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Home » Resources » Interviews and Audio Nuggets » Ron’s Lesson On Pre-Screening

Ron’s Lesson On Pre-Screening

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23 Responses to Ron’s Lesson On Pre-Screening

  1. Joseph M'Mwirichia says:

    Good reminders…

  2. Jerry Owens says:

    Love it! You can’t make chicken salad, out of chicken…well you know the rest!

  3. M K Ali says:

    This sheet/information is a work of art and genius!

  4. Hani Ghali says:

    How can I get VA to help me with leads?

  5. Eugene Labranch says:

    Great Video Ron

  6. Vince Ace says:

    Very good advise Ron!!!

  7. Levi White says:

    Everytime I listen to Ron. I learn something. Good information. Thanks Ron.

  8. Michael Lamothe says:

    Wow this hits home, about how I am wasting time in other areas of my life “Researching or Learning” BOOM this one is a big one!!

  9. Art Hoskins says:

    I learn something new each time I watch Ron. Good info!

  10. Victoria Pruitt says:

    Helpful video for me- made me realize all of my tasks aren’t always productive..Thanks ron- is there a video series for training the va (if we choose to hire our own va)? To teach them exactly what to say and when, or is this meant for that as well?

  11. Thomas Ungrady says:

    Still difficult to know what type of offer paperwork to us

  12. Fernando Diaz says:

    great job precreening

  13. Fernando Diaz says:

    When you prescribe someone, sometimes they don’t follow through on their verbal commitments. My deals have disappeared because their trusted lawyer is unfamiliar with creative financing structuring.

  14. Eric Snyder says:

    Ron always has great stuff.

  15. Michael Lamothe says:

    So many thinker brains, I know I have done this. Great advice do nothing until we find out the seller will take terms. I have looked up houses and not even called people .

  16. David Snider says:

    Very helpful info – thank you 🙂

  17. Michael Cellini says:

    Like theItalian Salute

  18. Lacie Walton says:

    Very helpful! Guilty looking up houses before even calling. Thank you Ron! – Houston, Texas

  19. Donna Smith says:

    I heard Ron talk about this at a Training, but, I couldn’t relate to it then. Now it makes sense. Stick with it yall. We will make it.

  20. Howard Mayberry says:

    Can’t you expand the $35,000 limit if it is an expensive house? $35,000 isn’t as significant for a $1M as it is for a $200,000 house

  21. Farris Hisle says:

    These are very good lessons to learn and put into practice.

  22. Robert Straker says:

    Hello Ron,

    Thank you for the pre-screening video. It will come in handy when I need to pre-screen my tenants and renters. I’m glad I can play it over again in case I miss something the first time. keep up the good work.

    Bye for now,

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