borrowers with a credit score above 500 are eligible for an FHA … Read more »

2014 Summit Success Contest Videos

What an amazing bunch of videos we received this year! It was tough to pick the top-ten because they were all so good. I think that’s why Ron went ahead and gave entrees a cash prize at the Summit even … Read more »

24 Ways To Show You’re A Man

Listen to this classic audio that paints a picture of the how the Star Spangled Banner, as we know it, came to be. Close your eyes and try to picture yourself there in that defining moment. Continue reading Read more »

30-Day Notice to Quit

  NOTICE TO QUIT TO _________________________, Tenant in possession:      Take notice that your month to month tenancy of the herein described premises is hereby terminated at the expiration of 30 days after service of this notice on you, and … Read more »

350 of the Best Headlines Ever Written

This list was put together for one reason – to provide you with a single source to help you in writing headlines. The easiest way to come up with a good headline is to sit down and read a large … Read more »

46 Bed, 26 Bath Home For Sale

Listen to this classic audio that paints a picture of the how the Star Spangled Banner, as we know it, came to be. Close your eyes and try to picture yourself there in that defining moment. Continue reading Read more »

A Commendation For Our Virtual Assistants

I’d like to leave a commendation for for my Virtual Assistant. I am finding her to have the southern charm and graciousness I am learning to anticipate when I come to that area of the country. She also has a … Read more »

A Few Recent Lessons

As I write this, I’m flying back from Los Angeles after speaking at a huge event. I shared the platform with Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump and a few other legends. There were over 30,000 people registered and paid … Read more »

A Quick Tour of the Great American Real Estate Summit 2014!

Thanks to a cool, little gadget called a GoPro camera, we’ve put together a fun video to give you a point-of-view experience of the Summit! Join us for a quick walk-through of our trade show and the main room. Now, … Read more »

Acceptance of Counter Proposal

Dear Your counter proposal on the above referenced project has been reviewed and is acceptable in its entirety. We are enclosing an executed copy of the agreement along with two copies for your files. We are enthusiastically looking forward to … Read more »

Acceptance of Order With Delivery in Lots

  ACCEPTANCE OF ORDER WITH                            DELIVERY IN LOTS                                    Date: _ To: _ [Customer]      We acknowledge acceptance of your order as per your order of _, 20_.  The goods will be shipped to you in the following lots: … Read more »

Acceptance of Resignation

Dear It is with deep regret, that we accept your resignation as     [position]     of the     [organization] We can appreciate the demands that this position has placed on you, and appreciate all of the fine contributions you have made as     [position]


Dear Enclosed is your completed 1986 Tax Return and a copy for your records.  Please sign the return where we have indicated, enclose your check in the amount of $ and forward to the IRS. I believe that we could … Read more »

Acknowledged Resignation

  ACKNOWLEDGED RESIGNATION                                    Date: _ To: _ _:      Please be advised that the undersigned hereby resigns as _, of the corporation effective upon acceptance.      Please acknowledge acceptance of said resignation on behalf of the corporation.                                    Very … Read more »

Acknowledgement of Notifiation of Lease Transfer

Gentlemen: [name of leasing company] has received a notification that the equipment we are leasing to [name of previous lessee] will be transferred to and/or used by the [transferee.] We have modifed our records to direct future invoices to:                           … Read more »

Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Order

      ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND ACCEPTANCE                                OF ORDER                                    Date: _ To: _ [Customer]      We are in receipt of your order as contained in the attached purchase order form.      We confirm acceptance on said order subject only to the … Read more »

Acknowledgment from Publisher, Comments Referred to Author

Dear Thank you for your comments.  A copy of your letter has been  forwarded to the author for his response.  I am sure you will be hearing from him in the near future. I am pleased that you found our … Read more »

Acknowledgment of Application

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF APPLICATION                                    Date: _ To: _ [Applicant]      We appreciate your interest in being employed by our firm.      We regret to inform you, however, that the available position[s] has been filled, and we cannot give your application … Read more »

Acknowledgment of Cancellation of Backorder

Dear We have received your letter acknowledging receipt of the items we mailed to you and noticing us to cancel shipment of your order for those items which are back ordered. We will be issuing you a refund as soon … Read more »

Acknowledgment of Change of Meeting Date

Dear Pursuant to your request, we have changed your meeting with  [name of individual]  to [time], on     We are pleased to be able to accommodate you in this manner, and [name of individual] will be looking forward to your meeting … Read more »

Acknowledgment of Correspondence Indicating Postal Delay

Dear Thank you for your order.  At this time we cannot fill your order due to an unexpected shipment delay from our overseas suppliers. We will hold your order for arrival of the merchandise, and ship shortly thereafter.  Unfortunately, we … Read more »

Acknowledgment of Customer Praise of Employee-10%off

Dear Thank you for your kind letter regarding your exceptional treatment by one of our employees.  A copy of your letter has been forwarded to the personnel department and will be included in the employee’s file. So seldom is it … Read more »

Acknowledgment of Letter

Dear Because Mr. Jones is out of the office for the next two weeks I am acknowledging receipt of your letter dated May 20, 2003.  It will be brought to his attention immediately upon his return. If I may be … Read more »

Acknowledgment of Merchandise Returned for Repair

Dear The     [product name and model number]      that you mailed to us for repair was received on     We will be returning it to you as soon as the necessary adjustments are made. We are sorry that you experienced a problem … Read more »

Acknowledgment of Modified Terms

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF                             MODIFIED TERMS                                    Date: _ To: _      Reference is made to the contract or order between us dated _, 19_.      This letter will acknowledge that the contract is modified and superseded by the following change … Read more »

Acknowledgment of Receipt of Estimate

Dear This is to inform you that we have carefully reviewed your estimate on the parking lot refurbishing.  We are planning to contract with you for this work. We are unable to let this contract immediately, as final approval of … Read more »

Acknowledgment of Receipt [Documents]

            ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF RECEIPT I hereby acknowledge the receipt of the following documents from the firm of     [firm]    :       1.       2.       3.       4.                            ____________________________                               [Signature of Client]

Acknowledgment of Request for Bid, Confirmation of Deadline

Dear Thank you for your request for our bid on     [project] This letter is to acknowledge our receipt of said request and to advise you that we will be submitting our proposal on or before     [confirmation of deadline]

Acknowledgment of Unsolicited Idea

     ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF UNSOLICITED IDEAS Dear _:      We appreciate your interest in submitting to us an idea or proposal relative to: _      Our firm receives many ideas, suggestions and proposals, and has many of its own projects under … Read more »

Acknowledgment of Warranty and Instruction for Product Return

Dear We are sorry to hear that you have been experiencing problems with your new [name of product]. While we do ask that our customers contact their dealer in the event of a problem, we recognize that, in your case, … Read more »

Acknowledgment Recepit of Goods

ACKNOWLEDGED RECEIPT OF GOODS      The undersigned hereby acknowledges receipt and delivery of the goods described on the annexed list or invoice and further acknowledges that said goods have been inspected and are without defect.      Signed under seal this … Read more »

ACTS Brochure For Sellers

ACTS Brochure – My Home Is Over-Leveraged – PDF Acts Brochure – Downloadable Word Doc

ACTS Lease Exhibit A

Use this form when assigning to tenant/buyer and rent is not fixed. Revised 04/28/2014 ACTS Lease Exhibit A

ACTS Script to Buy if Highly Leveraged

Revised 04/28/2014 ACTS Script to Buy if Highly Leveraged

ACTS Script to Buy if Highly Leveraged – Texas

Revised 04/28/2014 TX ACTS Script to Buy if Highly Leveraged

ACTS Script to Buy When Seller Has Equity, Will Owner Finance or Lease Option but with Unfavorable Terms

Revised 04/28/2014 ACTS Script to Buy – Seller has equity will owner finance or Lease Option but with unfavorable Terms for you to stay in Appointment Script

ACTS Script to Buy When Seller Has Equity, Will Owner Finance or Lease Option but with Unfavorable Terms – Texas

Revised 04/28/2014 TX ACTS Script to Buy – Seller will Owner Finance with unfavorable terms for you to stay in See Appointment Scropt

ACTS Script to Sell Highly Leveraged House

A general script that communicates your interest and intent to assign your contract. Revised 05/13/2014 ACTS Script to Sell Highly Leveraged House

ACTS Simulcast Q&A CD

Some students had let us know that the CD shipped with the Mentor Magazine Volume 6 Issue 2 was not correctly playing, so below you’ll find the exact same audio clip included on the CD. Sorry for the inconvenience! ACTS … Read more »

Addendum for Possession After Closing

Use if seller intends to remain in the house after closing and you are giving them the money. Revised 04/28/2014 Addendum for Possession After Closing

Addendum for Possession After Closing – Canada

Clearly spells out when the seller will be out and the penalty if they’re not. This isn’t mandatory but will cost you not to get it anytime the seller gets all their money before they move. Not necessary if seller … Read more »

Addendum to Option to Purchase Agreement

This addendum is used to automatically extend the term of the option agreement in the case you find a buyer to give enough time for closing. It also terminates the option agreement in the case the seller’s agent finds a … Read more »

Addendum to Real Property Possession and Lease Agreement Sweat Equity Program

An addendum to the Sweat Equity Program. Revised 05/02/2014 Addendum to the Real Property Possession and Lease Agreement Sweat Equity Program

Admiral McRaven’s Commencement Speech to the University of Texas

President Powers, Provost Fenves, Deans, members of the faculty, family and friends and most importantly, the class of 2014.  Congratulations on your achievement. It’s been almost 37 years to the day that I graduated from UT. I remember a lot … Read more »

Advance notice of Out of Business Sale

Dear It is true, we are going out of business! My wife and I have decided that now that the children are grown, we are going to do some of things we could only dream about for so many years. … Read more »

Advice to Customer of Unexpected Delay in Shipment

Dear Thank you for your order.  At this time we cannot fill your order due to an unexpected shipment delay from our overseas suppliers. We will hold your order for arrival of the merchandise, and ship shortly thereafter.  Unfortunately, we … Read more »

Advise and Apology for Unexpected Delay in Shipment

Gentlemen: This is to inform you that we are unable to make delivery on the above referenced purchase order on the date indicated. We should have our merchandise ready to ship within 10 days of the original delivery date and … Read more »

Affidavit and Memorandum of Agreement Concerning Real Estate

This affidavit should be recorded only when you may have a problem with a seller not closing on their contact. Revised 04/28/2014 Affidavit and Memorandum of Agreement Concerning Real Estate

Affidavit for Lost, Stolen, Destroyed Stock Certificate

AFFIDAVIT FOR LOST, STOLEN, DESTROYED STOCK CERTIFICATE State of ______________________ County of _____________________ I,     [name]    , being duly sworn, state: That I reside at   [address]   ,   [city]    ,  [state] That I am the legal and beneficial owner of    [number] shares … Read more »

Affidavit of No Lien

        AFFIDAVIT OF NO LIEN STATE OF___________________ COUNTY OF__________________ Before me, a duly commissioned Notary Public within and for the State and County aforesaid, personally appeared________ _________who, after being duly sworn as required by law, deposes and says: 1. That … Read more »

Agreement and Declaration of Trust (Land Trust)

Use this trust for ownership of property if your IRA will actually own it. Make your IRA the beneficiary instead of yourself. (Revised 04/23/2018) Agreement and Declaration of Trust

Agreement and General Release

A “General Release” releasing you of liability. Your attorney should close this transaction and prepare a statement for the seller to accept the release and acknowledging approval of transaction. Your attorney will collect the balance of your fee at closing … Read more »

Agreement for Assignment of Judgment

A sample agreement to gain the right to assign a judgment. Revised 04/28/2014 Agreement for assignment of judgment

Agreement for Deed – Buying

Revised 04/28/2014 Agreement for Deed – Buying

Agreement for Deed – Selling

Revised 04/28/2014 Agreement for Deed – Selling

Agreement for Purchase and Sale of Hotels

Revised 04/28/2014 Agreement for Purchase and Sale of Hotels

Agreement for Purchase and Sale of Improved Real Estate

Revised 04/28/2014 Agreement for Purchase and Sale of Improved Real Estate

Agreement for Purchase and Sale of Vacant Land

Revised 04/28/2014 Agreement for Purchase and Sale of Vacant Land

Agreement to Compromise Debt

  AGREEMENT TO COMPROMISE DEBT      FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned being a creditor of _ [Company] hereby enters into an agreement to compromise and reduce the indebtedness due the undersigned on the following terms and conditions:      1. The … Read more »

Agreement to Extend Debt Payment

AGREEMENT TO EXTEND                             DEBT PAYMENT      FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned, _ [Creditor] and _ [Company], hereby acknowledge and agree that:      1. The Company presently owes the Creditor the sum of         $_, said sum being presently due … Read more »

Air Conditioning Service

Dear Before the hot summer is upon us, we are recommending that our customers call us to arrange to have one of our service representatives perform a thorough and complete inspection of their air-conditioning systems. Throughout our many years of … Read more »

Air Freight

Dear Thank you for choosing    [name of firm]     to deliver your air freight to     [location] We thought you might be interested in knowing that we can make deliveries anywhere in the world and most of our overseas deliveries can be … Read more »

Alberta Agreement For Sale – Canada

Revised 04/28/2014 Alberta Agreement For Sale

Amendment to Lease

 AMENDMENT TO LEASE      FOR GOOD CONSIDERATION, _ [Landlord], and _ [Tenant], under a certain lease agreement between them for premises known as _, dated _, 20_ hereby modify and amend said lease in the following particulars:  [Describe modified terms] … Read more »

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

The world’s largest association representing the accounting profession, with nearly 370,000 members in 128 countries. Phone: 888.777.7077 URL: http://www.aicpa.org

American Society of Appraisers

This is an association where you can find a good appraiser. Phone: 800.272.8258 URL: http://www.appraisers.org

Announcement of Additional Location

 Chambers Insurance Company                      is pleased to announce        the addition of a new location for your convenience                          Our address is:                       4500 4th Street North                   St. Petersburg, Florida 33702                     Telephone  (813) 546-6941

Announcement of Business Name Change

Dear As our new letterhead indicates, we have recently changed the name of our business from    [old name] to [new name] There has been no change in management and we will be providing the same products and fine service on … Read more »

Announcement of Catalog Price Reductions

Dear This is my favorite kind of letter.  How many letters have I had to write over the years advising you of a price increase?  Why, you ask, am I so happy?  Read on. This is to advise you that, … Read more »

Announcement of Change of Address

Dear As of Monday, July 1, 2011, Kabuki Sales Corporation of America’s Eastern Regional Office will be located in our new offices and warehouse building at 401 Grandiosa Boulevard, Tampa, Florida, 33715.  The telephone number for this new location is … Read more »

Announcement of Change of Address for Billing

To whom it may concern: Our new building is completed and we have moved into our brand new offices. Our new address and telephone number is as follows:                            [address]                         [city,state,zip]                            [telephone] Thank you for bringing this announcement … Read more »

Announcement of Clearance Sale

LORD & CHAMBERS                    is pleased to announce our                       SUMMER CLEARANCE SALE            Offering 50% Off On All Summer Merchandise                    Including Designer Fashions                   commencing on August 1, 2011                       We Hope To See You !

Announcement of Free Delivery Limitations Change

Dear There has been a change in our delivery service policy which we would like to bring to your attention. We have always provided free delivery for any orders placed with the      [firm]      , regardless of the size of the … Read more »

Announcement of New Area Representative

Dear It is my great pleasure to advise you that [name of new sales representative] will now be representing our firm in your area. [name of individual]     has been handling our accounts in [locale]     for some time and is extremely … Read more »

Announcement of New Area Representative Visit

Dear We have assigned     [name of rep]    as our new representative for your area.     [name of rep] has been with our firm for quite some time and is extremely experienced in all aspects of our production. [name of rep]     will … Read more »

Announcement of New Business Opening

Gentlemen: This is to inform you that The Chambers Software Company is now open and is located at 4500 4th Avenue North, St. Petersburg, Florida. Our store offers a complete and diverse line of computer software packages for both personal … Read more »

Announcement of New Discount

Dear It is with great pleasure that we have recently welcomed [name]     to our beauty salon.      [name]     was previously with     [name of previous salon]     in     [city]     and we feel privileged that he has chosen to work with     [shop name] … Read more »

Announcement of New Pricing Policy

Dear It has been our policy in the past to supply ice to our customers when their ice machine has broken down.  Because we have many customers who are paying later and later, we are forced to set down stronger … Read more »

Announcement of New Shipment Arrival

Dear Our new shipment from England has been unloaded, delivered, dusted, and is now ready for your review. We really found some marvelous pieces and when I tell you that our container was jammed full, believe me, it was full. … Read more »

Announcement of Partnership Buyout

Dear This is to inform you that I have purchased all of the interest of my former partner,     [name]    , and that he is no longer associated with the firm of [name of firm] Our business will continue to provide … Read more »

Announcement of Price Increase

Dear Due to the increase in raw material costs, we must unfortunately raise the cost of our merchandise to you. We have avoided raising our prices for as long as possible, but we can no longer prolong the inevitable. We … Read more »

Announcement of Price Reduction

Dear Rarely do we have the opportunity to inform our customers of such good news.  The legislature’s tariff ruling which was handed down on May 15th, 1986, has made it possible for our company to reduce our list price for … Read more »

Announcement of Special Discount Offer

Dear This is to announce our 10% Special Discount Offer that we are making on all orders for the following items for the month of    [month]     only:  __________________________________________________  _________________________________________________  _________________________________________________ This 10% discount is available on any order set for … Read more »

Answering Service Script for Calls From Sellers

Revised 04/28/2014 Answering Service Script For Calls From Sellers

Antique Shop

Dear Thank you for signing our guest register when you paid our antique store a visit.  We hope you found our assortment of antiquities interesting.  Of course, we are always purchasing new items, so we encourage you to come in … Read more »

Apology & Proposal on Overshipped Merchandise

Dear In deference to your valuable time, I would like to get straight to the point and say that we were wrong. Your purchase order clearly stated 30 cases.  The shipment of 60 cases was our error.  Meanwhile, there are … Read more »

Apology After Cancellation of Order

Dear This is to acknowledge receipt of your letter of in which you set forth your reasons for cancelling your purchase order # I am very sorry about the misunderstanding that led to this cancellation and have taken the matter … Read more »

Apology and Replacement of Damaged Goods

Dear Your letter of      has been received, and we were very sorry to hear about the problem you experienced with our    [product] We maintain rigid inspection standards, but occasionally an imperfection does slip by, as it unfortunately did in … Read more »

Apology and Request for Extension of Time to Deliver Goods

Dear This is to acknowledge that we are in receipt of your notice whereby you informed us that the goods shipped to you on      did not conform to our agreement dated . We regret this unintentional mistake on our … Read more »

Apology and Tender of Compensation

Dear Thank you for your letter of      in which you informed us that  [product]  you purchased was [nature of problem]. We are sorry that you experienced this problem and are enclosing [nature of compensation].  While we make every attempt … Read more »

Apology for Accounting Errors and Past Due Notices

Dear You deserve an explanation for what went wrong in our accounting department, and I hope that this letter will serve to resolve our recent difficulties. I know that you can appreciate the fact that it has taken some time … Read more »

Apology for Delay of Refund

Dear After reading your letter of     , I can thoroughly understand why you are running out of patience. While it would be easy to place the blame on our computer, this poor fellow has received enough abuse since joining … Read more »

Apology for Delayed Response & Request for Meeting

To whom it may concern: This is to inform you that we are unable to make delivery on the above referenced purchase order on the date indicated. We should have our merchandise ready to ship within 10 days of the … Read more »

Apology for Late Payment

Dear Your letter arrived a few days ago and I must confess that this obligation completely slipped my mind. Needless to say, there is no excuse for this and I extend my sincerest apologies along with the attached check. Please … Read more »

Apology for Not Crediting Payment

Dear Thank you for your assistance in helping us to locate your payment of          which had not been credited to your account. Please accept our apology for this error and for the overdue notices we sent to you. We … Read more »

Apology for Not Crediting Payment from Prompt Payer

Dear Thank you for your letter and the photostat of your check, which showed that your account had been paid in full. While we are very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you, the enclosure of your check enabled … Read more »

Apology for Overshippment

Dear Please accept our apology for having shipped merchandise in excess of your purchase order. We have made an adjustment in your account to reflect this error and have arranged for [delivery service] to pick up the excess merchandise on  … Read more »

Apology for Poor Service Rating on Customer Questionnaire

Dear Thank you for taking the time to fill out our questionnaire during your stay with us.  We do appreciate hearing from our customers, as their comments are vital for us to continue improving our accommodations. The problems that you … Read more »

Apology to Customer for Accounting Error

Dear Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding your account number ____________.  We were able to track down the error and have credited your account accordingly.  A report to this effect has also been sent to our credit reporting company. … Read more »

Apology to Receiver of NSF Check

Dear When I received your letter of    with my check attached marked “insufficient funds”, I called my bank immediately. The gentleman I spoke with,     [name]    , discovered that the bank had failed to credit my account with a substantial … Read more »

Appliance Store

Dear Welcome to the city of     [city]      We are pleased that you have chosen this as your new home and know that you will enjoy living here. [name of firm]     has been in business since    [year] and carry a complete … Read more »

Applicant Information Sheet

A form to assess income and credit score about an applicant. Revised 06/02/2015 Applicant Information Sheet With Screen the Tenant

Applicant Information Sheet – Canada

Revised 04/28/2014 Applicant Information Sheet – Canada

Applicant Receipt Agreement

A form which acknowledges your receiving of an application with a deposit. Revised 04/28/2014 Applicant Receipt Agreement

Application for License

     APPLICATION FOR LICENSE I, [name of applicant], do hereby apply for a license to display the trademark of [association], “[trademark] ” at my place of business located at     [address]    , in the City of                , State of                . That … Read more »

Application Receipt Agreement – Canada

Revised 04/28/2014 Applicant Receipt Agreement – Canada

Appointment for Employment Interview and Testing

Dear Thank you for your recent application for employment with The Chambers Corporation. An interview has been scheduled for you on Monday, June 7, 1986, at 10:00, with Mr. Phil Menot, Head of Personnel.  Mr. Menot’s office is located on … Read more »

Appointment for Testing

Dear We have reviewed your qualifications and would like you to take our Employment Tests. Please be in our office at     [time]    , on   If you are unable to keep this appointment, please telephone me at     [telephone]

Appointment Script

Revised 04/28/2014 Appointment Script

Appraisal Institute

The Appraisal Institute is a global association of real estate appraisers, with nearly 23,000 valuation professionals in almost 60 countries throughout the world. Its mission is to advance professionalism and ethics, global standards, methodologies and practices through the professional development … Read more »

Are You Working On The Wrong Things

Are You Working On The Wrong Things by Ron LeGrand There’s a common mistake I see students making over and over again and it doesn’t seem to matter if they are new or been around awhile. That mistake is: Doing … Read more »

Are You Working On The Wrong Things?

“There’s a common mistake I see students making over and over again. That mistake is: doing everything they can to feel busy except the critical things required to stay in business.” Continue reading Read more »


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Ask Ron 2014-09-05

Ron recorded this week’s Ask Ron in the office before coming down to the Summit, and he’s covering scripts, trusts and a bunch of other topics. Make sure to tune in and get your fill of the weekly Q&A with … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-09-12

If you submitted a question to the Ask Ron forums on the Gold Club website, you’ll find your answer from Ron here. This week, our questions covered loans, entities and a few other subjects. Even if you didn’t ask a … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-09-19

It’s time for our weekly Q&A video, Ask Ron! This week, Ron’s answering your questions on war zones, contracts and more. There is a lot of information in this week’s video, so you should definitely tune-in even if you didn’t … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-09-26

This week’s Ask Ron is packed with interesting questions! A student in Canada wrote in with some questions to Ron, and it’s interesting to see the differences in our business once you cross the border. This week’s video also includes questions … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-10-03

Our weekly Q&A with the Guru is back with another round of questions fresh from the Gold Club forums. This week Ron’s answering questions on LLCs, direct mail campaigns and much, much more! Ever wondered to which list you should mail … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-10-10

Ron’s back this week with more questions to all the burning questions from his Gold Club members! This week, Ron’s talking about resale restrictions, Dodd-Frank laws and more! Dodd-Frank seems to confuse more people than anything else, so if you have … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-10-17

Another week, another round of questions with the Guru, Ron LeGrand! This week, Ron’s answering your questions about agreements, owner financing and much, much more! Tune-in for another information-packed edition of Ask Ron! Still have a question? Submit it to … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-10-24

This week Ron answers two sets of questions. We had a few questions for Ron about his Terms lesson video next week, so he answered those in addition to questions on fees, assigning contracts and more from Gold Club members. … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-10-31

Ron’s back this week to answer your questions on agreements, haunted houses and more! Specifically, Ron’s covering the Agreement for Deed and whether or not it works on seller financing deals. Want to know if it does? Watch the video … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-11-07

This week, we’re taking a look at Yellow Letters, IRAs and more! When a student wrote in to say his yellow letters were being sent out with trusts instead of names on them, Ron fixed him right up. Ron also … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-11-14

Join Ron as he discusses approaching overleveraged homes and what you can do if using a Land Trust isn’t an option in your state! We’re also covering some questions a lot of people have but are too afraid to ask. … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-11-21

Ron’s filming this week’s Ask Ron from Quick Start Real Estate School in Seattle. He gathered his brain trust to tackle your questions, and together they’re discussing comps, scripts and much, much more. Ever wondered what you do when comps … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-11-28

It’s time for our weekly Q&A with the Guru, Ron LeGrand. This week he’s tackling several good questions from Gold Club members. Have you ever wondered what to do when you can’t find comps to support a seller’s asking price? … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-12-05

Ron’s back this week to answer some great questions from the Gold Club. He’s discussing yellow letters, binders and more in this week’s Q&A video. When one student wrote in asking if the return address would affect the results of … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-12-12

The Dumires, two of Ron’s mentors, are answering your questions from Quick Start Real Estate School. In our video Q&A , they’re answering questions about seller financing, LLCs and much, much more! As everyone gets excited about Ron’s new Terms … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-12-19

Judging by the amount of questions about Terms we received this week, those Terms training videos must be a hit! In particular, Ron’s discussing wraparound mortgages and his new Terms scripts in this edition of Ask Ron. We also have … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-12-26

Ron lost his voice calling sellers for your lesson video, but that didn’t stop him from answering your questions! This week, Ron’s covering wraparound mortgages, targeting high-end homeowners and more. A Gold Club member wrote in asking Ron if he … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-01-02

Ron’s on vacation this week, so his mentors, the Dumires, are filling in! This week’s Ask Ron is filled with great questions about that big non-refundable option deposit we keep upfront, finding the homeowners of vacant houses and much, much … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-01-09

Ron’s back for his weekly Q&A video, Ask Ron, and he’s answering some great questions from Gold Club members. This week, Ron’s discussing example Terms deals, checkbook LLCs and more in an information-packed edition of Ask Ron. Ron’s also answering … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-01-16

In this week’s Q&A video with the Guru, Ron LeGrand, we’re discussing topics such as new investor mistakes, paying off the principal debt and more. Eddie Talley, a student in Michigan, wrote in asking how they could find the person … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-01-23

We’ve adding addendums to agreements, helping new investors with their first deal and more in this week’s edition of Ask Ron. Ted Peterson, a new investor working on his first deal, wrote to Ron asking how to answer his seller’s … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-01-30

We’re making sure you’re covered for taxes and insurance, using the right scripts and more in this week’s information-packed Ask Ron. Ted Peterson, a savvy new investor from Connecticut, wrote in asking about using comps to evaluate a house. What … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-02-06

Ron’s discussing raising the rent price for tenants, total gut rehabs and more in this week’s edition of Ask Ron. Mary Ann Nunez wrote in with a question about her recently completed first deal. She wants to raise the purchase … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-02-13

We’re covering taxes and insurance, monthly payments and more in this week’s Q&A video, Ask Ron! Derek Clayborne, a Gold Club member from Maryland, wrote in with a few questions asking about a potential deal. Does the seller’s taxes and … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-02-20

We’re covering land trusts, purchase contracts and more in this week’s Q&A video, Ask Ron. With the new Terms course, we’ve had a flood of questions concerning seller financing and subject-to deals. Rochelle Johnson’s question this week asked if the purchase … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-02-27

We’re covering marketing to specific lists, negotiating payments and more in this week’s Ask Ron. Ron’s mentors are covering Ask Ron this week while Ron is traveling. Debbie Magar, a Gold Club member, wrote in saying she has a tenant-buyer that … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-03-06

This week’s Ask Ron is all about options, transfer taxes and what the seller can and can’t do to kill your deal. Tony Garza, a Gold Club member from Georgia, wrote in asking about subject-to and lease-purchase deals. For subject-to … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-03-13

Ron’s discussing foreclosures, mortgage acceleration and more in his weekly Q&A video, Ask Ron. Albert Anzalone, a Gold Club member from New York, put a buyer in a land trust about a year ago, but now he wants the property … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-03-20

In this week’s Q&A video, Ron’s discussing third-party administrators for Roth IRAs, Dodd-Frank exemptions and more. Cecilia Lance from California was on the ball this week with two great questions. Her first was about who should be our third-party administrators … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-03-27

Ron and special guest Cyndy Dumire are answering questions on marketing, licenses and more from San Antonio, Texas! Vanessa Blais, one of our newest Gold Club members, wrote in to ask if there was any way to be appointed as … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-04-03

Ask Ron this week is covering outstanding mortgages, Dodd-Frank compliance and a ton of other great questions sent in from our Gold Club Members. Katrina Manley, a member from Florida, wrote in asking about what to do with the lease-option … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-04-10

Ron’s back to tackle questions on back taxes, loans and direct mail campaigns in this week’s Ask Ron. Charles McCutchen from Texas wrote in asking how back taxes would affect a wholesaling deal he’s currently working. Ron’s answer: they don’t! … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-04-17

In this week’s Ask Ron we’re covering questions about working in small towns, warranty deeds and rent credits. Chad Jenkinson, an investor working in Minnesota, wrote in with a question we see a lot: will this system work in a … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-04-24

This week’s Ask Ron is answering questions on mortgages, agreements and much, much more! Mary Ann Nunez wrote in from California to ask about land trusts. Do you need to form a corporation or LLC first to use them? Find … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-05-01

Ron’s back to answer questions on wraparound mortgages, title companies and more in this information-packed edition of Ask Ron! Cecilia Lance from California wrote in asking what the difference between a lease-option, option and ACTS deal is, so if you’ve … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-05-08

We’re answering questions on Tennessee real estate, option deposits and more in this week’s Ask Ron. Jeffre Lenza wrote in asking a common question—if the house you’re buying is in one state but you live in another, where should you get … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-05-15

Ron and crew are answering this week’s questions from Quick Start Real Estate School in Raleigh, NC. A couple of dedicated students wrote in with multiple questions, and Ron’s team of experts knocked them all out. MaryAnn Nunez needs to … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-05-22

Ron’s back this week to answer questions on deals with and without equity, double wraps and more in our weekly Q&A, Ask Ron. After Melanie Mihal in California mailed to a 60-90 day late list, she got a great response rate … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-05-29

The crew is answering your questions while vacationing in Hawaii this week, and they’re discussing writing contracts, lis pendens and much, much more in this week’s Ask Ron! KJ Roberts from California ran into a troubling situation where a seller … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-06-05

We’re answering questions on foreclosure properties, investing without money and more in this week’s Q&A video, Ask Ron. Michael Buchanan from Missouri wrote in with an all too common question: what should I focus on when starting with no capital? It’s … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-06-12

Ron is answering questions on multifamily properties, Realtors and much, much more in this week’s Ask Ron. Patricia McClain from Georgia wrote in asking about signing contracts. Do you sign them as your LLC name or your personal name? Find … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-06-19

Ron and the crew are answering questions on Texas rentals, loan transfers and more in this week’s Q&A video, Ask Ron! Laura Perkinson from North Carolina wrote in about a seller that wants to transfer his loan into someone else’s name. … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-06-26

Ron and Lance Edwards, the multifamily expert, are reporting in from Alaska to answer a few questions about paying cash for a house,  commercial property and more. Francisco Zuniga, a Gold Club member from Texas, wrote in asking about inspecting … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-07-03

Ron’s back from Alaska and answering a ton of questions from the Gold Club, including options, land contracts and much, much more. Options are on everyone’s mind this week as Ron answers a few questions about them: What is the … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-07-10

This week Ron is answering questions on lead sheets, land contracts and much, much more! You don’t want to miss this information-packed Q&A session with the Guru. Judy Rounseville from Wisconsin wrote to Ron saying she was confused about the difference … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-07-17

Ron’s back to answer questions on Dodd-Frank laws, subject-to deals and more in this week’s Q&A video, Ask Ron. Both Peter Potylicki and Thomas Carlin wrote in with a similar question this week: how does the non-refundable option deposit work? … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-07-24

We’re discussing agreements, bank loans and more in this week’s information-packed Ask Ron. When student David Milano from California wrote in about the short form lease agreement, he wanted to know how to decide how much of the monthly rent … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-07-31

Ron and his crew of experts are answering questions this week on sales tax, land trusts and “off market” homes. Todd Crane from Tennessee wrote in asking Ron about advice on land trusts, but little did he know that Ron … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-11-06

In this week’s edition of Ask Ron, Ron answers our Gold Club members’ questions regarding pre-screening leads, Dodd-Frank exemptions, option deposits and more! Still have a question for Ron? Submit it to our Ask Ron forum!

Ask Ron 2016-06-10

In this week’s edition of Ask Ron, Ron answers your questions regarding Owner Financing and Adjustable Rate Mortgages, S-Corporations, Making Offers on REOs, Purchase and Sale Agreements, and much more!  

Ask Ron 2017-03-17

In this week’s edition of Ask Ron, Ron goes LIVE with Facebook Live. The inaugural live edition was a huge hit, so you’ll definitely see more of it. This week, Ron answered questions from Gold Club members regarding Coverdell Education … Read more »

Ask Ron – Erik W.

In this week’s Ask Ron, Eric W. asks Ron about what happens in the unlikely event that the lender enforces the due on sale clause.


A form to to declare an assignment between you and a buyer. Revised 04/28/2014 Assignment

Assignment of a Claim for Damages

 NOTICE TO DEBTOR OF                          ASSIGNMENT OF DEBT To: _      You are hereby notified that _ [Creditor] has sold and transferred to the undersigned all rights to its claim against you in the amount of $_.      You are … Read more »

Assignment of Accounts Receivable[With Recourse]

  ASSIGNMENT OF ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE                            [With Recourse]      FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned hereby sells and transfers all right, title and interest in and to the account[s] receivable as annexed; to _.      _, the undersigned warrants that said … Read more »

Assignment of Accounts Recievable[With Non-Recourse]

     ASSIGNMENT OF ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE                          [With Non-Recourse]      FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned hereby sells and transfers all right, title and interest in and to the account[s] receivable as annexed; to _.  The undersigned warrants that the said account[s] … Read more »

Assignment of Beneficial Interest in Trust

This is completed only if you transfer beneficial interest in the trust. Revised 04/28/2014 Assignment of Beneficial Interest in Trust

Assignment of Contract

ASSIGNMENT OF CONTRACT FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned Assignor hereby assigns, transfers and sets over to _ [Assignee] all right, title and interest in and to the following described contract: _ The Assignor warrants and represents that said contract is … Read more »

Assignment of Contract for Purchase and Sale

Use to assign any contract to purchase. Revised 04/28/2014 Assignment of Contract for Purchase and Sale

Assignment of Copyright

ASSIGNMENT OF COPYRIGHT      FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned hereby sells, transfers and assigns unto _, its successors, assigns and personal representatives, all right, title and interest in and to the following described copyright:  [Describe] _      The certificate of … Read more »

Assignment of Deed of Trust

A Deed of Trust is a contract by which title of property is conveyed to a Trustee for the repayments of a loan who is usually a non-related entity. ASSIGNMENT OF DEED OF TRUST FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned hereby … Read more »

Assignment of Lease

                    ASSIGNMENT OF LEASE ________________________________ and ______________________ __________________________, Lessees of that certain lease dated_____________________, by and between ________________ Lessor and ______________________,Lessee, and pertaining to that certain_______________________________________________ do  hereby assign their right, title and interest in and to said lease to … Read more »

Assignment of Lien

                       ASSIGNMENT OF LIEN This assignment is made on          by   [name of lienholder]    , of     [address]    , City of [city] , County of     [county]    , State of  [state]  , herein referred to as “Assignor”, to   [name of assignee] , … Read more »

Assignment of Literary Property

   ASSIGNMENT OF LITERARY PROPERTY      FOR VALUE RECEIVED, and in accordance with the terms of a certain agreement between us dated _, 20_, the undersigned hereby sells, transfers and assigns to _, [Company] all rights to the literary property, … Read more »

Assignment of Rents and Leases

Revised 04/28/2014 Assignment of Rents and Leases

Assignment of Security Interest

 ASSIGNMENT OF SECURITY INTEREST      FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned does hereby sell, assign and transfer to _, its successors or assigns, all right, title and interest of the undersigned in and to a certain security interest and debt thereto … Read more »

Assignment of Trademark

  ASSIGNMENT OF TRADEMARK      The undersigned _, of _ [Company], being the lawful owner of a certain trademark registered in the United States Patent Office under registration number _, dated _, 19_ [Trademark], for good  consideration does hereby sell, … Read more »

Assignment of Trademark 2

  ASSIGNMENT OF TRADEMARK This agreement entered this [day] of [month], [year] between  [name of assignor] , of [address], City of [city] State of   [state] , herein referred to as “Assignor”, and [name of assignee] of [address], City of  [city], … Read more »

Assignment to Lease

 ASSIGNMENT OF LEASE      ASSIGNMENT of lease by and between _ [Tenant], and _ [Sub-Tenant], and _ [Landlord].      For good consideration, it is agreed by and between the parties that:      1. Tenant hereby assigns, transfers and delivers to … Read more »

Assignmnet and Transfer of Stock Certificate

   ASSIGNMENT AND TRANSFER                         OF STOCK CERTIFICATE      FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned hereby sells, assigns and transfers to _, [_] shares of the stock of _ [Corporation] standing in the name of the undersigned on the books of … Read more »

Assignmnet of Income

ASSIGNMENT OF INCOME      FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned hereby assigns and transfers to _, all rights to proceeds, income, rentals, fees, profits or monies that shall be due the undersigned from _, under a certain contract described as: _ … Read more »

Auction Template

Revised 04/28/2014 Auction Template


This form give you seller’s permission to get information on their loan. AUTHORIZATION TO:__________________________ Re:  Loan #______________or Savings Account #____________, I hereby authorize release to ___________________________, credit information for my pending credit application on a real estate transaction. ________________________ Signature … Read more »

Authorization to Direct Bill for Corporate Guest

Dear          [name of guest]   is an honored guest of our corporation, and during his stay at your hotel, you are hereby authorized to forward all bills for his stay there to our accounting office.  They have been preauthorized to … Read more »

Authorization to Release Information

You must get this to allow the lender to communicate with you. Revised 12/02/2014 Authorization To Release Information

Authorization to Release Information – Canada

This form give you seller’s permission to get information on their loan. Revised 04/28/2014 Authorization to Release Information

Authorizaton to Participate in Medical Plan

Dear It was a pleasure meeting with you yesterday and having the opportunity to discuss your education and your career goals. I appreciate your candidness and feel that since your objectives are to work in the field of     [specify area] … Read more »

BA II Plus(tm) Financial Calculator

BA II Plus(tm) Financial Calculator Exact capabilities of the best-selling financial calculator from Texas Instruments – the BA II Plus. Easier to use than other financial calculators, including the HP 12C. Thoughtful features, such as the innovative 2nd function key … Read more »


Dear Let me take this opportunity to personally thank you for choosing our bank to handle your account.  I know a great amount of care goes into choosing a banker, and your decision reaffirms my belief in the old fashioned … Read more »

Bank Trust Drop

Dear The drawing of a will may not be something we look forward to, but the absence of one can create an incredible hardship on our loved ones. There have been so many stories about individuals whose intentions could not … Read more »


Find a mortgage rate all other goodies. URL: http://www.bankrate.com

Bicycle Shop

Dear Our records indicate that two years ago you purchased a bicycle for your son,  [name of child]  for his birthday which falls on     If he is ready for a larger bicycle, you may wish to surprise him on his … Read more »

Bid for the Purchase of Real Property [Probate]

     BID FOR THE PURCHASE OF REAL PROPERTY                             [Probate] To__________________________As__________________________ of       Estate of____________________________________Deceased The undersigned hereby offers $_________for the purchase of the property generally known as_________________________and described as:______________________________________________ ______________________[description]________________________ on the following terms:    $____________________deposit_________________________    ________________[terms for … Read more »

Big Money In Big Chunks 2014 Testimonials

Alton Jones Ernie Pisscott Jay Conner Jeanne Chizek Joel Sangerman Kathleen Grant Michele Hoffecker

Bill of Sale

                          BILL OF SALE      I,__________, of [name of firm] , in the County of_________________, State of________, in consideration of ________________Dollars, ($__________), to be paid by ____ _______________, of    [name of firm], the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, do … Read more »

Bill of Sale [With Warranty of Title]

                          BILL OF SALE                     (WITH WARRANTY OF TITLE)           I,__________________, of ________________________ ____________, County of_______________, State of _________, in consideration of $_________________, to me paid by______ _________________, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, do hereby grant, sell, transfer … Read more »

Boat Shop

Dear Our Summer Sale is about to get underway and we want to remind you of the substantial savings we offer during this annual event. For two weeks only, every boating accessory will be marked down by a minimum of … Read more »

Book Seller

Dear Someone once said that words are cheap, but he obviously did not know what he was talking about.  A poorly written letter to a business associate, potential customer or dissastisfied user can be extremely costly. Our publication, “How To … Read more »


With Box.net’s collaboration services, you can upload and share all types of documents and files with people from anywhere.
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Breaking News About the Summit from Ron!

Well, let’s start with the bad news. We were informed last week that the Embassy Suites where we’re holding the Summit is full and cannot take any more people. I’ve made several warnings in the past that would happen and, … Read more »

Bridal Shop

Dear It was with great pleasure that we read of your recent engagement.  Please accept our congratulations.     [name of shop]     provides a free consultation service to brides to be and we invite you to come into our shop to … Read more »


Brookview Financial is the nation’s premier rehab lender. URL: http://www.brookviewfinancial.com

Building Security

Dear Government sources have reported that the extent of thievery from goods in shipment ranges between $1.5 billion a year to $2.6 billion a year.  They also confirm that 85% of the stolen goods leave by the front gate. Most … Read more »


Use this site to calculate your cost to repair or build. URL: http://www.building-cost.net

Bus Charter

Dear On May 1, 1986, Chambers Transportation Inc., came under new management. Chambers Transportation is a full service charter bus and sightseeing company operating a fleet of over-the-road highway coached, sightseeing buses and vans within the state. Our coaches are … Read more »

Business Credit

 BUSINESS CREDIT APPLICATION Business Name _                                 Date _ Address _                                                 City _                 State _     Zip _ Owner/Manager _                             Tel.No. _ How long in business _                      D & B Rated _ Trade References: Name _                              Address _ Name _                              Address _ … Read more »

Business Credit Application

 BUSINESS CREDIT APPLICATION Business Name__________________________________Date______________ Address______________________City__________State_________Zip_____ Owner/Manager_______________________________Tel.No.______________ How long in business________________________D & B Rated__________ Trade References: Name_______________________________Address_______________________ Name_______________________________Address_______________________ Name_______________________________Address_______________________ Name_______________________________Address_______________________ Bank References: Name_______________________________Address_______________________ Name_______________________________Address_______________________ Credit line requested $_________________________________ Pending lawsuits against Company:      ___________________________________________________      ___________________________________________________      ___________________________________________________      The … Read more »

Buyer’s Disclosure

Option Agreement – Option Buyer’s Disclosure Form Revised 05/02/2014 Buyer’s Disclosure


Find Homes for sale by owner or sell your home. URL: http://www.buyowner.com

CamCard (Business Card Reader)

Turn piles of business cards into your phone Contacts with just several clicks. Continue reading Read more »

Carpet Cleaning

Dear It is our pleasure to welcome you to the city of    [city]    You have certainly chosen a lovely area to buy your new home. As our way of welcoming you, we have enclosed a gift certificate that entitles … Read more »

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

Learn about federal domestic assistance. URL: http://www.cfda.gov

Catalog Sales

Dear The Chambers Catalog came into existance in 1979 and in four short years has become one of the most successful catalogs on the market.  For this, we are pleased, proud and grateful. We are pleased because our customers have … Read more »

Certificate of Abandonment of Fictitious Business Name

 Certificate of Abandonment of Fictitious Business Name                         General Form                          Certificate      The undersigned______________________[Individual or Partnership or Corporation], certifies the following:      1.  The undersigned, _______________, Individual or Partnership or Corporation], ceased to use the fictitious name of ____________ … Read more »

Certificate of Appointment of Successor Trustee

This form appoints a successor trustee. Revised 04/28/2014 Certificate of Appointment of Successor Trustee

Certificate of Election of Successor Trustee

This form resigns the trustee of your company. Revised 12/21/2015 CERTIFICATE OF ELECTION OF SUCCESSOR TRUSTEE

Certification of Satisfaction of Lien

 CERTIFICATION OF SATISFACTION OF LIEN Whereas, on       , [lienholder]  caused a lien to be filed for record in the office of [name of office] of              County, State of         , which was duly recorded in Volume    , page    , … Read more »

Change of Address Awaiting Refund

Dear Your correspondence, dated April 15, 2010 indicated that I would be receiving a refund for the unused portion of prorated insurance coverage provided under the above referenced policy. As of this date, I have not yet received this check. Since … Read more »

Charge Account

Dear We would like to extend our invitation to you to open a charge account with     [name of store] Once you have signed and returned the enclosed card, we will have a charge plate made for you to use.  This … Read more »

Charge Back Application of Discount on Delayed Shipment

Dear The shipment of the above referenced merchandise was delivered to my receiving department on While the original delivery date was set for I approved this later delivery in view of the problems that you were experiencing at that time. … Read more »

Christmas Best Wishes to Customers

Dear The holiday season offers us a special opportunity to extend our personal thanks to our friends, and our very best wishes for the future. And so it is that we now gather together and wish to you a very … Read more »

Christmas Bonus Letter

Dear Please accept the enclosed Christmas Bonus with our very best wishes for a happy holiday season. We wish to thank you for your role in making 1986 the most successful year in the history of our firm, and we … Read more »

Christmas Credit Extension Announcement

Dear Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to buy all of your gifts this holiday season without having to worry about paying for them until March? We thought it would, and decided this would be a perfect way to … Read more »

Christmas Employee Discount Offer

TO:    All employees FROM:  Management Lord & Chambers has offered our employees a 15% disount on all merchandise purchased during the Christmas season as their way of wishing you all a Merry Christmas. In order to receive this discount, you … Read more »

Christmas Season Thank You to Valued Customers

Dear As the Christmas season approaches, there is always so much activity and personal business to attend to that it is easy to forget to thank our valued customers, like you, for their orders. So before I forget, thank you, … Read more »

Collateral Decision, Request For Permission of Loan Documents

Dear Thank you for opening an account with our company.  As one of the leaders in this industry, we can assure you that our products and our services will not disappoint you. I would like to take this opportunity to … Read more »

Collections Report on Current Status of Debt

TO: FROM: WE REPORT AS FOLLOWS:                                    25. Just relocated at new                                        address;—following A.  DEBTOR’S ATTITUDE:             26. Lives in remote district:      1. Promises to pay later          hard to contact personally      2. Ignores requests           27. Debtor is a … Read more »


Gentlemen: You are to be commended for the manner in which you handled the unfortunate incident which led to removing Fortrinall from the market. While the reports that I have read all indicated that there was no definite proof that … Read more »

Commendation and Refusal of Request for Raise

Dear This is to acknowledge your letter of     You are definitely to be commended for your progress during the past two months. I do believe, however, that your recent request for a raise is premature.  I would suggest that it … Read more »

Commendation for Good Suggestion

Dear Your suggestion that we recycle the trims from our vinyl production has been analyzed and found to be an extremely viable idea. This recycling process, which will be implemented in six to eight weeks from now, will result in … Read more »

Commercial Account Analysis Form

    ACCOUNT ANALYSIS ACCOUNT___________________________________________________ ADDRESS___________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ BUYER_____________________________________________________ OTHER CONTACTS__________________________________________________ CALLING DAYS AND TIMES____________________________________ ANNUAL VOLUME__________EMPLOYS__________CREDIT LIMIT______D&B____ HISTORICAL PURCHASES    19___/$_______   19___/$_______   19___/$____ 19___/$_____ 19___/$_______   19___/$_______   19___/$____ COMPETITOR PROFILE AND PRESENCE IN ACCOUNT INVENTORY:_____ __________________________________________________________ PROBLEMS AND OPPORTUNITIES:_______________________________ __________________________________________________________ STRATEGIC APPROACH:_______________________________________ __________________________________________________________

Commercial Letter Of Intent

Revised 04/28/2014 Commercial Letter of Intent

Commercial Property Broker

Dear When I analyze the qualifications of an applicant for a sales position in our organization, I am primarily interested in his or her track record.  After all, when it comes to selling real estate everyone has the same motivation.  … Read more »

Commitment from Advertising

                     COMMITMENT FORM CLIENT:_________________________     DATE_________________                        DESCRIPTION              ART WORK FOR BILLBOARD DESIGN:              Includes conceptual layouts, comprehensive              layout, artist’s renderings, preparation of              camera – ready mechanicals.              Estimated cost                   $250.00                 (Typography costs are extra) This commitment … Read more »


Use this site to find mailing lists for marketing. Phone: 800.632.1379 URL: http://www.compactlists.com

Company Account Credit Denial for Unfavorable Report

Dear Thank you for your recent application for credit with our firm.  We regret to inform you that we cannot extend credit terms to you at the present time, based on the report we received back from our credit bureau: … Read more »

Company Bonus Letter

Dear The presentation you prepared for the  [description of project] was truly outstanding.  There is no doubt that we were awarded this project due to your fine work. Please accept the enclosed check as our way of saying thank you … Read more »

Company Credit Account Approval Letter

Dear We have reviewed your application for credit, and it is our pleasure to inform you that an account has been opened for your company. Please feel free to use your account as often as you wish. A descriptive brochure … Read more »

Company Credit Account Denial Letter

Dear We have reviewed your application for open account terms, and at this time are unable to open an account for your company.  Should circumstances change in the future, please feel free to resubmit an application. We value your business, … Read more »


This site is another place to compare your mortgage rates. URL: http://www.compareinterestrates.com

Complimentary Letter to Employee on Handling of Difficulty

Dear Several of your associates in the shipping department have informed me of the incident that occurred last Friday with a representative of Gene’s Tool Supplies.  They have all agreed that this driver hurled some extremely abusive language at you … Read more »

Complimentary Letter to Employee on Handling of Emergency

Dear You are to be highly commended for the way that you handled the emergency that occurred yesterday. The paramedics have informed us that if you hadn’t acted as quickly as you did, our customer’s attack might have been fatal.  … Read more »

Complimentary Letter to Hotel

Dear Our     [name of event]     that was held at your hotel was extremely successful. The compliments that I have received on your staff’s courteousness and the excellent food that your chefs prepared for the occasion have been numerous. Thank you … Read more »

Complimentary Letter with individual Commendation

Dear Our “Talent Night in St. Petersburg” promotion was greeted with a great deal of enthusiasm by the community, and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your encouragement and support. As always, all of … Read more »

Confidential Information Agreement

  CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION AGREEMENT      In consideration of being employed by_ [Company], the undersigned hereby agrees and acknowledges:      1. That during the course of my employ there may be         disclosed to me certain trade secrets of the Company; … Read more »

Confidentiality Agreement Between Firms

   CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT                             BETWEEN FIRMS      AGREEMENT and acknowledgement between _ [Company], and _ [Undersigned].      Whereas, the Company agrees to furnish the undersigned certain confidential information relating to the affairs of the Company for purposes of:  [Describe] _ … Read more »

Confirmation of Acceptance of Employee Suggestion

Dear Your suggestion that we recycle the trims from our vinyl production has been analyzed and found to be an extremely viable idea. This recycling process, which will be implemented in six to eight weeks from now, will result in … Read more »

Confirmation of Extension of Payment Due

Dear This will acknowledge our telephone conversation of this date.  As was stated in our letter dated         , we should be receiving our financing by     In view of the above, we would appreciate your extending the date for our … Read more »

Confirmation of Interview Appointment

Dear Thank you for your courteous request to interview one of our officers for the article you are writing about our business. [name of individual] will be pleased to meet with you at our offices at     [address]    , on     [day]    … Read more »

Confirmation of Purchace Agreement

Dear This letter will serve to confirm our agreement regarding your purchase of, and payment for, certain merchandise from our company. We have agreed to ship the following merchandise to you: You agree to abide by our printed terms and … Read more »

Confirmation of Telephone Report of Problem

Dear This will confirm our telephone conversation of wherein I informed you that there was a problem with the [service performed] As I stated,     [description of problem] It is my understanding that you will    [commitment of service company] in order … Read more »

Confirmation of Verbal Order

CONFIRMATION OF VERBAL ORDER                                    Date: _ To: _ [Supplier]      This letter shall confirm your acceptance of verbal order communicated to you on _.      A copy of our purchase order containing the state terms is attached.      Unless … Read more »

Congratuations on Job Well Done

Dear The displays you created for the “Summer’s Coming” promotion are just beautiful.  Several of the sales personnel told me that they have received numerous compliments from the customers. Congratulations on a job well done.

Congratulations on Employee 5-year Anniversary

Dear          will mark your fifth anniversary as a member of the   [name of firm]      We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for these past five years of fine workmanship and company loyalty. We know that … Read more »

Congratulations on Expansion

Dear When we received your notice of expansion, we at [name of firm]     were elated. There are few firms that can boast of the success you have achieved over such a relatively short period of time. A great deal of … Read more »

Congratulations on Formation Of New Company

Dear It was with great pleasure that I read your announcement of the formation of your new company.  You have certainly chosen an area that is coming into its own.  I know that with your background, expertise and enthusiasm, your … Read more »

Congratulations on Increased Sales

TO:       Sales Deparment Members FROM:     H.C. Chambers SUBJECT:  Monthly Results The numbers are in and I am proud to inform you that our total sales for the period of April 15th through May 15th amount to $358,466.00, which represents a … Read more »

Congratulations on Outstanding Achivement

Dear You have proven the skeptics wrong and accomplished what most said was impossible. There is no doubt that your recent achievements will be spoken of for some time to come and that the admiration for your accomplishments is felt … Read more »

Congratulations on Promotion 1

Dear Congratulations on your recent promotion to   [position] I know how hard you have worked to earn the recognition you presently enjoy at  [name of firm] , and I feel that they are very wise in having made their choice. … Read more »

Congratulations on Promotion 2

Dear It was with great pleasure that I read of your promotion to the position of  [position]  with   [name of firm] I am sure your firm has made a very wise choice and that you will excel in your new … Read more »

Congratulations to New Business

Dear Congratulations on the opening of your new gallery. We know that every business requires a good bookkeeping system, and have developed complete programs for businesses of all sizes.  While some systems are more extensive than others, they all have … Read more »

Congratulations to New Owners

Dear As the new owners of    [establishment name]    , please accept our congratulations and very best wishes for your success.     [name of company]     is a well established supplier of beef and provisions to many of the finer hotels and … Read more »

Consignment Agreement

     CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT This agreement is made on         between [name of shop]    , herein referred to as “Seller”, and [individual] Whereas     [individual]   wishes to sell [description of item(s)]  by consigning said item(s) to     [name of shop] for sale, it … Read more »

Consignment Letter

Dear This is to confirm our agreement whereby you will be offering for sale in your shop my   [item (s)] It is my understanding that you will accept no less than $        for this item and, in the event of … Read more »

Consumer Credit Application

  CONSUMER CREDIT APPLICATION Name _                                         Date _ Address _                                             City _                       State _     Zip _ How long at address _                      Own or Rent _ Employed by _                              Position _ How long _                                 Salary $_ No. dependents _       Type car … Read more »

Consumer Credit Application 2

 CONSUMER CREDIT APPLICATION Name ___________________________________________Date_______________ Address_____________________City___________State______Zip_____ How long at address___________________Own or Rent ____________ Employed by______________________________Position_____________ How long______________________________Salary $________________ No. dependents____________Type car owned_____________Year_____ Other sources of income:  ___________________________________ $_______________________  ___________________________________ $_______________________ Outstanding obligations:  ___________________________________ $_______________________  ___________________________________ $_______________________  ___________________________________ $_______________________  ___________________________________ $_______________________ … Read more »

Contingency Clauses

You may not always need these clauses, but they’re here in case they apply to your situation. Revised 05/02/2014 Contingency Clauses

Contract 1, Goods

   CONTRACT    THIS AGREEMENT, made and entered into this ___ day of _________, 20_, by and between ___________________, the Seller, and ___________________, the Buyer:     1.  The seller hereby undertakes to transfer and deliver to the buyer on or … Read more »

Contract 2, Goods

 CONTRACT FOR SALE OF GOODS Agreement made and entered into this       , by and between [name of seller], of     [address] [city]     ,    [state]    , herein referred to as “Seller”, and [name of buyer]    , of     [address] [city]     ,    [state]    … Read more »

Contract for Proposal of Services

Dear We hereby propose to furnish all materials and perform all labor necessary for the completion of Davit Installation of the following specifications:     One No. 1000 lb. galvanized davit installed on seawall     Four-way lifting bridle     Three 2″x8″ … Read more »

Contractor References

Dear In order to help us assess your firm’s ability to meet our requirements, we are asking that you provide us with a list of firms where you have completed installation. In addition to the name of the user company, … Read more »

Conversion of Open Account to COD

Dear You are one of our most valued accounts and it is with deep regret that I must advise you of a change in your account credit status. From now on, it will be necessary that a check accompany each … Read more »

Cornell Free Legal Information

Learn some legal information from Cornell for Free. URL: http://law.cornell.edu

Corporate Security

Gentlemen: There is no doubt that without thieves, the world would be a nicer place to live.  Just imagine not having to lock your doors at home, put your car in the garage, find a place for your valuables, or … Read more »

Correction of Disposition

Dear Please find the enclosed copy of my deposition which I have signed noting the following corrections:   1.  On page    , line   , my response should read   2.  On page    , line   , my response should read I … Read more »

Corrections to Degoratory Credit Report

Gentlemen: Pursuant to your request as to a clarification on the apparent derogatory findings in your review of my credit history, I am submitting this correspondence for your consideration, as well as the lender concerned.  Please be advised as follows: … Read more »

Cost To Sell Worksheet

What You Will Net If You List, Market, & Sell Through a Realtor Continue reading Read more »


CoStar Comps will allow you to find a sound listing price for your commercial property. URL: http://www.costar.com

Cover Letter for Loan Book

Dear Thank you for the recent opportunity of serving you in our Installment Loan Department.  The coupon book enclosed is provided for your convenience in making payments on your note.  It will furnish you with a record of payments.  We … Read more »

Cover Letter in Response to Catalog Request

Dear Thank you for your inquiry about our   [equipment]  I am enclosing our catalog for your review. We developed     [name of equipment]     to provide educators with a comprehensive and effective means of transmitting information and to help modernize educational methods.  … Read more »

Cover Letter, Product Literature in Response to Phone Inquiry

Dear It was a pleasure speaking with you today and as I promised, I am enclosing literature on the [products] I will be happy to get together with you, upon your request, to explain the functions of each system in … Read more »

Cover Letter, Renewed Charge Card

Dear Enclosed please find your new   [name]    cards, which have an expiration date of I have been advised that should your    account be renewed in   [month]   , the credit limit on the account will be reevaluated based upon your account … Read more »


CraigsPro+ features an intuitive interface and essential set of features to browse and post to Craigslist. Continue reading Read more »

Credit Application

Dear Our firm,     [name of firm]    , is interested in opening an account with your establishment.  We carry an extensive line of computer hardware and software and service the greater part of Central Florida. Would you please provide us with … Read more »

Credit Debt Report to Collections on Past Due Accounts

   COLLECTION REPORT                                    Date: _ Account Name _ Street     _ City       _                          State _ Account Status: Current           $_ 30 Days           $_ 60 Days           $_ 90 Days or Over   $_ Total Owed:       $_ Comment or agreement for payment from account: … Read more »

Credit Extension to Past Due Preferred Customer

Dear Our credit department has notified me that your account is past due.  You are one of our preferred customers and therefore we want to offer any assistance we can. We know that most overdue balances result from clerical errors.  … Read more »

Credit Info on New Account

Dear Enclosed is a photocopy of Mr. Smith’s signed authorization for disclosure of credit information.  Would you be kind enough to supply the information requested below.  We have provided you with a copy of this request for your files. Please … Read more »


CrimeReports is the only near real-time source for both official crime data and sex offender information.
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Customer Incentive Program Announcement

Dear As a valued customer of [name of company], we couldn’t wait to bring you the good news.  This letter is to announce the incorporation of our new customer incentive program (CIP?).  Well, maybe we haven’t thought of a great … Read more »

Customer New Charge Card Cover Letter

Dear It is our pleasure to notify you that a charge account has been approved in your name.  We welcomes you as a new customer and hope that you enjoy the convenience of your charge account. We have established a … Read more »

Customer Revival, Product Sales

Dear It has been so long since we have had the opportunity to be of service to you, that I have begun to wonder if perhaps, we have offended you in some way in the past. If this is the … Read more »

Customer Revival, Small Shop

Dear It has been over six months since you have come to visit us at Covert Corner.  We have missed seeing you. Anything wrong?  Please let us know if this is the case. If you have a chance, why don’t … Read more »

Customer Revivial, Auto Mechanic

Dear It has been over six months since we have had the opportunity to service your automobile.  We certainly hope that we haven’t done anything to offend you.  If we have, please call us so we can find out what … Read more »

Customer Revivial, Preferred Customer Private Sale

Dear We have missed you! We didn’t see you at our Summer Sale and we didn’t see you at our Fall Sale, either.  So, after putting our heads together here at Lord & Chambers, we concluded that one possible reason … Read more »

Customer Service Request Form

 CUSTOMER SERVICE REQUEST                                           DATE______________ CUSTOMER____________________________________________________ ADDRESS_____________________________________________________        _____________________________PHONE___________________ MERCHANDISE PROBLEMS:             DELIVERY PROBLEMS: ORDER NOT FILLED                  BAD ADDRESS DEFECTIVE MERCHANDISE             CUSTOMER NOT IN REPAIR PROBLEM                    DELAYED/LOST IN TRANSIT WRONG MERCHANDISE SOLD            DAMAGED IN TRANSIT AMOUNT CHARGED IN ERROR           MDSE. MISSING … Read more »


DataQuick will allow you find the value of a property and obtain a good comp. Phone: 888.299.8787 URL: http://www.dataquick.com

De-Junk Your Life – Dave LeGrand

Listen as Ron’s Brother Dave LeGrand, an accomplished real-estate investor and pastor, shares ways to get rid of the clutter and confusion in your life and FOCUS on what matters to be more productive and more prosperous. Continue reading Read more »

Deadly Mistakes You Can Avoid

Deadly Mistakes You Can Avoid by Ron LeGrand Over the last 23 years, I’ve known many investors and entrepreneurs. I’ve seen every possible scenario, from overnight success to plodding, sit-on-your-butt-and-do-nothing failure. I’ve known people who would get off to a … Read more »

Deliveries Held Untill Past Due Balance Paid

Dear Due to the problems we have been experiencing of late in obtaining your payment for the goods we have delivered in accordance with the provisions of our contract of     , we must inform you that we will not … Read more »

Demand by a Secured Party for Possession of Collateral

  DEMAND BY SECURED PARTY                     FOR POSSESSION OF COLLATERAL                                    Date: _ To: _ [Debtor]      This is to advise you that you are in default under our security agreement dated _, 19_, for the following reason[s]: _      … Read more »

Demand for Acknowledgment of Shipping Dates

DEMAND FOR ACKNOWLEDGEMENT                       OF SHIPPING DATES                                    Date: _ To : _ [Supplier]      We hereby request that you specify shipping arrangements pursuant to our order of _, 19_ and that you furnish us assurance that you shall comply. … Read more »

Demand for Delivery

DEMAND FOR DELIVERY                                    Date: _ To: _ [Supplier]      Whereas the undersigned has now made full payment to you in the sum of $_, for all goods to be shipped pursuant to our order dated _, 19_; we demand … Read more »

Demand on Guarantor

  DEMAND FOR DELIVERY                                    Date: _ To: _ [Supplier]      Whereas the undersigned has now made full payment to you in the sum of $_, for all goods to be shipped pursuant to our order dated _, 19_; we … Read more »

Demand that Future Payments be Made by Certified Check

Dear A review of your loan account indicates that you have had three checks returned unpaid from your bank. While we regret having to take this action, we must insist that all future payments on your loan be made with … Read more »

Demand to Endorsers for Immediate Payment

DEMAND TO ENDORSERS                                    Date: _ To: _      The undersigned is the holder of the below described [check] [note] to which you are an endorser.      Notice is hereby provided that said instrument has not been paid, and protest … Read more »

Denial of Request for Additional Discount

Dear This letter is in response to your inquiry regarding our flexibility in the discount rate we offer for early settlement of accounts. Our established discount is 2% of the total invoiced amount when payment is received within 10 days … Read more »

Denial of Request for Quarterly Billing

Dear This is to acknowledge receipt of your letter of  , in which you requested a three month extension on your [type of]    loan, number     [number] After careful review, we regret to inform you that we are unable to grant … Read more »

Development and Profit Participation Agreement

Revised 04/28/2014 Development and Profit Participation Agreement

Did You Know Credit Scores Aren’t That Easy?

Did you know cancelling your credit card isn’t always the best option for your credit score? If you pay an annual fee it’s probably better to go ahead and cancel the card. If you don’t, sometimes just cutting up the … Read more »

Did You Know? – House Insurance

Did you know that house insurance is one of the most asked about things we see on a regular basis? Everyone wants to make sure they’re covered, but it seems like no one knows exactly where to go for that … Read more »

Direct Mail Service

Dear While so many things are a shot in the dark when it comes to increasing sales, one area that has proven itself to be predictable in obtaining results is advertising through direct mail. We feel that your products lend … Read more »

Directed Letter of Recommendation Requesting Reply

Dear     [individual]     has been with our firm for several years and has been one of our outstanding employees in the accounting department.  For family reasons, he is moving to your area and we are truly sorry to lose him. … Read more »

Discharge of Security Interest

  DISCHARGE OF SECURITY INTEREST      FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned does hereby release and discharge a certain security interest issued by _, [Debtor] to the undersigned dated _, 20_.      This document ___ shall ___ shall not [check one] … Read more »

Disclosure of Investigative Consumer Reports

  DISCLOSURE OF INVESTIGATIVE CONSUMER REPORTS This is to inform you that in processing your credit application it may be necessary to interview your neighbors, friends and/or others with whom you have an association or acquaintance.  The inquiry conducted would … Read more »

Disclosure Regarding Real Estate Transactions CYA

This document serves as an explanation and disclosure regarding your property. Revised 08/24/2018 Disclosure Regarding Real Estate Transactions

Disclosure Statement, Fair Credit Reporting Act

DISCLOSURE [name of credit reporting agency] is a “consumer reporting agency” and, under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, must report information in a manner that is fair and equitable to consumers. The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives you the right … Read more »

Discreet Letter of Resignation

Dear It is with great sorrow that I am hereby tendering my resignation to you. Although there is much to say, I believe the reasons leading to this decision are known by you, and I will therefore leave them unsaid … Read more »

Disputed Balance Notice

 DISPUTED BALANCE NOTICE                                    Date: _ To: _      We are in receipt of your statement dated _, 19_, indicating an account balance of $_.      We dispute said balance for the reason[s] checked.      ____ Goods billed for have … Read more »

Do You Have The Courage To Be Rich?

Do You Have The Courage To Be Rich?        I’m constantly amazed at how the majority of the human race in a great country like America would rather spend their entire life being mediocre, swapping hours for dollars, taking little … Read more »


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Domestic Services

Dear Wouldn’t it be nice to take the day off and return to find your floors and furniture polished, carpets vacuumed, bathrooms scrubbed, beds made, oven and refrigerator cleaned and kitchen spotless?     [name of company]     can do all of … Read more »

Down Payment Addendum

Option purchase price credit to down payment addendum. Revised 05/02/2014 Down Payment Addendum

Down Payment Assistance Program

This gives an option to tenant/buyers to pay in extra money each month to be applied to their down payment. Revised 04/28/2014 Down Payment Assistance

Down Payment Assistance Program – Canada

Revised 04/28/2014 Down Payment Assistance Program – Canada

Dragon Dictation

Speak and instantly see your text content for everything from email messages to blog posts. Continue reading Read more »

Drinking Water

Dear There is a problem with the underground water reserves in many areas of the United States, and     [area]    is one of them. This does not mean that the water you are currently drinking is contaminated.  I really am not … Read more »


Dropbox will make secure backup, sync and sharing a lot easier than ever before.
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Dry Cleaner Supplies

Gentleman: This letter is to introduce our new sweater bags which are being enthusiastically received by our customers throughout this vicinity. As you will see by the sample we have enclosed, this sweater bag preserves the quality and appearance of … Read more »


Dunhill is a large compiler of specialized mailing lists and leads. Phone: 800.386.4455 URL: http://www.dunhills.com