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The Gold Club Weekly Report

The BEST of your Gold Club Weekly Report.

“Motivating Factors” – Ron LeGrand

What does it take to make employees give you their best? It’s pretty obvious that compensation and benefits are a huge factor, but money and health insurance don’t inspire and engage employees. It takes something more for them to give … Read more »

“6 Steps to Close Deals on the Phone” – The Wolff Couple

     In the exciting business of Home Investing there is one Action Step that can make you more money in 15 minutes than most people make in a month. It’s the Closing Call! Let’s break down this money-making step into … Read more »

“You Have 5 Seconds” – Tony Pearl

“Hello?” The man answered the phone with a hint of annoyance in his voice, secretly dreading that this call would be just like the previous 13 conversations he’s already had this Saturday morning. Conversations that had become all too common … Read more »

“4 Steps to Learning” – Ron LeGrand

     Learning is a process with steps that must be done in order or will lead to bad results or no results. The first step is ignorance. Well, that one’s easy to qualify for because everybody is ignorant about a … Read more »

Ron LeGrand and Jay Conner go to Lowe’s

Check out this short video below to get a taste of what it looks like when rehab experts, Jay Conner and Ron LeGrand step foot in Lowe’s. To get the full experience, come see them in North Carolina this October … Read more »

“No Excuse Zone” – Scot Poirier

There is a freedom and empowerment that comes when you realize that excuses never change things. You can blame all the outside factors (the market, other people, life circumstances, time…). I can make excuses about why things didn’t work out… … Read more »

Just for Fun – Student Jokes

On occasion, student’s will send in jokes that are pretty good. So when this one came in from Michelle Simms, we wanted to make sure it was shared with everyone! Read it below: What do great affordable contractors have in … Read more »

Weekly Lesson: Student questions with mentor Barbara LeGrand

In this week’s lesson, student-mentor Barbara LeGrand sits down with her student Brian at one of our recent Quickstart events to go over one of the most frequently asked questions that she receives, which boils down to “Are we even … Read more »

“Somewhere between Baby Steps or A Giant Leap” – David LeGrand

Eat an Elephant?    Ron says the way to eat an elephant is “one bite at a time”. My guess is that you would give up long before you finished that task. A chicken, maybe; even a pig, perhaps, but … Read more »

Weekly Lesson: Student Case Studies Part 2

This week, we’re featuring a few more of Ron’s promising students from our Virtual Summit Student Case Study session! Listen in to hear their exploits, stories, and experiences as they share all of the above with Ron in this edition … Read more »

Weekly Lesson: Ron’s Interview on the Real Estate Influencer

In this week’s lesson, Ron joins Matt Andrews on the Real Estate Influencer podcast, where he shares his own personal story, answers questions from the audience, and gives some tips and tricks on how to succeed in this unique real … Read more »

“3-Word Phrases That Will Change Your Life” – Tony Pearl

Ahhh…The Genius of Simplicity. In this article, we’re going to introduce some potentially life-changing and simple 3-word phrases that are also powerful words to live by. The great thing is that because each one is only three words long; they’ll … Read more »

Weekly Lesson: Deal Structuring Compilation Pt. 3

In this week’s lesson, Ron is featured in another combination of some live deal structuring sessions, where he goes over different leads from a number of students, all live from our recent events! Remember to bring your leads in to … Read more »

Weekly Lesson: Student Case Studies Part 1

This week we’re featuring a few of our promising students from one of our Virtual Summit Student Case Study sessions! Listen to the their testimonials, stories, and experiences as they share all of the above with Ron in this edition … Read more »

“You’ve lost enough money in the last 90 days to pay for a college education or buy a brand-new Mercedes” – Bob Leonetti

And, it’s because of what you don’t know about liens, judgments & real estate paper. You can’t be buying and selling houses without passing up tremendous profit underlying the house deal. Almost every piece of Real Estate has some kind … Read more »

“How to REALLY Use Paper for Maximum Profit” – Bob Leonetti

In our last installment, we met John, a Florida attorney who wanted to purchase a $200K home.  The seller (Jane) needed $50K down, but was willing to take the balance in monthly payments.  And to complicate matters even further, not … Read more »

Weekly Lesson: Terms FAQ’s Answered by Ron

Ron constantly receives questions on the TERMS business, where you buy and sell properties on TERMS. So in this week’s lesson, he decided to answer the most frequently asked questions when dealing with TERMS.

“The Less You SAY The More You Make: How To Get Rich by Keeping Your Big Mouth Shut!” – Tony Pearl

“Blah, blah, blah!” That’s what we hear sometimes when some people talk. And sometimes that’s what other people hear when WE talk, too. Have you ever noticed how most people think of what they’re going to say, rather than listen … Read more »

Weekly Lesson: How To Add Tracking Pixels to DREAMS Sites

After receiving a request from one of our students on how to add a Facebook pixel to your DREAMS site, we’ve decided to create an easy-to-follow video on how to do exactly that, plus a little bit more! Watch as … Read more »

“The Benefits of Simultaneous Closing” – Bob Leonetti

As Ron and I get ready for Paper Power (June 8-10), EXCITEMENT is the word that comes to mind: Excitement that stems from all of the opportunities we have before us, excitement about being able to contribute to your education … Read more »

Weekly Lesson: Deal Structuring Compilation!

This week’s lesson video is combination of multiple deal structuring sessions from recent events!  Watch as Ron and mentors Tony Pearl and the Wolff couple discuss a number of deals from previous deal structuring sessions. Listen and learn as they … Read more »

Just for Fun – The Boston Massacre

My good friends, I had a business meeting in downtown Boston today and arrived very early. So I decided to go for a walk (I’ve walked the historic streets of Boston many times). I walked from the Boston Common to … Read more »

Weekly Lesson: Josh Arras Explains DREAMS

In this weekly lesson, Josh Arras gives a step-by-step breakdown on the Digital Real Estate Automated Management Solution (DREAMS) system. This easy to follow tutorial goes through each of the different tools this all-in-one platform offers, from managing your VA … Read more »

“Jay Conner’s Top 10 Persuasive Words and Phrases” – Jay Conner

Not long ago, one of my friends told me that a person’s quality of life is determined by the quality of their communication. Good communication is the key to persuading people to listen, and that conversation with my friend incentivized … Read more »

Weekly Lesson: Commercial Property – Property Information Sheets

In this week’s lesson, watch Ron go over a number of property information sheets at a recent Commercial Property Bootcamp! Be sure to sign up for our next Commercial Property Bootcamp, which will be on October 20th-22nd. Register below! Commercial … Read more »

“3 Ways to Improve Your Communication and Close More Deals” – Jay Conner

“Jay, is it true that when you meet with the seller of a house, you shouldn’t be wearing lots of jewelry or drive a fancy car because the seller might think that you’re a shark?” This question came from a … Read more »

Weekly Lesson: Commercial Property – Deal Structuring Session

In this week’s lesson, Ron is featured in a short clip at a Commercial Property Bootcamp going over a deal structuring session with student mentors, the Wolff couple. Check it out below!

“How to Make the Best of the Current Market Opportunity” – Andrew Schlag

2021 is an exciting time to be a real estate investor…      In the second quarter of 2020, Bloomberg reported that FHA delinquency rate had risen to 16%. Well, there’s been many protections put in place to help protect homeowners … Read more »

“Top 7 lists of Owners to Target” – Jay Conner

In order to have a profitable and successful real estate investing business, it’s critical to have a consistent flow of motivated seller leads. Without those leads continually coming in, you might as well say you’re out of business. We’re currently … Read more »

Nick & Jon Pick Up Giveaway Car for the Summit, and Ron’s NOT Happy

Today’s the day we’re taking the fully restored and upgraded 1946 Ford Coupe up to our filming studio so we can give it away during the Great American Real Estate Summit, April 14-16! Ron isn’t quite ready to let go … Read more »

Spring Summit Speaker Preview: Andrew Schlag

Here’s a quick message from successful real estate investor and coach Andrew Schlag on how the real estate field changed his life. Now his teachings are changing the life of others, and he is going to share his training at … Read more »

Weekly Lesson: Bank Day! Alpas Properties – March 2021

In this week’s lesson, it’s bank day! Scot and John from Alpas Properties present another one of their ‘shut up’ checks that they’ve received from working with Ron LeGrand. And this is a big one, over $187,000 dollars! Gold Club … Read more »

Joyriding with a 1946 Coupe!

Watch Jon, Nick, and Deb snatch up the opportunity to take this 1946 Ford Coupe out for joyride! Shhhh … Ron doesn’t know! This could easily be yours to take out anytime you’d like, all you have to GET REGISTERED … Read more »

Weekly Lesson: Deal Structuring Compilation Pt. 1 & 2

In this week’s lesson, Ron is featured in another combination of live deal structuring videos, where he goes over different leads from a number of students, all live from our latest events! Our Virtual American Spring Summit is coming up … Read more »

Weekly Lesson – The Biggest Mistakes Investors Make

In this week’s lesson, Ron is joins student mentors Steve Szumigale and Andrew Schlag to discuss the biggest mistakes investors make! Watch below! Gold Club Members, as you know we are always striving to bring you great lessons, but we … Read more »

Weekly Lesson – 1031 Exchanges

Tripling Your Cash Flow with 1031 Exchanges, with Tom Phelan – The Mentor Podcast, Episode 65 There are so many myths and misconceptions surround 1031 exchanges that it’s no wonder so few people use them. We’d all love a new … Read more »

Weekly Lesson – Josh Arras Explains DREAMS

In this week’s lesson, Ron joins Josh Arras to take a deep dive into the DREAMS system and talk about some tips/tricks that might help you out when using it. Watch below! Gold Club Members, as you know we are … Read more »

Weekly Lesson – Ron’s Deal Finder

In this week’s lesson, Ron talks with Don Fowler about our brand-new software designed to help you find highly motivated sellers anywhere in the country. Take 45-minutes right now to watch the demo and get all the information you need … Read more »

Weekly Lesson – Important Message from the Delivery Man

In this week’s lesson, we see an ordinary delivery man display an extraordinary message when he thinks no one is watching. Watch below! Gold Club Members, as you know we are always striving to bring you great lessons, but we … Read more »

Weekly Lesson – Sweet and Smelly Wholesale Deal

In this week’s lesson, John and Scott from Alpas Properties walk through and explain one of their lucrative, but nose-clenching wholesale deals. Watch below!  Gold Club Members, as you know we are always striving to bring you great lessons, but … Read more »

[Important Message from Ron] Virtual Real Estate Summit – January 20th – 22nd

We will be starting 2021 with an all-new Virtual Summit since all of the Summits in 2020 were SMASH HITS! Join us and let’s start the new year right. Mark the dates on your calendar now, January 20-22, 2021! GET … Read more »

[Important Message from Ron] How to Buy and Sell Real Estate Virtually Without Using Your Own Money or Credit

It’s a brand-new year for you to either MAKE it exactly what you want it to be, OR to do nothing and close out 2021 with regrets. And, that’s why we’re kickin’ off the, “No Regrets” Mission. The “No Regrets” … Read more »

“Top 10 Christmas Gifts To Yourself” – The Wolff Couple

Here’s your chance to get all the most important gifts for Christmas this year! How is that possible? Because YOU have the power to give them to YOURSELF!      We know it’s been a challenging year, and we know you’ve … Read more »

Mitch Stephen chats with Ron LeGrand

Ron recently sat down with Mitch Stephen, who is also a RE Investor and has been for the past 25 years! Tune in to hear what these two talk about the topics they know best! Listen HERE!

Weekly Lesson: Quick Start Alumni Call feat. Ron LeGrand

Ron made an exceptional appearance on this month’s Quick Start Alumni Call, and while we don’t usually share the recording with anyone who is not a Quick Start Real Estate School graduate, Ron wanted to get this call out to … Read more »

Weekly Lesson – Transfer Tax vs Land Trust

In this week’s lesson, Ron discusses the pros and cons of buying the Trust rather than the property from the seller in order to avoid the transfer tax. As always, Ron strongly urges you to consult with your closing attorney to ensure … Read more »

Resource: Home Depot Loan Services

Check out the different options available from the Project Loan Program from Home Depot. CLICK HERE to learn more!

[Important Message from Ron] The virtual Great American Real Estate Summit – 18th-20th

Calling all Super Star Gold Club Members!! Ron is looking for a handful of students actively doing deals even in a pandemic to appear with him on next week’s Virtual Real Estate Summit! He wants to talk to YOU about … Read more »

[Important Message from Ron] Quick Start Real Estate School December 9th-12th

As I’m sure you know by now, I’ve been communicating with my students virtually since March. Well, I have some great news to share with you… I’m going to be conducting my next Quick Start Real Estate School LIVE and … Read more »

Real Estate Influencer – Ron’s Interview

Here is Ron’s interview with Matt Andrews at the Real Estate Influencer event!

[Important Message from Ron] Secret Weapon for Recession-Proof House Flipping

Ron will be joining Matt Leitz to go over the new secret weapon to flipping houses in this new economy. Make sure to tune in to hear these new techniques! CLICK HERE to get registered if you haven’t already done … Read more »

[Important Message from Ron] How to Do Terms in this COVID Environment

Ron’s going LIVE again for a virtual workshop, coming this October 9th starting at 12 Noon – 5 PM ET! We’re also dedicated some time for deal structuring, it will be a 1-hour session, so leads will be processed on … Read more »

Ron’s Seller Explanation Video – Student Edition

During our free “Finding Motivated Sellers” event last week, Ron shared a video sales letter (VSL) he created to attract sellers and explain the way he can buy their houses. He allowed the attendees to get a copy of the … Read more »

[Important Message from Ron] Quick Start is going LIVE and In-person!

As I’m sure you know by now, I’ve been communicating with my students virtually since March. Well, I have some great news to share with you… I’m going to be conducting my next Quick Start Real Estate School LIVE and … Read more »

Weekly Lesson – Dealing with Probate

In this week’s lesson, Ron goes over how to deal with probates, litigations, and other various real estate matters with Al Nicoletti. Gold Club Members, as you know we are always striving to bring you great lessons, but we want … Read more »

[Important Message from Ron] Finding Motivated Sellers in Any Market

Ron wants to hear from you! If you are currently using specific strategies or a strategy for finding sellers, we want to hear about it! We’re looking for movers and shakers to share their strategies with Ron on our live … Read more »

Weekly Lesson – Real Estate ABC is Dead

In this week’s lesson, Ron goes over finding new sites to find Comps with Brian and Lynette Wolff! Gold Club Members, as you know we are always striving to bring you great lessons, but we want to know what you … Read more »

“$100,000 Reasons Postal Carriers Are A Real Estate Investor’s Best Friend” – Jay Conner

When most people think about vacant houses, they picture run-down properties or even haunted houses. When I think about vacant houses, I think about big money. The most profitable houses on the planet are vacant houses. On more than one … Read more »

Just for Fun – An Artistic Time Lapse Like You’ve Never Seen!

“Never, Ever, Ever Give Up!” – John Gerstenlauer and Scot Poirier

We are John Gerstenlauer and Scot Poirier and we’ve been on Planet Ron since 2015. Prior to that, John was a Sr. Vice President of International Operations for the tenth largest construction company in the United States. John is a … Read more »

“What’s It Gonna Take? How to Finally End Procrastination & Take Action” – Tony Pearl

This article was not easy to write. In fact, it was one of the more challenging articles I’ve written in a while. Why? Because it deals with something that’s not easy for us to talk about: The reason why most … Read more »

“The No. 1 Secret to Getting Sellers to Accept Your Offer” – Jay Conner

In This Issue: 8 Ways You Can Thrive in the Midst of Uncertainty      Over the last few weeks, there’s been a big misconception floating around about the state of the housing market. A lot of people believe that, … Read more »

Just for Fun – 24 Cigars

We all know how much Ron loves his culture, and this week he wanted to share a pretty comical skit about lawyers, lawsuits and cigars!

“How Successful Businesses Thrive in Times of Crisis” – Jay Conner

In This Issue: 8 Ways You Can Thrive in the Midst of Uncertainty When I started planning my schedule for 2020, I certainly did not schedule a global pandemic. I would assume that most people were caught off guard by … Read more »

Bottle Boys present … Billie Jean

Check out these talented gentlemen performing a classic Michael Jackson song by using sonorous science!

Planet Ron – Land Deals with CMG

Monday and Tuesday, Tish and I took a whirlwind trip looking at properties in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. Commercial Mastermind members, Ann Brandl, David Keating, and Kyle Roemmich met us in Indiana where we looked at 5 properties with Realtor … Read more »

Very Important Video Message from Ron!

Due to the continuing restrictions because of the virus, we’ve made some additional changes to our schedule. Please check out the video for important information from Ron… *Don’t forget to register for the following upcoming LIVE Virtual events!T Ask Me … Read more »

One arm reached millions: Tommy’s Story

Check out this inspiring story about 3-year old, Tommy Morrissey. He’s the perfect example of, “Rising above!” h

Weekly Lesson – Prescreening a Seller Call, Ron’s Way

Check out this quick recording of Ron Prescreening a seller over the phone recently. Take notes, short and to the point!

A Star is Born – Jailhouse Rock by Little Elvis

When being Quarantined, life can feel like Jail… always remember to Rock like this little boy!

Coronavirus Song 2020

Check out Ron’s favorite Coronavirus Song that’s on the internet!

“5 Ways to Finance Your Next Deal” – Jay Conner

As I travel the country training real estate investors, there are two questions I get at almost every event: “Where do you find hot deals?” and “Where do I get the money to fund my deals?” I’ve written a lot … Read more »

The Mentor Podcast: Bob Diamond

When the government sells tax-defaulted properties at auction, generally they are only allowed to keep enough money to cover the owed taxes. What happens when a property sells for more than that? On this episode of the Mentor Podcast, attorney … Read more »

“3 Benefits of Working Out At Home” – Barbara LeGrand Cockrell

3 Benefits Of Working Out At Home Here’s the deal, we all know that exercise should be a regular part of our daily lives. This practice alone provides an enormous amount of benefits to virtually every facet of not only … Read more »

“How To Protect Yourself From The Corona Virus” – Barbara LeGrand Cockrell

As of March 11th, 2020, the Corona Virus (COVID-19) has been recognized as a worldwide pandemic. We have known about the virus ever since it hit China last month, but now that it is at your door you need to … Read more »

The Mentor Podcast: Prosperity

Be sure to listen to this week’s edition of The Mentor Podcast for a very special message and Ron and Global’s COO, Jennifer Shedlin. With the pandemic and the economic uncertainty it brings, now is the time to begin preparing … Read more »

“Finding Hope In Uncertain Times” – Barbara LeGrand Cockrell

There is a lot of uncertainty in life, whether in our personal affairs or in our changing and unsteady political climate. The strategies that most of us rely on to contend with such uncertainty tend to be self-defeating. When we … Read more »

IMPORTANT Announcement regarding The Summit

The live, 2020 Las Vegas Summit is cancelled, but we have plans to bring the Summit to you online. Sometimes running a business requires making really tough decisions and Jennifer, my COO, and I had to make one today. WE … Read more »

“7 Motivated Seller Lists Every Real Estate Investor Needs” – Jay Conner

In order to have a profitable and successful real estate investing business, it’s critical to have a consistent flow of motivated seller leads. Without those leads continually coming in, you might as well say you’re out of business. We’re currently … Read more »

The Story of Our National Anthem

By the dawn’s early light on September 14th, 1814, Francis Scott Key peered through a spyglass, spotting an American flag still waving after a long night’s battle at Fort McHenry. Now, 206 years later after our anthem was written, we … Read more »

Weekly Lesson – Nate Armstrong On The Power Of Social Media Ads

Listen to Nate Armstrong talk about “The Power Of Social Media Ads.” In this video, Nate talks about leveraging nowadays technology to drive traffic in your business. For example, over 62% of Americans are currently Facebook users and Facebook reports … Read more »

Weekly Lesson – Jay Conner The Private Money Authority

Listen to Jay Conner talk about what he knows best! Private Money – The key to buying all cash properties in the current market is private money. Without it, you’re not going far. With it, you can buy four houses … Read more »

“5 Ways to Build a Profitable Relationship with Your Realtor” – Jay Conner

In the past, I’ve talked a great deal about how to find a real estate investor-friendly Realtor to work with. But it’s not enough to simply find a good Realtor—you also need to work to build and maintain a strong … Read more »

“New Tax Laws” – Lee Phillips

The IRS is your major impediment to financial success. You still have a little time to plan your 2018 tax return and see if you can remove some of the road blocks the IRS puts in your path to success. … Read more »

USDA Eligibility and Loan Limits for 2021

Here are the links to determine property location eligibility for USDA along with PDF & link of most recent National maximum loan amounts for USDA   Click here to determine your property location eligibility for USDA Click here for the … Read more »

“Components of a Good Business Card” by Ron LeGrand

A business card is not a memoir or biography of you. No one cares how great you are, how long you’ve been in business, your great service, and empty promises, no one believes anyway. For any of you advertising to … Read more »

“Changing Habits” by Ron LeGrand

ARE YOU WILLING TO CHANGE? In this chapter, we’ll tackle what might be the most difficult task of them all – actually changing your habits. It takes many years to acquire habits. Are you willing to take a few months … Read more »

Ron’s Great American Real Estate Summit 2020 – Why Stay at the Hotel

In this video, Ron breaks down some of the reasons you need to stay at the hotel he’ll be at during the upcoming Summit in Las Vegas, March 31-April 4. You won’t want to miss a single moment, and certainly … Read more »

IRA Contributions and Deductions Guide

Ron wanted to share this incredible IRA Contributions and Deductions Guide you can check out below. It will make your life much easier seeing the the most up to date deadlines giving yourself a head start in your business!

Ron’s Great American Real Estate Summit 2020 – Ron’s Classes

In this video, Ron breaks down some of the classes he’ll be conducting during the upcoming Summit in Las Vegas, March 31-April 4. Not only will there be tons of great training going on throughout the event, but you’ll have … Read more »

The Wolff Couple Presents: Pretty Houses VS. Ugly Houses

This week, the Wolff Couple quickly covers the key differences between Pretty Houses and Ugly Houses. Many investors only understand Ugly House deals like Wholesales and Rehabs, unaware of the huge missed opportunities by using the Pretty House techniques Ron … Read more »

“The Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur’s Mindset” by Jay Conner

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” is a quote attributed to motivational speaker, Jim Rohn. While I don’t know if this is absolutely true, I do know there’s great benefit to surrounding … Read more »

“How to Buy Properties Subject to the Existing Note” by Jay Conner

“Who, in their right mind, would sell their house, leave the mortgage in their name, and trust you will make their payment?” This was the question I asked when I first heard about closing deals subject to the existing note. … Read more »

Weekly Lesson- QSRES Houston Bus Tour

Ride along with Ron LeGrand and Jay Conner as they tour homes in Houston, Texas on the Bus Trip at the Quick Start Real Estate School.  They show you how to determine repairs, updates, and what some of the costs … Read more »

“Millions of Dollars from Real Estate Auctions are Hidden in Government Bank Accounts – And You Can Get a Portion of that Money” – Robert Diamond, Esq

There are millions of dollars hidden away in government bank accounts waiting to be claimed.  If that money is not claimed by the deadline it becomes property of the government – FOREVER – and is lost to the government! In … Read more »

“Seven Days on a Boat with Ron LeGrand” – Lance Edwards

My wife, Kim, and I recently completed a 7-day Mediterranean cruise with Ron and Beverly LeGrand, along with the Wolff couple (howl!….).   Beverly was delightful and Ron was… well, Ron (just kidding!).   It was an enjoyable and memorable time for … Read more »

“The Most Profitable Exit Strategy In Real Estate” – Jay Conner

There is a number of ways to sell a house. For example, you could hire a Realtor to list the home in a multiple listing service and sell the house for you. If you want to avoid paying for a … Read more »

Ron in Rome – Trevi Fountain


FEAR and How it Affects your Ability to be the Most Successful Investor You can Be! Did you realize the number 1 reason investor students don’t ever really become successful has nothing to do with how smart they are, how … Read more »

Notre Dame With Ron!

“The Roadmap to Your Next (or First) Deal – Facebook Ads” – Pam Patton

The Roadmap has 6 stages and it looks like this: The first step in the Roadmap process is Locating Prospects or, lead generation and it is, without a doubt, the most critical of the six steps. After all, if you … Read more »

“Why Small Apartments?” by Lance Edwards

If you like Cliff Notes, here’s a quick summary of some of the advantages: Rental Demand is Up – Apartments are always strong because everyone needs a place to live. As a result of the Great Recession, less people can … Read more »

“6 Ingredients for Pretty House Pie” – The Wolff Couple

Wouldn’t you love to feast on a scrumptious Pretty House Pie? Let’s have some fun comparing being an investor on a pretty house deal, to being the baker of an apple pie! A pretty house deal is very tasty, and … Read more »

“Raising Private Money Formula” – Lance Edwards

The formula for raising private money came to me as a result of learning how to raise private money to buy a business. These four parts are remarkably straight-forward. If you miss any one of the four, you hinder your … Read more »

“No Means No… For Now!” – Tony Pearl

Don’t get offended… This article has nothing to do with #MeToo or anything like that. With that out of the way, let me ask you a question… Have you ever been turned down when you ask someone if they want … Read more »

“5 Ways to Build a Long-Term, Profitable Business Relationship” – The Jay Conner

You can’t run a successful business alone. I don’t care how good you are; success is built on strong business relationships. Real estate investors sometimes think they are a one-man show, but whether you’re doing two deals a month or … Read more »

“I Demanded This Event Be FREE To You!” – Minneapolis, Aug. 19-21

Why do some students take action with my strategies and become successful, while others do nothing?? That question has plagued me for years. It was on my mind one night after an event in 2012, I kept thinking of all … Read more »

“6 Steps to Financial Freedom” – The Wolff Couple

Just the words “Financial Freedom” conjure up so many images – your Dream Home, a luxury car, tropical vacations, a true life of leisure. Those are the prizes, the toys and joys of true Financial Freedom. But it’s a sensation … Read more »

“4 Components of Success” – Lance Edwards

Whether you’re just starting in small apartments or you’re an industry expert, you’re about to learn the exact secrets that will make you a doer, above the rest – the dreamers. The four components of success are: Component #1: Specialized … Read more »

“Good Student = Good Money” – The Wolff Couple

You may have been a good student in high school, but if you weren’t, we know why. You lacked motivation. Especially with the rush of teenage distractions, the benefits of studying were not sufficiently motivating. You had better things to … Read more »

A Message From Barbara LeGrand Cockrell

Dear Ron, It breaks my heart that I have to even type out this email. As you all know, Jim Huntress, my life partner, my soulmate, and my best friend was the reason I started this website and newsletter. We … Read more »

“The Essence of Essential Oils” – Barbara LeGrand Cockrell

The essence of oils has been used for medicinal purposes since as early as 3,000 BC. Using essential oils can help alter not only our physical bodies but also our emotional and mental well being by triggering and strengthening our … Read more »

“An Ode To The Western Wolffs” – David LeGrand

There is a couple who live out west,                     who are without doubt the very best.           A happier twosome you will never meet,                     everything about them is so neat.           It seems their energy has no … Read more »

“The Value of Investing In Small Apartments” – Lance Edwards

In the first chapter of How To Make Big Money In Small Apartments, Lance Edwards’ #1 Best Selling book about achieving (as he did) financial independence through investing in small, multifamily dwellings, the Houston based real estate entrepreneur details the … Read more »

“The Bandit Sign Hack Attack” – by Jay Conner

If you’re a real estate investor, you’ve done bandit signs in the past. We all have! These simple, corrugated signs tell motivated sellers in your target area that you’re someone they can relate to, someone who will speak plainly and … Read more »

“What Makes You Special” – The Wolff Couple

What Makes You Special? 6 Factors that Raise You Over the Competition by the Wolff Couple, Brian & Lynette! There is a lot of money in the world of Real Estate Investing, so of course there is also competition. That … Read more »

Ron’s Lesson On Pre-Screening

Ron’s Panel Discussion

“The Powerful ‘Choice of Two’ Close” – Tony Pearl

For Today’s Tip, you’re going to learn a really simple yet powerful strategy for influencing people. Used correctly, this ‘secret strategy’ will help you set more appointments, get faster decisions out of people, and avoid a ton of frustration & … Read more »

“Business Entity (LLC) Issues” – Lee Phillips

Do you really need a business entity – either an LLC or a corporation? The answer is no, not all of the time. I recognize that it is often easier to set up your business structure first and then actually … Read more »

“Could Your Morning Coffee Be Hurting You?” – Barbara Cockrell

There’s a silent habit that keeps many of us trapped in the modern world. It’s so ingrained in our culture that many of us don’t give it a second thought each day. But the reality is that a lot of … Read more »

“Masada Asset Protection Plan” – Lee Phillips

Defend from the High Ground Masada sits on a very high bluff overlooking the Dead Sea in Israel.  The Romans had a very hard time conquering the high ground chosen by the Jews.  The Jews had built a strong fortress … Read more »

“Spring Into Action” – The Wolff Couple

It’s the season when flowers are blooming again, the sun is shining, and the Real Estate Market is coming alive! This is the time of year to “Spring into ACTION!” It’s the perfect time for our special guide, The Wolff … Read more »

“7 Lessons From a $70K Deal” – by Jay Conner

I believe that every deal is an opportunity to learn something new. Even after 15 years in the business, my wife, Carol Joy, and I are still learning and relearning lessons in every deal we make. I kicked off 2019 … Read more »

“Are You a Rear View Mirror Driver?” – by David LeGrand

LOOKING BACK If you insist that your present is the result of your past, you are like a person driving your car constantly looking in the rear view mirror. You find it difficult to plan the future, because you are … Read more »

“Time… It Can’t Be Replaced… But You Can!” – by Ron LeGrand

Recently, I did a podcast on time management because several people requested it and I probably haven’t worked with people enough on the subject. In my experience, not one out of 1000 really understand time management and honestly, I don’t … Read more »

“Nutrition Response Testing” – by Barbara LeGrand Cockrell

I get asked on a regular basis from people that know me and have heard my story who have been diagnosed with a chronic disease – “Now what do I do?” I believe what Raymond Francis, M.Sc. says from his … Read more »

“Real Estate – Be A Professional” – by Lee Phillips

Somehow you know that people who do real estate investing get rich.  I didn’t fully realize that until I was in my forties, even though I spoke at thousands of real estate events.  I didn’t want to deal with the … Read more »

“What Happens If We Have Another Recession” – by Ron LeGrand

This is a question I get from folks who were hammered from the last recession in 2008. It’s a valid question and one that should be on the minds of anyone responsible for providing for their family. There’s not much … Read more »

The 13 Most Important Minutes in the Life of a Real Estate Investor By Ron LeGrand

Buying and selling houses in the pretty house business boils down to just a few steps to buy or lease gorgeous houses in nice neighborhoods in all price ranges, including multi-million-dollar houses. We have all of these steps automated today … Read more »

“5 Lessons From The Summit, Nashville Edition” – by The Wolff Couple

     It was our great pleasure and honor last month to be a part of Ron LeGrand and Global Publishing’s 2019 “Great American Real Estate Summit”! We’ve been at every Summit since 2003, and we do our best to remember … Read more »

“21 Days To Make A Habit? FALSE!” – by Caitlyn Carlston

I’ve been listening, reading, and watching how some of the most successful people go through their average day. Patiently soaking in their day-to-day schedules and reviewing which ones I should incorporate into my own. Obviously, this will be trial and … Read more »

“Podcasting Changes Your Path” – by Mitch Stephen

By mid 2016, my educational mentoring and coaching business, had been rolling along for about five years. In the beginning, my team and I were seeing steady growth with every passing year, but we started to plateau in year four. … Read more »

Travel Friendly Practices to Stay Well! by Barbara LeGrand Cockrell

Traveling can be an interesting opportunity for growth and fun. But sometimes, the whole getting-there part can be long, stressful, and expose you to a lot of germs, which can derail your wellness. Did you know your body is exposed … Read more »

“The Deal Meeting – The Moment of Truth & Wealth!” – by Brian & Lynette Wolff

As Ron LeGrand and us, The Wolff Couple, will tell you, “There is no faster or easier way to wealth than the Pretty House path.” Along with that path… What MUST you learn in order to close Pretty House Deals? … Read more »

It Can’t Be Done by David LeGrand

We Will See Professor In 1963, I was in Seminary in California. One required course was Audio-Visuals, in which a project was to be completed. I told the professor I was going to build an overhead projector for my project. … Read more »

Healthier Holiday Eating, By Barbara LeGrand Cockrell

Holidays aren’t known for eating healthy. But these healthy food tip swaps will help make your meals more healthful without giving up taste and making you feel like the “weirdo”. Your guests will want to return and thank you for … Read more »

Call Your No Leads Too! by Pamela Patton

I know you’ve heard Ron say how important it is to call all of your PI sheets, the Yes leads as well as the No leads. I just wanted to take this opportunity to share with you one student’s story. … Read more »

DO IT! DELEGATE IT! or DITCH IT! by David LeGrand

Delegation is really proper administration—getting things done through people. Why Delegate? You can’t get it all done. You don’t know how to do it all. You don’t want to do it all. You should not be doing it. To Delegate … Read more »

Dare to Dream, Not Daydream by David LeGrand

Dreamin’ or Diggin’? Many years ago while building a shop with a pit and hoist, about twenty men I knew dropped by to check the progress. Most of them commented “I wish I had a shop like this.” My reply … Read more »

Top 12 Reasons to be Thankful for the Pretty House Business! by Brian and Lynette Wolff

We love this special time of the year, and it’s not just all the food and football! Thanksgiving is the only time we collectively take time to give thanks for our many blessings. We’re so thankful for our wonderful families, … Read more »

If You’re Not Doing THIS, You’re Not Making Money, Part One, by Tony Pearl

I was just a new, wannabe real estate investor the first time I heard the expression that would change everything for me. It was at a real estate education event (aka a “Boot Camp”) many years ago in Florida when … Read more »

What Real Estate Investors Need to Know About Foreclosure By Jay Conner

When Carol Joy and I started our business 15 years ago, we created a system of buying foreclosures that made $456,000 in six months. To this day, foreclosures make up 25 percent of the deals we close. I have spent … Read more »

God & “The 3 Mistakes”

What God did at Pearl Harbor that day is interesting and I never knew this little bit of history. Tour boats ferry people out to the USS Arizona Memorial in Hawaii every thirty minutes.  We just missed a ferry and had … Read more »


A few years ago, I wrote a string of articles of what I would do if I were president. I thought it was time to update my thoughts. Before I continue, I’m sure you know by now, I am a … Read more »

Acid Reflux By Barbara LeGrand Cockrell

A few months ago I was diagnosed with acid reflux. I was suffering from a burning sensation in my esophagus! Of course I went to my holistic doctor and he told me not to worry and gave me some natural supplements … Read more »

Lessons Learned From Hurricane Florence By Jay Conner

Hurricane Florence wreaked havoc on our Carolina coast. Torrential wind and rain hammered down on our communities, destroying homes, flooding our cities, and devastating lives. It’s been categorized by locals as the worst hurricane in history for Morehead City, and … Read more »

Lessons Learned on Bridle Lane By Jay Conner

This month, I would like to share with you a story about a deal I closed just four days before writing this article. Keep in mind that this is an example of my average deal. I close around three deals … Read more »

On the Rhine River with Ron! by The Wolff Couple

We were hoping for a glorious cruise through Europe. What we got was perfect weather, a gorgeous boat, wonderful service, and the best companionship ever! We got 8 exciting days with Ron LeGrand and his lovely wife Bev! We floated … Read more »

2018-09-21 Ask Ron

In this week’s edition of Ask Ron, Ron is answering our Gold Club members’ questions regarding: real estate attorneys, warranty deeds, IRAs, and sandwich lease options. Thanks Gold Club Members: Brian Edwards, Anders Kalsson, Autumn and David Brown for writing in!

“The Joy of Text: How to Get Deals With Your Cell Phone” by Tony Pearl

Do You Have A Cell Phone? In this article, you’re going to learn the right way HOW to use that powerful little tool that you already have sitting in your pocket to prospect for deals, quickly prescreen the crap from … Read more »

The Flip Side To Flipping By The Wolff Couple



This subject is presented in three parts: Why we are clutter-bugs. (Two weeks ago) Why it costs us so much. (Last week) How to deal with it.          (This week) It’s Time for Action These five test … Read more »

THE HIGH COST OF CLUTTER (PART 2) Why the Junk in Your Life can Cost You Wealth by David LeGrand

This subject is being presented in three parts: Why we are clutter-bugs. (Last week) – Not sure if we want to remove Why it costs us so much. (This issue) to prevent dating our magazine. How to deal with it. … Read more »

How Real Estate Investors Find Reliable Contractors By Jay Conner

I’ve discussed this topic many times before, but today, I want to do a deep dive. Strap yourself in, because today we’re going to learn how to find a contractor and how to work with the contractors you hire, whether … Read more »

A simple guide to getting started with DREAM Solutions Pro by Pamela Patton

Whether you are upgrading from the Gold Club VA to the Elite level, which includes your DREAMS Pro account, or you are just getting started with us, you should have your VA do a few things for you right away … Read more »

Flipping is Illegal by Ron LeGrand

Oh No! All this time you’ve been telling me I could make a killing buying & selling (flipping) houses and now you’re telling me it’s illegal, Ron? Well, sort of! But before you get all upset, I’d better explain. Don’t … Read more »

2019 Nashville Summit

The Event of the Year is Coming to Nashville this January! We are currently at maximum capacity for the 2019 Great American Real Estate Summit. We’d hate for you to miss out on our HOTTEST event of the year, So … Read more »

“Do You Make These Common Mistakes in English?” by Tony Pearl

We have a very serious problem these days. The problem is that most people just flat-out SUCK at communicating, especially by the written word. Doesn’t matter who they’re communicating with – a co-worker, their boss, their clients or prospects, their … Read more »

“Nature’s Free Vitamin D,” By Barbara LeGrand Cockrell

Raise your hand if you think sunlight causes skin cancer. For decades, doctors and the “cancer industry” have warned us stay out of the “dangerous” sunlight and/or use plenty of sunscreen. But, is this good advice? Did you know Vitamin … Read more »

The Salt Your Body Needs By Barbara LeGrand Cockrell

If there’s a trend I’ve been noticing a lot lately it would be pink Himalayan salt. Whether it be in a fancy grinder in the kitchen or at someone’s home as a decorative accent. What’s all the hype about? Well … Read more »

Weekly Lesson – Creative Marketing

This week’s lesson video is contagious. It comes to you in the form of a Coke Commercial. You see, Gonzales (a division of Serviceplan Benelux) create a local market stunt in Antwerp metro for the Belgian “choose happiness” campaign of … Read more »

How To Use Jay Conner’s Probate System To Close More Real Estate Deals By Jay Conner

At my recent mastermind meeting I held earlier this summer, we identified over 100 different ways we find deals! Not that you have to use all 100 ways, but it’s good to keep in mind that foreclosures, though they do … Read more »

“Ugly is the New Pretty” by Tony Pearl

Warm Weather is finally upon us! Time to get ready for those Summer vacations – trips to the beach, cookouts, swimming, boating, golf, tennis, and everything else that we love to do outside when the weather is warm. Of course, … Read more »

11 Ways to Get People to Believe in You by Jay Conner

What does it mean to have someone believe in you? In business, when a person believes in you, it means they are willing to follow your lead. They want to follow your directions, do as you ask, and listen to … Read more »

The 13 Most Important Minutes in the Life of a Real Estate Investor By Ron LeGrand

Buying and selling houses in the pretty house business boils down to just a few steps to buy or lease gorgeous houses in nice neighborhoods in all price ranges, including multi-million-dollar houses. We have all of these steps automated today … Read more »

Finding Hope Through Tough Times by David LeGrand

Most people can survive almost anything as long as there is hope for improvement in the future. Without hope, most give up in despair. Recently there has been a shocking increase of suicide even among teens. You may feel as … Read more »

How to Host a Successful Private Lender Luncheon by Jay Conner

If you’ve heard me speak, you’ve heard me talk about the importance of holding a private lender luncheon as part of your strategy to attract more money to fund your deals. On more than one occasion, I have presented private … Read more »

6 Steps to Close Deals on the Phone by The Wolff Couple, Brian & Lynette

In the exciting business of Real Estate Investing there is one Action Step that can make you more money in 15 minutes than most people make in a month. We addressed that all-important step, the Closing Call, in our last … Read more »

You DON’T Have to Have All The Answers… by Tony Pearl

As a mentor of real estate investing, I hear it all the time. A new investor/student asks, “What if a seller or buyer asks me a question that I don’t know how to answer?” Or “What if I don’t know … Read more »

The Mentor Podcast

We’ve got an exciting announcement to make! Ron’s brand-new podcast, The Mentor Podcast, will be launching May 1st! It’s been months in the making now, and we’re finally ready to bring this very informative and content driven podcast to you. … Read more »

The 5 Points of Negotiating a Terms Deal by Tony Pearl

In this article, you’re going to learn how to take something that most people think is complex & confusing and make it easy to understand & implement. Wholesaling real estate deals is a great way to make money! And it’s … Read more »

Important Terms to Understand When Doing Small Apartment Deals By Lance Edwards

Are you afraid to take the plunge into owning small apartments because you believe that multifamily properties require knowledge of complex math formulas?  Put your fears to rest!  All that is required is simple math.  If you have a basic … Read more »

Vacancies, Evictions, or Damages By Dixie Decker

Curious about how I don’t have vacancies, evictions, or damages with college kids as students? Buckle up as I am going to share with you the biggest secrets in how I keep my properties filled with no major damages or … Read more »

Is Investing “Sales”…and Can I Sell? by The Wolff Couple

You might not have the most positive reaction when you hear people talk of Real Estate Investing being a “Sales” field. Even the word Sales might make you a little anxious. We’re the Wolff Couple (as you may know), we’ve … Read more »

“What? You Don’t Want To Sell Your House To Me? F.U.!!” Part Two, by Tony Pearl

(If you haven’t read the first part click here!) Welcome back! Let’s quickly review part one of this article, then pick right up where we left off… In the last article, we discussed how we’re only going to be able … Read more »

“What? You Don’t Want To Sell Your House To Me? F.U.!!” Part One, By Tony Pearl

Pay Close Attention Here, Boys & Girls… You’re about to learn something very important that’s often overlooked by a lot of people in business. Let me start by asking you a question. How do you react when someone tells you … Read more »

“How to Find Your Investor-Friendly Realtor” by Jay Conner

If you read this headline and thought, “I’m good! I already have an investor-friendly Realtor,” then you should keep in mind a lesson I learned from Dan Kennedy himself. The most dangerous number in any business is the number one. … Read more »

“The Blackbird Complex” by David LeGrand

Sitting on the Fence Five blackbirds were sitting on the fence and three decided to fly off. How many were left? The obvious answer is TWO, right? WRONG, all FIVE are left because decidin’ ain’t doin’! How many things did … Read more »

“Find Your Investor-Friendly Real Estate Attorney” by Jay Conner

There’s one question I hear from both new students and people I meet at events across the country: How do I find an investor-friendly real estate attorney to take care of my closing? It’s a big topic to address. There’s … Read more »

“Got a Problem? Here’s Your Opportunity!” by Tony Pearl

Hey! You Got A Problem? I was recently reminded of one of my favorite movie scenes from the funny & entertaining movie, “Evan Almighty.” In this movie, Steve Carell plays the part of “Evan,” a modern-day newscaster-turned-politician who is tapped … Read more »

“Whatever Happened to Hustle” by Ron LeGrand

A great deal of my time is devoted to teaching, and I’m always confronted almost everywhere I appear with three different types of people in my audience. The first type is those who are hearing me for the first time … Read more »

“The Station” by Ron LeGrand

We all go through life looking forward to reaching that one magic destination where everything changes once reached. If only I could graduate from high school, I’d be on my own with no one telling me what to do. Once … Read more »

“Master These Two Words and Everything Gets Easier” by Tony Pearl

In this article, we’re going to discuss the two magic words that, when used together, will help make everything easier for you in business. And in life. If you forget – or worse – break the chain of these two … Read more »

“GETERDONE” by Ron LeGrand

It amazes me how some people, most in fact, who have the same amount of hours in a day, get so little done. I’ve always had a hard time understanding why people intentionally waste time and live an unproductive life. … Read more »

“Making the Safe Choice when Selecting your Self-Directed IRA Provider” by Anne Marie Hollonds

The last decade brought about a sweeping change to the world of investing. The genesis of this change occurred around 2007, when Americans faced the hardship of the financial crisis. Despite the struggles of many nationwide, Americans began seeking new … Read more »

“Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Thanksgiving And More” by Meera Dolasia

(As originally run online Nov. 19, 2017) Thanksgiving is one of the biggest and most anticipated of all American holidays. Observed annually on the fourth Thursday of November, the secular celebration, which marks the beginning of the holiday season, can … Read more »

“Stop Begging” by Ron LeGrand

As new folks come into the business, it doesn’t take long for us to teach them the real estate stuff. However, there are other skills that need mastered to become successful and probably the biggest is talking on the phone … Read more »

“The History of Veterans Day”

Veterans Day gives Americans the opportunity to celebrate the bravery and sacrifice of all U.S. veterans. However, most Americans confuse this holiday with Memorial Day, reports the Department of Veterans Affairs. What’s more, some Americans don’t know why we commemorate … Read more »

“My Pet Peeves about The Young Generation and Advice from an Old Guy” by Ron LeGrand

– Don’t call me buddy, bro, dude or any other teenage slang or address me with YO.  I’m 3 times your age, I’m not your buddy and I’ve earned your respect if for no other reason I’ve lived so long. – You … Read more »

“How to Achieve Any Goal in 7 Steps” by Jay Conner

Of all the strategies I’ve developed, goal setting is one of the top three I owe my success to. There are countless books and articles about the importance of goal setting; however, a study from Harvard determined that only 3 … Read more »

“Baby Steps to Success” by Tony Pearl

In this article, we’re going to address something that holds a LOT of people back from having the success they desire & deserve. I’ll tell you what that is in a moment, but first, let me ask you a question… … Read more »

“A Cybersecurity Breach at Equifax Left Pretty Much Everyone’s Financial Data Vulnerable” by Gillian B. White

On Thursday, Equifax, one of three major credit reporting agencies, revealed that highly sensitive personal and financial information for around 143 million U.S. consumers was compromised in a cybersecurity breach that began in late spring. There are only around 125 … Read more »

“Team Shedlin Fighting Cancer with Hope, Faith & Courage” by Jennifer Shedlin

🎗💛🙏We have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of love, care and genuine concern for our family since the diagnosis of our sons cancer. Jacob, Jon, Taylor and I agreed to create a page so anyone who wants to follow Jacob’s … Read more »

“How the Top 1 Percent of Entrepreneurs are Making a Killing on Airbnb” by Bennett O’Brien

The home sharing company, Airbnb, is currently disrupting the hospitality industry. In fact, despite only being founded in 2008, Airbnb now has 150 million users, 640,000 hosts, and a valuation of $31 billion. In just nine short years, this company … Read more »

Ron Interviews Paul Ritter of My Credit Team

Ron recently interviewed Paul Ritter of My Credit Team, covering topics relevant to the real estate investing business as well as the Equifax scandal everyone is up in arms about! Hear what else he has to say regarding tenant screening, … Read more »

“The Art of Prescreening” by Tony Pearl

In this article, we’re going to be discussing one of the essential skills you must possess if you’re going to be successful in this real estate (or any other) business.  When you master this skill, you’ll be MUCH more efficient … Read more »

“How I Built My Six Figure Plus Airbnb Empire…with No Cash, Credit or Properties” by Brian Page

I want you to close your eyes and imagine having a thriving, successful business, earning your first million dollars – only to lose it all. That happened to me. My name is Brian Page and I guess you can say … Read more »

“545 People Are Responsible for the Mess, but They Unite in a Common Con” by Charley Reese

Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them. Have you ever wondered why, if both the Democrats and the Republicans are against deficits, we have deficits? Have you ever wondered why, if … Read more »

“‘Zestimate’ Really an Estimate? Judge Dismisses Zillow Suit” by Gail MarksJarvis

A lawsuit aimed at stopping Zillow from estimating home values on the popular website has been dismissed by U.S. District Court Judge Amy St. Eve. The suit had claimed that Zillow acts like an appraiser because it lists what it … Read more »

“Fannie Mae Joins Freddie in Allowing Appraisal-Free Purchase Mortgages” by Kelsey Ramírez

Fannie Mae is now following suit in the appraisal-free arena by allowing property waiver inspections on some purchase loans. Last week, Freddie Mac extended its appraisal-free mortgage program to its purchase loans, announcing it will go into effect on September … Read more »

“A Comparison of Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deed Investments” by Ted Thomas

It’s always a big question, would you be better off investing in tax lien certificates or tax deeds? That’s the question many of my students ask. I can’t make the decision for you – but I can give you a … Read more »

“Tools of the Trade for Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deed Investments” by Ted Thomas

Tax Lien Certificates are the perfect investment vehicle for everyone that wants a low risk and the safety of investing with the government. Tax Lien Certificate and Tax deeds don’t require years of study, and a person can start with … Read more »

“5 Lessons from Fishing” by Brian & Lynette Wolff

We’re sending you greetings from the North, because as you read  this we are in Alaska with Ron and the Global Publishing family! Ron is so generous, he treats his folks to this amazing annual Alaska adventure. This year we’re … Read more »

“So…What Do YOU Do For a Living?” by Tony Pearl

Those words can strike fear and paralysis in the hearts & minds of the tragically unprepared.  If you’re newly in business for yourself, or have just never really gotten your head properly wrapped around HOW you should respond to this … Read more »

“Information Marketing – Strategy & Benefits” by Shane Hunter

Information marketing is the process of selling information that you own or have a license to use. You can get the maximum out of your information marketing efforts by making a strategy that helps you become a marketing specialist. Strategy: … Read more »

“Getting Started with Your Tax Lien Certificate and Tax Deed Investment Business” by Ted Thomas

Investing in tax lien certificates and tax deeds is a business that almost anyone can start. It doesn’t require any more than motivation, a small amount of money, and knowledge of how the system works. While I can’t help you … Read more »

Do You Really Want to Drink Embalming Fluid? By Barbara “BJ” Cockrell

I have so many family members and friends that drink embalming fluid and don’t have a clue where it is coming from and what it is doing to them. I once did too until I visited my holistic doctor to … Read more »

The Only Good Business Decision

I was sitting in my office yesterday going over the results from the deal structuring sessions at our February Summit. After collecting all of the facts, I was shocked at the amazing results from such a small number of prospects. … Read more »

“The Carrot?Or the Stick? Which Do THEY Prefer?” Part 2 of 2 By Tony Pearl

In Part One of this article, we discussed YOU and why you do the things you do. Specifically, we talked about WHY people do or don’t do things for two primary reasons: To gain pleasure or to avoid pain. This is … Read more »

“The Entrepreneurial Mindset Thrives on SMART Goals” by Pamela Britton

Every smart entrepreneur knows about the importance of goal setting. Sure, most of us set goals, but how many set goals smartly, using the SMART goal setting formula? By now, you’ve learned that without a carefully researched target – either … Read more »

“The Carrot?Or the Stick? Which Do YOU Prefer?” Part 1 of 2 By Tony Pearl

“The Carrot? Or the Stick? Which Do YOU Prefer?” Part 1 of 2, by Tony Pearl In this article, we’re going to discuss something vitally important that may very well help you understand a LOT about yourself and everyone around … Read more »

“What is a Trust” by Lee Phillips

The basic concept of a trust is often mystified by the attorneys and those trying to sell them to a client.  I want to demystify it for you. Let’s go through the basics, just so we are all on the … Read more »

Important Announcements from Ron

Click to Register for: Multiple Income Strategies Rehabbing and Retailing Boot Camp Live Online Training: 5 Little-Known Income Streams Hidden within Your Current Real Estate Business 2017 Great American Real Estate Summer Summit in Las Vegas, NV – June 27th … Read more »

Special Announcement for Summit Registrants

This is an important reminder for all Summit registrants that Monday, January 9th, at 5PM ET will be the deadline for you to turn in your Property Information sheets. It is imperative you send in your completed Property Information sheets … Read more »

“Crucial – Develop Your Home-Based Business by Developing Yourself” by Demetrios Tzortzis

People who have successful home-based businesses are most likely already successful within themselves. If you are just launching a home-based business and haven’t ever taken the time to develop good qualities about your person, then your business will probably reflect … Read more »

“35 Common Sense Ingredients For Successful New Year Resolutions’” by Kim Simpson

There is no magic pill for making and keeping New Year resolutions. A wish written on the back of a cocktail napkin at the stroke of midnight on December 31 does not automatically come true. It takes hard work, sacrifice, … Read more »

“The Real Meaning of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’” by Father Edward T. Dowling

I’m sure you have all heard the Christmas carol, “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” with its haunting melody. The carol dates back to the 16th century and its precise author is unknown. It has generally been assumed to consist of … Read more »

Special Announcement from Ron and the Wolffs

I will be joined on that Simulcast by the Wolff Couple, who you probably already know from our events.  Brian and Lynette are top national experts in several areas of real estate investing, and they have been training investors alongside … Read more »

“Tips Towards an Improved Curb Appeal” by Desare A Kohn-Laski

The saying that first impressions last is not only true to a particular perfume brand commercial. In fact, it applies to almost anything including your own house. When referring to the first impression created by your house as it affects … Read more »

“The Words We Use” by Tony Pearl

STOP what you’re doing and read this. I promise that it’s worth it.     You have more power in you than you know. Right now, you have the ability to change someone’s life, starting with your own. And starting … Read more »

“6 Fun Financial Facts About Thanksgiving ” by John Kiernan

Americans have celebrated Thanksgiving on the last Thursday in November every year since 1863, but how much do we really know about this fall tradition? Sure, you’re likely aware that the holiday’s roots can be traced back to a shared … Read more »

“Turn Quitting Habits into Winning Habits ” by MaryEllen Tribby

“If you quit ONCE it becomes a habit. Never quit!!!” ~ Michael Jordan When you joined Working Moms Only, you may not have realized it, but you entered the special part of the universe I call, “The No Excuse Zone!” … Read more »

“Why Invest in Student Housing?” by Dixie Decker

The simple answer is, we get 2 to 3 times the average single family rental rate coming in secured each and every month by multiple tenants and their parents! We like to think it chose us, but basically when we … Read more »

“It’s OK to be Lazy” by Jennifer Shedlin

Now, when I say “lazy”, I mean you really can work less and make more money. I know it seems like an oxymoron, but it’s true, and I’ll tell you how. In today’s world you can get inexpensive help to … Read more »

“How to Turn Failure Into Success” by Alton Jones

I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for one thing: education. Far too many people jump into this business feet first without any information, looking to make millions of dollars without lifting a finger. They want to … Read more »

“Delegation Nation, Anything You Can Do, They Can Do Better” an excerpt from Ron’s soon to be released book

I’ve mentioned “delegation” as well as “outsourcing” already. They might seem like the same thing, but there’s actually a big difference between the two. Delegation means you’re assigning tasks to people who work for you or with you, such as … Read more »

“Quitters Never Win! Math Will Never Fail You!” by Ron LeGrand

Our business of buying houses has never been easier and more automated than it is today. The bank REOs are delivered to us daily in our in-boxes with all the info needed to make an offer, including photos. The FSBOs … Read more »

“Using the Rule of Five” by Jay Conner

When Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen were working to get “Chicken Soup for the Soul” published, they had a very particular goal in mind: getting on The New York Times’ best-seller list. They didn’t know how to do it, … Read more »

“3 Things to Market for in Multifamily Investing” by Lance Edwards

The most important part of multifamily investing is finding the deals. The person who controls the deals holds the “keys to the kingdom”. Every business has two core elements: marketing and innovation. With apartments, you are always marketing for three … Read more »

“Home Energy Upgrades” by Chris Johnson

Here’s a riddle, but it’s not a fun one. What’s the quickest way to turn a profitable multi-unit building into a money-loser? Answer: Huge utility bills! Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be that way once you know about one of … Read more »

“Love and Logic Equals GREAT Marketing” By MaryEllen Tribby

Every good marketer I know loves marketing. They read as much as they can about it. They understand the elements that make up a good marketing campaign and are thinking of ways to make each campaign better. However, every great … Read more »

“How to Screen Tenant/Buyers for Lease/Options” by Paul Ritter

Unbelievably, many tenant buyers do not know what is required to complete a successful mortgage transaction. They do not know they need to be able to prove they can afford the house and show they are credit worthy. Therefore, if … Read more »

Ron’s Opinion on How to Handle Your IRA’s Third Party Administrator and Eliminate the Grief

IRA Third Party Administrators (TPA) have forms and things they must do to comply with IRS regulations however some TPA’s take this process to the extreme and consequently make life miserable for their clients. Lately one such company literally made … Read more »

“I Can’t Find Deals. The Market Is Too Hot!” by Ron LeGrand

Every time I enter a room to teach a seminar I hear this before I leave. But here’s the good news for you…. BEFORE I LEAVE THE ROOM, WE’VE TAKEN A HANDFUL OF PROPERTY INFO SHEETS BROUGHT IN BY STUDENTS … Read more »

“Just How Does All This !@#$ Fit Together?” by Nicholas Kouvatsos

Automation is a beautiful thing. Especially when it comes to your business. It frees you up to focus on what’s important…Making Decisions. Ron LeGrand, through a lot of trial and error, through a lot of spending money trying to figure … Read more »

“How to Improve Curb Appeal? 7 Low-Cost Outdoor Projects with Instant Results” by Brie Dyas

Every little thing counts when you’re hoping to get the best price for your home — especially in a crowded real estate market. “Buyers are looking at 12 to 17 homes before they write an offer,” says Jeff Lowen, who … Read more »

“4 Essential Reports You Need to Track Your Property Manager’s Performance” by Lance Edwards

Once you have a property manager in place to manage your multifamily property, you need to be able to track his or her performance. There are four reports that are essential to tracking a property manager’s performance. The information from … Read more »

“Hungry? Have Yourself a Nice Communication Sandwich” by Tony Pearl

You’re going to learn something very useful by reading this article. This “something” is so valuable that you might want to use it for the rest of your life. But before you learn what it is, let me start by … Read more »

“The 3 Top Reasons Entrepreneurs Struggle Financially” by Baeth Davis

In order to succeed in business – you need to make a profit. This seems obvious. However, many entrepreneurs, at one point or another, fail to generate the revenue necessary to make their business flourish. Why is this? I’ve come … Read more »

“Making Money By Creating VALUE” by Alton Jones

In my last article, Marketing for Big Juicy Deals, I spoke about how and where to get deals as well as to whom to mail to and when to mail to them.  I ended the article with a question “So … Read more »

“Time Management Definition – The 6 Essential Elements,” by Harri Jussila

Time management is an invaluable skill necessary to live a quality life. In our current society, people are constantly struggling to attend to their duties and responsibilities and find time for leisure, family and self. In order to handle the … Read more »

“Real Estate Investors Cash in on Baby Boomer Apartment Demand” by Lance Edwards

With the decline of single-family home ownership in virtually every corner of the country, the American Dream that once featured the house and white picket fence has dissolved into a national hunger for rentals as millennials compete with baby boomers … Read more »

Starting A Business by Lee R. Phillips, JD

Any business venture should have a business structure, whether it is a corporation or an LLC.  A structure helps in the organization of the business venture, asset protection of the business owners, and tax planning.  Regardless of the structure chosen, … Read more »

“Hungry? Have Yourself a Nice Communication Sandwich,” by Tony Pearl

You’re going to learn something very useful by reading this article. This “something” is so valuable that you might want to use it for the rest of your life. But before you learn what it is, let me start by … Read more »

Branded Searches – Don’t Drop the Ball

Is your real estate investment company ranking number one for your brand name? I hope so. While a non-branded search helps drive new traffic that is at an earlier stage of the buying process, branded searches mean they are already … Read more »

“The Mystery of the Seller” by Debbie Waters

Apparently, I take my “job” far too seriously. I woke up last night around 4 AM and the first thought flooding my mind was, why are Ron’s students so nervous about calling sellers? I found myself pondering the idea of … Read more »

5 Design Trends That Boost Your Website

Forbes recently highlighted several emerging design trends for websites that are aiding the user experience and may help you hook more visitors. If you’re looking to give your site an update, consider adding some of these trends: Striking imagery: Capture … Read more »

‘Shaker,’ ‘farmhouse,’ ‘Craftsman’: Which keywords sell homes fastest?

‘Subway tile’ seems to move properties faster than ‘new carpet’ When it comes to listing your home, choose your words carefully. Seattle-based Zillow analyzed more than 60 keywords used in 2 million real estate listings between January 2014 and March … Read more »

Staging Tips That Help Homes Sell More for Top Dollar

The idea is all about the exterior look, presentation, as well as preparation, with the goal of selling a house faster and getting a higher market value. Try to make your home memorable so that it can stand out in … Read more »

Cowbell & Raffle Barrel = Big Responsibility -Christy King

Cowbell & Raffle Barrel = Big Responsibility I have to say I was honored when I was asked to help with Ron’s 2016 Summit and just couldn’t wait to see what my responsibilities would be. Since I work from the … Read more »

How To Get Anything You Want From Life- by Tony Pearl

I almost didn’t write this article.  What you’re about to discover is so profoundly – yet simply – powerful, that if you truly understand and apply these simple secrets, I can practically guarantee such phenomenal personal and financial growth over … Read more »

Make The Right Impression- By Nick Nanton

It is often hard to quantify precisely what a strong brand consists of. It’s hard because a powerful brand creates equally powerful feelings in the minds of its market. We pay plenty of attention to important branding tactics utilizing social … Read more »

You Have to Build A Relationship Before You Go All The Way… In Sales! By Nick Nanton

Did you ever see the Seinfeld episode where Jerry strikes up a friendship with former baseball great Keith Hernandez? Hernandez calls Jerry up to ask him to help him move out of his apartment, and Jerry completely freaks out, because, … Read more »

Personal Branding: Confidence is Key to Making a Great First Impression By Nick Nanton

Creating a strong first impression is important when it comes to creating a strong personal brand. The first impression you give sticks in the mind of the people you meet—for better or for worse. And one of the most important … Read more »


CREATE YOUR OWN CHARISMA—AND SUPERCHARGE YOUR PERSONAL BRAND -BY NICK NANTON The boy never thought he’d be able to communicate with others. He developed a stutter that was so severe he chose not to speak at all. As a matter … Read more »

Top 5 reasons you should improve your credit score- provided by Paul Ritter’s Credit Team

Top 5 reasons you should improve your credit score Your credit score acts as a report card for your financial responsibility. It is an indicator of your ability to pay off loans and other acquired debt. Whether or not you … Read more »

“How Vision Can Help You Achieve Your Goals” by Jay Conner

I hope you’re welcoming this year with open arms, because it’s a fresh start! No matter where you are in your life right now, you have the chance to guide your course and direction this year and accomplish some amazing … Read more »


The following excerpt is from Ron’s brand new book soon to be released.  In this chapter Ron asks you to take an honest look at your time management system in order to ensure your real goals are getting accomplished. TIME … Read more »

“The Decision” by Ron LeGrand

It was March 12, 1982 (just over 35 years ago) when I had a decision to make, and it didn’t seem like a very big one. You see, there was a seminar coming to town called “How to Buy Real … Read more »

“Changing Habits” by Ron LeGrand

The following excerpt is from Ron’s brand new book soon to be released. With the start of a new year, it’s common for us to make resolutions to improve upon ourselves and our business in the coming year, and we … Read more »

“What’s Your Focus On?” by Francis Ablola

I focus on what matters most… Not just in business, but in life. If the subject of this book is “The Less I do, The More I Make,” then I’ll add, “the less I do, the more I have the … Read more »

“Would You Like To Soar With The Eagles? It’s Not too Late” by Ron LeGrand

In all my years of experience if I had to pick one thing that made me successful and helps me create business models and implement them more than anything else I’ve ever been a part of or worked on, that … Read more »

“4 Ways To Find Investment Properties In Today’s Market” by Bill Brinkley

Is the real estate market healthy? Some say yes, some say no. We are in a Post-Recession Hangover – and the reality is that only the most tapped-in investors are still making money. The recession created all kinds of problems … Read more »

“Let’s Get One Thing Straight” by John Gould

Let’s get one thing straight. I can’t nail a board in place or fix a leaky faucet. I wouldn’t know where to look. I bought a pick-up truck once, and as soon as I realized I would be the delivery … Read more »

“America’s #1 Unknown Silent Killer” by MaryEllen Tribby

  We say it so often that most people don’t even notice anymore. Those four little words are not even being heard any longer. As a matter of fact you are probably embarrassed to keep saying them. You are probably … Read more »

What Keeps You Awake At Night?

As I write this I’m in a cramped plane with no first class, flying from Jacksonville to Atlanta. The flight attendants are grumpy, the sandwich I had to buy for a month’s mortgage payment was nasty, the 300lb guy beside … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-11-06

In this week’s edition of Ask Ron, Ron answers our Gold Club members’ questions regarding pre-screening leads, Dodd-Frank exemptions, option deposits and more! Still have a question for Ron? Submit it to our Ask Ron forum!

“Referral is an Introduction, Conversation is a Meeting” by Amber Ritter

I know you probably read the above headline and thought, what does it even mean? Aren’t referrals essentially just an introduction and aren’t meetings just conversations? I’m going to let you in on a little secret! Yes, all these words … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-10-30

In this week’s edition of Ask Ron, Ron answers our Gold Club members’ questions regarding seller financing with a wrap around mortgage, sandwich lease options, websites for comps, yellow letters and more! Still have a question for Ron? Submit it … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-10-23

In this week’s edition of Ask Ron, Ron answers our Gold Club members’ questions regarding repair estimates, making offers on REOs, accepting down payments and work for equity deals! Still have a question for Ron? Submit it to our Ask … Read more »

“Asset Protection and Estate & Income Tax Planning” by Larry Pino, Esq.

Asset Protection and Estate & Income Tax Planning are pieces of an overall protection that only savvy investors, business people and prepared entrepreneurs set up in advance. It is virtually impossible to do any of the three competently without addressing … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-10-16

In this week’s edition of Ask Ron, filmed on location at Quick Start in Seattle, Ron, Lynette and Brian answer our Gold Club members’ questions regarding attorneys, sandwich lease options, payments within a land trust and much more! Still have … Read more »

“Raising Capital – an interview with Larry Pino”

“Holding Company Ownership in the Name of a Trust” by Lee Phillips

If you want to avoid having your company go through probate, you have to put the ownership certificates in the name of your living revocable trust. An extremely high percentage of companies fail when the owner dies. One of the … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-10-09

In this week’s episode of Ask Ron, Ron answers our Gold Club members’ questions regarding: lease options, Roth IRAs, negotiating with sellers, terms and much more! Still have a question for Ron? Submit it to our Ask Ron forum!

Ask Ron 2015-10-02

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding IRAs, Land Trusts, Pretty House deals, agreements, PatLive and much more!   Still have a question for Ron? Submit it to our Ask Ron forum!

Ask Ron 2015-09-25

This week, Ron’s answering our Gold Club members’ questions regarding closing attorneys, Craigslist, Lease Option Agreements, taxes, structuring deals and more!   Still have a question for Ron? Submit it to our Ask Ron forum!

“A Business Lesson from a Ten Year Old” by MaryEllen Tribby

A couple of months ago, before the school year ended my 10-year old daughter Delanie came to me and said “Mom, I really want my tennis game to improve this summer. By the time the tennis academy starts up again … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-09-18

In this week’s edition of Ask Ron, Ron and the Wolff couple are answering your questions regarding: Limited Power of Attorney, disclosure, sinkholes, seller financing, MLS listings and much more!   Still have a question for Ron? Submit it to … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-09-11

In this week’s edition of Ask Ron, Nicky and Ron are coming to you on location at Information Marketing Boot Camp in Jacksonville. Ron’s answering our Gold Club members’ questions on deeds, private money, taking risks, comps, wholesaling and much … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-09-04

In this week’s edition of Ask Ron, Jennifer Shedlin, COO of Global Publishing joins Ron to answer our Gold Club members’ questions regarding websites for buyers, wholesaling houses, Eagle VA services, structuring deals and much more!   Still have a … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-08-28

This week, Ron answers our Gold Club members’ questions on buying mobile homes, junkers, closing costs and finding tenant buyers! Still have a question for Ron? Submit it to our Ask Ron forum!

Ask Ron 2015-08-21

This week, Ron and Nicky are teaming up with Jay Conner and Lynette and Brian Wolff to answer your questions on yellow letters, lease purchases, refinancing to pull out equity and much more! Still have a question for Ron? Submit … Read more »

“Who’s In Your Inner Circle?” by Ron LeGrand

Back in 1982 when I first joined my local Real Estate Association, I was fresh out of my first seminar and had no idea what I was getting myself into. I’d been married to Beverly for 17 years, and she … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-08-14

This week, Ron answers your questions on sandwich lease options, structuring deals, closing and attorney’s fees, attracting buyers and much more! Still have a question for Ron? Submit it to our Ask Ron forum!

“An Open Letter to My Service Dog” by Linda

Dear JJ, Did you know you were made just for me, by a God whose work is mighty and ever so powerful? He did not miss one detail when He chose YOU to heal my hurts! Did you know your … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-08-07

This week, Ron and Lynette answer your questions about Subject-to deals, which forms to use and when, owner financing and more! They’re answering questions from Gold Club members: David Jackson, Chee Nou Yang, Divakar Khanna, Olumide Kumapayi, Jenifer Galloway and … Read more »

“Four Letter Words That Can Make You Rich” by Tony Pearl

Ok, I admit it. I use four-letter words. A lot. Some of these four-letter words are the kind you may not like to hear if you’re a fine, upstanding person of high moral fiber. Oh well. The OTHER four-letter words … Read more »

“Turn Your Passion Into A 6-Figure Online Business… And Do It PART-TIME” by Jeff Vacek & Ken Preuss

What if we told you it’s possible to build a 100% automated online business based on a topic you’re passionate about? And what if we also told you it’s possible for this business to generate up to 6-Figures per year … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-07-31

Ron and his crew of experts are answering questions this week on sales tax, land trusts and “off market” homes. Todd Crane from Tennessee wrote in asking Ron about advice on land trusts, but little did he know that Ron … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-07-24

We’re discussing agreements, bank loans and more in this week’s information-packed Ask Ron. When student David Milano from California wrote in about the short form lease agreement, he wanted to know how to decide how much of the monthly rent … Read more »

“How Mortgage Delinquencies Affect Credit Scores” by Tom Bukacek

If you are involved in real estate, then chances are you’ve had to deal with a motivated seller who is behind on payments and trying to figure out their best options. And, with motivated sellers come many different goals that … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-07-17

Ron’s back to answer questions on Dodd-Frank laws, subject-to deals and more in this week’s Q&A video, Ask Ron. Both Peter Potylicki and Thomas Carlin wrote in with a similar question this week: how does the non-refundable option deposit work? … Read more »

“10 Creative Ways To Get Your Deals Done” by Lance Edwards

Trying to get your multifamily deals done but scratching your head as to how to do it? Believe me, you are not alone. I know what it’s like to struggle over how to get these deals done firsthand watching everyone from novice real … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-07-10

This week Ron is answering questions on lead sheets, land contracts and much, much more! You don’t want to miss this information-packed Q&A session with the Guru. Judy Rounseville from Wisconsin wrote to Ron saying she was confused about the difference … Read more »

“Why A Clean Title Is A Must In Real Estate Investing” by Simon Macharia

I made a novice mistake recently and lost over a thousand dollars even though it sounds so basic. Here’s how: Normally I only pursue a short sale if I see there is potential to create a lot of equity to … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-07-03

Ron’s back from Alaska and answering a ton of questions from the Gold Club, including options, land contracts and much, much more. Options are on everyone’s mind this week as Ron answers a few questions about them: What is the … Read more »

“Stinkin’ Rich By 30–10 Steps On The Path To Cash” by Loral Langemeier

Loral began her career working for the Chevron Corporation right out of college. It was clear to her early on that there was more to life than cubicles and trading her time for dollars. Despite her own fears and persuasion … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-06-26

Ron and Lance Edwards, the multifamily expert, are reporting in from Alaska to answer a few questions about paying cash for a house,  commercial property and more. Francisco Zuniga, a Gold Club member from Texas, wrote in asking about inspecting … Read more »

“Don’t Get Taken By Private Money Scam Artists” by Lance Edwards

Everything we do in my business, everything we teach, revolves around the fact that you can get into small apartments and multi-family real estate investments through private money (or Other People’s Money) without using any cash or credit of your … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-06-19

Ron and the crew are answering questions on Texas rentals, loan transfers and more in this week’s Q&A video, Ask Ron! Laura Perkinson from North Carolina wrote in about a seller that wants to transfer his loan into someone else’s name. … Read more »

“Do Things Really Change?” by Lonnie Scruggs

In 1986, I started buying used mobile homes for $2,000-$3,000 and selling them for $5,000-$6,000 with payments of $200-$300 per month. Some 19 years later, I’m still buying and selling mobile homes at the same prices, same payments. Yet, I … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-06-12

Ron is answering questions on multifamily properties, Realtors and much, much more in this week’s Ask Ron. Patricia McClain from Georgia wrote in asking about signing contracts. Do you sign them as your LLC name or your personal name? Find … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-06-05

We’re answering questions on foreclosure properties, investing without money and more in this week’s Q&A video, Ask Ron. Michael Buchanan from Missouri wrote in with an all too common question: what should I focus on when starting with no capital? It’s … Read more »

“Will You Be Ready When Your Ship Comes In?” by Carol Joy Conner

Believe me, it took a lot of preparation and navigation of lots of systems for nine people to be in the right place at the right time. Two travel agents (Hint: think VA as in Virtual Assistant) and three airlines … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-05-29

The crew is answering your questions while vacationing in Hawaii this week, and they’re discussing writing contracts, lis pendens and much, much more in this week’s Ask Ron! KJ Roberts from California ran into a troubling situation where a seller … Read more »

“Benefits Of A Landlord Insurance Policy” by Jennifer Biggins

Many people today, for various reasons, have decided to lease their property. Renting out property carries risks that must be considered. Therefore, many people that lease out property carry landlord insurance as protection. There will be circumstances that would normally … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-05-22

Ron’s back this week to answer questions on deals with and without equity, double wraps and more in our weekly Q&A, Ask Ron. After Melanie Mihal in California mailed to a 60-90 day late list, she got a great response rate … Read more »

“Why Cash Offers Are More Attractive To The Seller” by Treena Drinnan

In a financial environment where many loan providers are tightening their purse strings, there has been a rise in the number of cash buyers looking to invest in real estate. Whether the sale is made directly using cash or through … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-05-15

Ron and crew are answering this week’s questions from Quick Start Real Estate School in Raleigh, NC. A couple of dedicated students wrote in with multiple questions, and Ron’s team of experts knocked them all out. MaryAnn Nunez needs to … Read more »

“How To Read Your Prospect Like A Book” by John Boe

Top salespeople and the most successful managers recognize the importance of nonverbal communication in the selling process and have learned to “listen with their eyes.” They understand that one of the easiest and most effective ways to close sales is … Read more »

“Areas Of Responsibility For Rental Property Managers” by Elaine Salt

After you have invested in a rental property, you have to make sure that you carefully manage it to attain success even in the middle of an economic crisis. If unfortunately you do not have the time to properly manage … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-05-08

We’re answering questions on Tennessee real estate, option deposits and more in this week’s Ask Ron. Jeffre Lenza wrote in asking a common question—if the house you’re buying is in one state but you live in another, where should you get … Read more »

“Three Unique Challenges Of Inspecting An Old Home” by Parthenia Newhall

Home inspections for older houses pose challenges that property inspectors don’t confront with newer properties. Although new homes have their share of issues, older properties are definitely more prone to be filled with concerns as a result of age, use … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-05-01

Ron’s back to answer questions on wraparound mortgages, title companies and more in this information-packed edition of Ask Ron! Cecilia Lance from California wrote in asking what the difference between a lease-option, option and ACTS deal is, so if you’ve … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-04-24

This week’s Ask Ron is answering questions on mortgages, agreements and much, much more! Mary Ann Nunez wrote in from California to ask about land trusts. Do you need to form a corporation or LLC first to use them? Find … Read more »

“The Holy Grail of Health” by Barbara “BJ” LeGrand Cockrell

Finally, the long awaited, moment of truth you’ve all been waiting for. Have you been wondering, “when is she going to tell us how to get and stay healthy instead of just how we are currently destroying our bodies”? Remember … Read more »

“Want To Purchase A Short Sale?” by Rodney McNabb

Are you looking to buy a new home? Are you thinking that now’s a great time to find bargains? Before you make an offer, it pays to know a little about the seller’s situation. If a home is being sold … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-04-17

In this week’s Ask Ron we’re covering questions about working in small towns, warranty deeds and rent credits. Chad Jenkinson, an investor working in Minnesota, wrote in with a question we see a lot: will this system work in a … Read more »

“Introducing ‘Shedquarters’: The Hot New Trend Home-Based Business”

Space-efficient work spaces are becoming all the rage these days. They’re great for maintaining privacy and uninterrupted workflow, and they can also be cozy and stylish as well. Here are some examples of a growing trend of miniature studios (for … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-04-10

Ron’s back to tackle questions on back taxes, loans and direct mail campaigns in this week’s Ask Ron. Charles McCutchen from Texas wrote in asking how back taxes would affect a wholesaling deal he’s currently working. Ron’s answer: they don’t! … Read more »

“Big Changes Coming To Google Rankings” by Elliot Land

Google has recently announced some major changes to the way websites are listed in their search results. Starting April 21st, mobile-friendly websites will be ranked higher in their search results than non-mobile websites. Let’s examine the impact this change will … Read more »

“Real Estate Auction: A Superior Pricing Strategy” by Dane Atherton

The property auction system of selling real estate when implemented effectively is without a doubt the most successful method of sale available. The auction system is designed to remove the price as an objection and encourage purchasers to act based … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-04-03

Ask Ron this week is covering outstanding mortgages, Dodd-Frank compliance and a ton of other great questions sent in from our Gold Club Members. Katrina Manley, a member from Florida, wrote in asking about what to do with the lease-option … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-03-27

Ron and special guest Cyndy Dumire are answering questions on marketing, licenses and more from San Antonio, Texas! Vanessa Blais, one of our newest Gold Club members, wrote in to ask if there was any way to be appointed as … Read more »

“Getting Things Done” by Lance Edwards

In my No.1 best-selling book, “How to Make Big Money in Small Apartments”, you can learn how to create a real estate business, but you also need to be concerned with creating your net worth. There is a process that I, … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-03-20

In this week’s Q&A video, Ron’s discussing third-party administrators for Roth IRAs, Dodd-Frank exemptions and more. Cecilia Lance from California was on the ball this week with two great questions. Her first was about who should be our third-party administrators … Read more »

Admiral McRaven’s Commencement Speech to the University of Texas

President Powers, Provost Fenves, Deans, members of the faculty, family and friends and most importantly, the class of 2014.  Congratulations on your achievement. It’s been almost 37 years to the day that I graduated from UT. I remember a lot … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-03-13

Ron’s discussing foreclosures, mortgage acceleration and more in his weekly Q&A video, Ask Ron. Albert Anzalone, a Gold Club member from New York, put a buyer in a land trust about a year ago, but now he wants the property … Read more »

“Think Before You Talk” by Bernard Zick

It amazing how often we are in a negotiation and forget to use basic negotiating principles. We negotiate every day, all day long, and quite often we do so by giving up. In a real estate situation you would think … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-03-06

This week’s Ask Ron is all about options, transfer taxes and what the seller can and can’t do to kill your deal. Tony Garza, a Gold Club member from Georgia, wrote in asking about subject-to and lease-purchase deals. For subject-to … Read more »

Steve Jobs’ Commencement Address To Stanford University

This is a prepared text of the Commencement address delivered by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, on June 12, 2005. I am honored to be with you today at your commencement from one of … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-02-27

We’re covering marketing to specific lists, negotiating payments and more in this week’s Ask Ron. Ron’s mentors are covering Ask Ron this week while Ron is traveling. Debbie Magar, a Gold Club member, wrote in saying she has a tenant-buyer that … Read more »

“Four Free Ways to Market Your Multifamily Real Estate Deals” by Lance Edwards

A common misconception for those getting in the small apartment space is that you have to have a fortune to not only get your first deal under contract but to market the deal to attract a buyer. Both are simply … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-02-20

We’re covering land trusts, purchase contracts and more in this week’s Q&A video, Ask Ron. With the new Terms course, we’ve had a flood of questions concerning seller financing and subject-to deals. Rochelle Johnson’s question this week asked if the purchase … Read more »

“How A Zillow-Trulia Merger Could Finally Change The Business Of Real Estate” by Brad Stone

Despite the multitude of online real estate websites, buying a home today remains stubbornly anachronistic, with dual real estate agents, proliferating fees, and reams of old-fashioned paper documents. Now two of the leading real estate websites are merging—Zillow, the Seattle-based site … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-02-13

We’re covering taxes and insurance, monthly payments and more in this week’s Q&A video, Ask Ron! Derek Clayborne, a Gold Club member from Maryland, wrote in with a few questions asking about a potential deal. Does the seller’s taxes and … Read more »

“It Pays to Live Near a Starbucks” by Nicole Goodkind

It’s difficult to predict the next big neighborhood when looking to buy a home. Finding the right area where houses are still affordable but prices are quickly appreciating is an art that takes an exorbitant amount of time—something most home buyers … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-02-06

Ron’s discussing raising the rent price for tenants, total gut rehabs and more in this week’s edition of Ask Ron. Mary Ann Nunez wrote in with a question about her recently completed first deal. She wants to raise the purchase … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-01-30

We’re making sure you’re covered for taxes and insurance, using the right scripts and more in this week’s information-packed Ask Ron. Ted Peterson, a savvy new investor from Connecticut, wrote in asking about using comps to evaluate a house. What … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-01-23

We’ve adding addendums to agreements, helping new investors with their first deal and more in this week’s edition of Ask Ron. Ted Peterson, a new investor working on his first deal, wrote to Ron asking how to answer his seller’s … Read more »

“The Eight Key Elements Of A Successful Business Plan: And How To Make Them Work For You” by MaryEllen Tribby

“I don’t have one” was Dave’s response when I asked to see his business plan for his new company. You may think this is normal for a first-time entrepreneurial adventure. But, what if I told you that Dave has started … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-01-16

In this week’s Q&A video with the Guru, Ron LeGrand, we’re discussing topics such as new investor mistakes, paying off the principal debt and more. Eddie Talley, a student in Michigan, wrote in asking how they could find the person … Read more »

“Vacant Land and Baby Boomers” by Russell Ward

(via BiggerPockets.com) Are you aware in the midst of a slumping housing market that land in many places is appreciating in value? So why aren’t more investors pursuing land as a part of their investment strategy? The answer is that … Read more »

“Four Future Financial Investor Trends” by Lee Arnold

Number One: The Wealthy Baby Boomers The aging of the baby boomers is affecting housing because they are downsizing. They are affecting job creation because they are working longer. And, there is a generational wealth transfer happening where they are … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-01-09

Ron’s back for his weekly Q&A video, Ask Ron, and he’s answering some great questions from Gold Club members. This week, Ron’s discussing example Terms deals, checkbook LLCs and more in an information-packed edition of Ask Ron. Ron’s also answering … Read more »

Ask Ron 2015-01-02

Ron’s on vacation this week, so his mentors, the Dumires, are filling in! This week’s Ask Ron is filled with great questions about that big non-refundable option deposit we keep upfront, finding the homeowners of vacant houses and much, much … Read more »

“Ponzi-ing Your Way Out Of Trouble” by Tom Zeeb

I’m disturbed by a certain type of person each and every time I see them. They make me sick. And their behavior perturbs me. Who is it? People who try and “Ponzi” their way out of trouble. Let me explain… … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-12-26

Ron lost his voice calling sellers for your lesson video, but that didn’t stop him from answering your questions! This week, Ron’s covering wraparound mortgages, targeting high-end homeowners and more. A Gold Club member wrote in asking Ron if he … Read more »

“How To Profit From Mobile Park Homes” by Omar Johnson

via BiggerPockets.com They may not be the most popular housing, but manufactured homes are certainly a form of affordable housing to be appreciated. Mobile homes these days are a far cry from the ones being produced several years back. They … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-12-19

Judging by the amount of questions about Terms we received this week, those Terms training videos must be a hit! In particular, Ron’s discussing wraparound mortgages and his new Terms scripts in this edition of Ask Ron. We also have … Read more »

“Staging Tips for Selling During the Holidays” by Kara Wahlgren

via FrontDoor.com Before you deck the halls, see which holiday decor can help you sell. It’s the time of year that calendars are packed with holiday parties, budgets are strained by gift-giving and the roads are covered in freshly fallen … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-12-12

The Dumires, two of Ron’s mentors, are answering your questions from Quick Start Real Estate School. In our video Q&A , they’re answering questions about seller financing, LLCs and much, much more! As everyone gets excited about Ron’s new Terms … Read more »

“New Deals for the New Year: An Excerpt” by Ron LeGrand

Let’s look at an example: A seller calls you about a house on the river worth $750,000. It belonged to her mom who recently passed away and left it to her brother. It’s now vacant and has been on the … Read more »

“10 Customer-Getting, Sales-Boosting Tactics You Never Knew Existed” by Dan Kennedy

There’s a certain mindset in direct response marketing folks. We are very results oriented. We find it very difficult to just go out for a drive or go to the mall just to hang out and browse—we want a definite … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-12-05

Ron’s back this week to answer some great questions from the Gold Club. He’s discussing yellow letters, binders and more in this week’s Q&A video. When one student wrote in asking if the return address would affect the results of … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-11-28

It’s time for our weekly Q&A with the Guru, Ron LeGrand. This week he’s tackling several good questions from Gold Club members. Have you ever wondered what to do when you can’t find comps to support a seller’s asking price? … Read more »

“Multifamily Potential: 3 Guidelines for Quickly Evaluating a Deal” by Lance Edwards

You want to invest in multifamily properties, but with all the apartment buildings in your city, you could spend all your time looking at them, analyzing them and comparing them without ever getting anywhere. You need a simple, effective way … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-11-21

Ron’s filming this week’s Ask Ron from Quick Start Real Estate School in Seattle. He gathered his brain trust to tackle your questions, and together they’re discussing comps, scripts and much, much more. Ever wondered what you do when comps … Read more »

“The Safety of Private Lending” by Lee Arnold

Unlike stocks, bonds and mutual funds, private money investments offer the security of the properties being funded. Private money mortgages are based on a percentage of the market value of the property. That means the lender always has equity in … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-11-14

Join Ron as he discusses approaching overleveraged homes and what you can do if using a Land Trust isn’t an option in your state! We’re also covering some questions a lot of people have but are too afraid to ask. … Read more »

“Getting Started in the Overages Business” by Bob Diamond

You need to learn the following to get the business going: 1. What States to work in 2. Where to get the lists of people owed money due to overages 3. How to find the people who are owed money … Read more »

“My Heart on the Line” by Frank Schaeffer

Before my son became a Marine, I never thought much about who was defending me. Now when I read of the war on terrorism or the coming conflict in Iraq, it cuts to my heart. When I see a picture … Read more »

“Apartment Buildings for Sale: The No-Brainer Business Plan” by Lance Edwards

You’ve probably heard that if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. That’s good advice, especially when it comes to buying apartment buildings for sale. Planning is the key to success in any business and it’s no different … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-11-07

This week, we’re taking a look at Yellow Letters, IRAs and more! When a student wrote in to say his yellow letters were being sent out with trusts instead of names on them, Ron fixed him right up. Ron also … Read more »

“Pitching Your Multifamily Property Deal to Investors” by Lance Edwards

When you are trying to pitch potential investors a deal, you have 20 seconds to catch their imagination. In that 20 seconds, you need to address the investors’ “What’s in it for me” mentality. You need to talk to their … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-10-31

Ron’s back this week to answer your questions on agreements, haunted houses and more! Specifically, Ron’s covering the Agreement for Deed and whether or not it works on seller financing deals. Want to know if it does? Watch the video … Read more »

Veterans Day Giveaway

Ron Needs Your Help! On November 12th, Ron and Global Publishing are celebrating Veterans Day with an once-in-a-lifetime offer, and we need your help get the word out. For one day only, all military personnel can apply for FREE tuition … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-10-24

This week Ron answers two sets of questions. We had a few questions for Ron about his Terms lesson video next week, so he answered those in addition to questions on fees, assigning contracts and more from Gold Club members. … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-10-17

Another week, another round of questions with the Guru, Ron LeGrand! This week, Ron’s answering your questions about agreements, owner financing and much, much more! Tune-in for another information-packed edition of Ask Ron! Still have a question? Submit it to … Read more »

“7 Reasons Real Estate Investors Should Get Their Real Estate License” by Gary Wilson

Getting my real estate license was probably the greatest single improvement I made in my real estate investing business. It not only made investing easier for me, it opened up doors for creating massive wealth and income that produced profits … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-10-10

Ron’s back this week with more questions to all the burning questions from his Gold Club members! This week, Ron’s talking about resale restrictions, Dodd-Frank laws and more! Dodd-Frank seems to confuse more people than anything else, so if you have … Read more »

“Dude…You Need Help!” by Tony Pearl

So there you are-a proud real estate investor (or business owner)! You’re doing some marketing, talking to sellers, driving out to meet them, making offers, following up, raising private money, selling your houses and a million other things. Meanwhile, you’re … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-10-03

Our weekly Q&A with the Guru is back with another round of questions fresh from the Gold Club forums. This week Ron’s answering questions on LLCs, direct mail campaigns and much, much more! Ever wondered to which list you should mail … Read more »

“Make More Money, Not More Work” by Gary Wilson

I believe that investing in real estate is the best path to realizing the American Dream, and I was fortunate enough to have a great teacher when I first got started at the ripe, old age of 23. I eventually … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-09-26

This week’s Ask Ron is packed with interesting questions! A student in Canada wrote in with some questions to Ron, and it’s interesting to see the differences in our business once you cross the border. This week’s video also includes questions … Read more »

“Using Solo Ads Effectively” by Nick Kouvatsos

We had a student write in to ask for help with our Gold Club affiliate program. The student was using solo ads to promote his affiliate link, and he received over 500 clicks through his affiliate link, but no one … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-09-19

It’s time for our weekly Q&A video, Ask Ron! This week, Ron’s answering your questions on war zones, contracts and more. There is a lot of information in this week’s video, so you should definitely tune-in even if you didn’t … Read more »

“What’s Stopping You from Getting Started?” by Jeanne Chizek and Michele Hoffecker

Would you like to be a Real Estate investor? Have you gotten started? Have you made any offers? If not, why not? Or have you been procrastinating? Have you been to a Real Estate Seminar or two or three…? Have … Read more »

“Unplugging… To Recharge” by Tony Pearl

As I write these words, the summer is almost over. School has already begun in many places throughout our country and will soon start in the rest. Vacations have (hopefully) been taken, and before you know it, it’s back to … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-09-12

If you submitted a question to the Ask Ron forums on the Gold Club website, you’ll find your answer from Ron here. This week, our questions covered loans, entities and a few other subjects. Even if you didn’t ask a … Read more »

“Honey, Will You Get That?” by Tim Walker

While on the surface it may seem like a good idea, if not approached properly, working at home with your spouse could be a decision that you’ll eventually regret. Sure, it can mean significant savings to the family budget, cutting … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-09-05

Ron recorded this week’s Ask Ron in the office before coming down to the Summit, and he’s covering scripts, trusts and a bunch of other topics. Make sure to tune in and get your fill of the weekly Q&A with … Read more »

A Quick Tour of the Great American Real Estate Summit 2014!

Thanks to a cool, little gadget called a GoPro camera, we’ve put together a fun video to give you a point-of-view experience of the Summit! Join us for a quick walk-through of our trade show and the main room. Now, … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-08-29

This week’s Ask Ron was full of questions about payments! From monthly payments to down payments and more, your questions about who pays what for how much have been answered! Ron had one question from a concerned investor that wants … Read more »

“What’s an Asset, What’s a Liability and What Does it Mean to Me?” by Lee Arnold

You have to know the difference between assets and liabilities. Many people don’t understand what a true asset is. It’s a generator of revenue versus a liability, which will drain your bottom line. We have to stop spending money on … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-08-22

Hey there! Ron’s got answers on buyer applications, subleasing and a bunch of other topics in our weekly Q&A sesson, Ask Ron. Tune in to get the answer to your question, or you can learn from questions others are asking. … Read more »

“Who Is the Closer?” by Lee Arnold

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is Lee Arnold. We’re going to talk about “Closing the Closer.” Who are they and why should we go after them? Once we have their ear, what are the magic questions to ask them … Read more »

“Think Tank: Learning to Fish Like Ron LeGrand” by Carol Joy Conner

Perhaps you’ve heard Ron wax poetic about the Salmon Falls Resort—how it’s the best place on Earth to go, the best place to catch salmon, the best this, the best that, etc. It has certainly come up in our conversations … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-08-15

Hey There! No time for small-talk this week! We had so many questions this week, we could barely get them all in one video. Ron’s got some great answers on Texas-specific real estate rules, private loans and much, much more. … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-08-08

Even though Ron is steadily cruising through the serene scenes of Alaska, he heard your cries for help and managed to answer your questions from across the nation. Not only that, he brought some friends along to help out! We’ve … Read more »

“Quantum Coincidences” by Jay Conner

I’ve been known to say that “Coincidence is God’s way of staying anonymous,” and I feel like my life and my career is proof of that! You may not know it, but I moonlight as a world famous composer. I … Read more »

Breaking News About the Summit from Ron!

Well, let’s start with the bad news. We were informed last week that the Embassy Suites where we’re holding the Summit is full and cannot take any more people. I’ve made several warnings in the past that would happen and, … Read more »

“Get Down and Dirty with Filthy Riches Homes” by Larry Goins

Larry Goins spent years perfecting his Filthy Riches approach to real estate. But, where are the properties that Larry targets to generate so much personal income? The houses in this program are low-income, distressed, “dog with fleas” homes. They are … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-07-25

Hey There! Ready for some more answers from Ron? This week Ron’s discussing calling sellers, lease options and much, much more! Ron’s loving all the interesting questions sent in this week, so make sure you’re contributing your questions online! Members … Read more »

“How to Prescreen Contractors to Build a Dream Team to Get the Job Done!” by Robyn Thompson

Many real estate investors shy away from houses that need rehabbing because they fear hiring contractors. We have all heard the horror stories of rehabbers who lose their shirt because a contractor took them to the cleaners. I am here … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-07-18

Hey There! It’s time for another Q&A session with Ron! This week Ron’s discussing screening tenants, closings and much, much more! Ron even said before the video that these are some great questions this week. Make sure you’re paying attention … Read more »

“First-Ever Crowd-funded Self-Storage Facility” by Scott Meyers

Realty Mogul, an online marketplace that allows accredited investors to pool money online and buy shares of pre-vetted investment properties, has announced the first-ever crowd-funded self-storage facility. Through a private placement traditionally offered only to larger institutional investors, the platform … Read more »

SuperRon Will See You at the Summit!

This Just In! We have breaking news from the metropolis. We take you live to our reporters in the field… Don’t make SuperRon beat you up! Sign up for the Summit before he gets angry. You won’t like him when … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-07-11

Hey there! Ron’s answering your questions on Dodd-Frank rules, Lease Options and a ton of other subjects. This is an information-filled Ask Ron video that you do not want to miss. Gold Club members, make sure you’re submitting your questions … Read more »

“Acquiring and Renovating Older Facilities: A Hot Investment Strategy for Today’s Economy” by Scott Meyers

The ongoing recession and the subsequent lack of development capital has created a shift in strategy by both Self-Storage developers and investors alike. There has been a great deal of activity in the market for those willing to buy older, … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-07-03

Hey there! Ron’s back this week to answer more of your questions. This week, we’re discussing monthly payments, buying at auctions and much, much more! Want to find out the big secret that’s got Ron excited? Call 1-800-567-6128 and ask … Read more »

“Making BIG Money Buying Small Self-Storage Facilities: A Popular Investment Strategy for Today’s Economy” by Scott Meyers

Has the ongoing recession and lack of development capital left you wondering how to get into commercial real estate? Well one strategy that some investors are beginning to consider is investing in small, Class C Self-Storage Facilities – many of … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-06-27

Ron’s back this week to answer questions from Gold Club members! This week, he’s discussing Dodd-Frank rules, forms for various deals and more! Tired of hearing Ron bug you about the Summit? Sign up HERE and shut him up!

“The Soul of a Real Estate Champion!” by Robyn Thompson

Life can change on a dime! It was just another day at the ranch and I was trying to do a good deed! I had a dozen real estate students for two days of training at my 56 acre ranch … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-06-20

Do you have questions? Ron’s got answers! This week, we’re discussing Land Trusts, fees and more! Tired of hearing Ron bug you about the Summit? Sign up HERE and shut him up!

“Persuasion” by Dave LeGrand

A Sobering Thought: Anytime you are in the presence of another human being, either that person is persuading you, or you are persuading him/her. So, do you want to be the persuaded or the persuader? In other words, who is … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-06-13

Ron’s back with answers on LLCs, balloon payments and much, much more in this week’s edition of Ask Ron! You heard Ron! Head over to RES2014.com right now and get registered for the Great American Real Estate Summit 2014!

“Changing Lives and Careers” by Brian Wolff

It’s hard to believe—we have now been teaching real estate investing alongside Ron LeGrand for over 10-years. (He’s been at it for over 25-years!) Together, we have created some spectacular success stories. We hope you’re one of them! Most of … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-06-06

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding lease purchase forms, short sales and more! Looking to sign up for our Ron’s latest event, Big Money in Big Chunks? Click here to find out more and … Read more »

Headed to the Summit: Trade Show

We’ve talked a lot about our Great American Real Estate Summit 2017 coming this January, and there’s a good reason why: this is going to be the event of the year! If you can only make one event of Ron’s this year, … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-05-30

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding private money, insurance and much, much more! Looking to sign up for our Great American Real Estate Summit? Click here to check out our Summit website at RES2014.com!

“On the Road Again: Cincinnati”

On the road again…………………………………………………………………………… Let me see…Where am I? Oh, Cincinnati. Just a little side note on the effects of being here and there and everywhere, my home phone rang the other night around 10:30PM, I woke in a daze … Read more »

“Kids Who Inspire and the Lessons We Can Learn From Them” by Jennifer Shedlin

Children have forever, and in all times, been a source of inspiration. They inspire parents to work harder, leaders to lead better, poets and authors to write, innovation and big ideas. Take the example of Walt Disney; he was so … Read more »

“Big Money In Big Chunks” by Ron LeGrand

We’ve been focusing on pretty houses (For Sale by Owners) for about 2½ years now since we brought ACTS (Assignment of Contracts and Terms) to the world and during that time the things we learned have inspired a quantum leap … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-05-23

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding Land Trusts, deeds and much, much more! To find out more about Ron’s Big Money in Big Chunks event, head over to RonLeGrand.com/BigMoney! Looking to sign up for … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-05-16

Ron answers your questions about ACTS deals, fire-damaged properties and more! To find out more about Ron’s Big Money in Big Chunks event, head over to RonLeGrand.com/BigMoney! Looking to sign up for our Great American Real Estate Summit? Click here … Read more »

“How to Sell Houses at Lightning Speed for Full Market Value” by Robyn Thompson

Is your biggest fear with real estate investing selling a house after you buy it and rehab it? Are you afraid to risk you hard earned savings on purchasing a fixer-upper because you worry about not getting your money and … Read more »

“The Investing Equation that Cost Me Thousands” by Lance Edwards

You’ve probably heard of the term “ROI” – used in investing and business – it means “Return on Investment. It’s what investors and business owners want to make sure they get whenever they sink their hard-earned money into something. Another … Read more »

Headed to the Summit: Accommodations

We couldn’t very well ask you all to come stay with us in Florida and not roll out the welcoming mat, so consider this to be your personal invitation to stay with us at the Embassy Suites for our Great … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-05-09

Ron answers your questions about payment checks, ACTS deals and more in our weekly Ask Ron video. Be sure to make a note now that Ron’s Live Monthly Q&A call is this coming Monday, May 12th at 7PM EDT. To … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-05-02

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding REO agents, yellow letters and much, much more!

“The Wealth Blue Print to Running Your Real Estate Business Like a Business” by Robyn Thompson

Do you have doubts about being a real estate investor? Are you scared to make offers because you are afraid of making a mistake that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars? Are you having a hard time finding … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-04-25

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding contracts, talking to the seller and much, much more! You can sign up for the Work For Equity Simulcast here: Work For Equity Simulcast, April 30th

Headed to the Summit: Contracts Class

One of the many benefits you receive for being a Gold Club member is access to the many different forms and contracts we have in our library. Ron’s spent time and money to ensure these documents are attorney approved, and … Read more »

“Get Out of Your Job and Get Into Multifamily Real Estate…Fast” by Lance Edwards

Let’s be honest: Work isn’t always a pleasure. That’s why it’s called work! You fight traffic, you put up with your boss, you try to ignore the office politics, and you can’t wait to get home at night. Day in … Read more »

Headed to the Summit: Deal Structuring Class

We hear a lot from our students about being new to the program. Sometimes we hear how excited they are to get started, but more often than not we hear how scared and nervous they are to do their first … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-04-11

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding Lease Options, IRAs and much more! You can sign up for the Work For Equity Simulcast here: Work For Equity Simulcast, April 30th Be sure to make a … Read more »

“Ever Wondered What My Favorite Exit Strategy Is?” By Ron LeGrand

For a lot of years now, I’ve been selling houses that need work without doing the work, and I don’t mean wholesaling them. There’s a whole sub-culture of people who’d love to buy a home and are willing to do … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-04-04

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding VA scripts, letters of intent and much more! You can sign up for the events Ron discusses in the video here: Work For Equity Simulcast, April 30th Fast … Read more »

“On the Road Again…” by Nicky Bialik

On the road again……………………………………. Texas……Texas…….Texas……Texas…….. Did you know that the state flower of Texas is the Bluebonnet? The state tree is Pecan? State bird is a Mockingbird? The state dish is Chili and the state Folk Dance is a Square … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-03-28

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding existing finances, follow up with sellers and much more!

“10 Advantages of Owning Multifamily Properties” by Lance Edwards

In these tough economic times, people are looking for sound investment opportunities. People desire investments that are low risk but yield great returns. Unfortunately, such opportunities are hard to come by. Owning multifamily properties offers you the best of both … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-03-21

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding rehab costs, equitable interest in property and much more!

Ask Ron 2014-03-14

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding earnest money checks, lenders and much more!

“How to Sell Your Filthy Riches House QUICK!” by Larry Goins

So, here you are. You’ve looked for potential properties. You bought your ideal first $30,000 property for $5,000. You’ve marketed the property. Now it’s time to complete the sale… and watch your income start to build. With the amount of … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-03-05

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding Dodd-Frank changes and purchase agreements.

“The Strategy Behind Filthy Riches” by Larry Goins

Everybody has driven by a house that has been on the market for what may seem like years. You know the house: there might be a broken window here or there, the grass hasn’t seen a lawnmower for the last … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-02-28

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding CESAs, demand letters, probate deals and much more!

Ask Ron 2013-02-21

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding contracts, round robin sales and much more!

Ask Ron 2014-02-14

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding agreements, assignment fees/earnest money deposits, lease options and much more!

Ask Ron 2013-02-07

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding exit strategies, Sandwich Lease Options and more!

“Millions of Dollars from Real Estate Auctions are Hidden in Government Bank Accounts – And, You Can Get a Portion of that Money” by Robert Diamond, Esq.

There are millions of dollars hidden away in government bank accounts waiting to be claimed.  If that money is not claimed by the deadline, it becomes property of the government – FOREVER – and is lost to the government! In … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-01-31

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding SEP IRAs, seller objections, LLCs/Land Trusts and much more!

“On the Road Again” by Nicky Bialik

(I recently asked Nicky to give us a little insight into life on the road with Ron.  She spends more time with him than probably even his family.  And, even though they covered thousands of miles traveling all over the … Read more »

“Are You in the Club” by Ron LeGrand

Back in 1982 when I first joined my local Real Estate Association, I was fresh out of my first seminar and had no idea what I was getting myself into.  After attending a few meetings, I came to the conclusion … Read more »

Ask Ron 2014-01-24

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding lease agreements, ACTS, and more!

Ask Ron 2014-01-17

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding an over-leveraged deal and Dodd-Frank Act.

“Ignorance is Bliss Until it Lands You in Jail” by Debbie Waters

…Well, maybe not jail, but you could receive a hefty fine, for sure. By now, you’ve heard all about the Dodd-Frank Act and how it directly affects real estate investors conducting seller financing deals. You should know the changes became … Read more »

“Five Steps to Creating a Balanced Life” by MaryEllen Tribby

It was a simple business call. My colleague – “Larry” – had invited me to speak to his mastermind group on a teleconference later in the week. Nothing out of the ordinary. But my sister-in-law’s mouth was hanging wide open. … Read more »

“Want to Sell Quickly? Think Paint. A good first impression helps sell your home.” by Michele Dawson

It can’t be overstated—when it comes to buying a house, the first impression is everything. If you’re selling or getting ready to sell in the coming months, one of the easiest and most dramatic ways to enhance that first impression … Read more »

Ask Ron 2013-12-27

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding MLS, Dodd-Frank, ACTS and more!

“Home Selling: Which Fixes Are Worth It to Lure Buyers?”

If you’re one of those homeowners who’s been moaning about how hard it’s been trying to sell your house, your bargaining power — you remember that concept, right? — hasn’t been completely devastated just because a flood of new foreclosures … Read more »

“The Science of Market Analysis” by Joe Lane

The key question most home sellers ask at the beginning of the home selling process is simple. How much is my home worth? Determining that value takes a comparison technique that matches up your home with others in your immediate … Read more »

Ask Ron 2013-12-13

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding ACTS, MLS, Subject To and more!

Ask Ron 2013-12-06

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding agreements, strategies, ACTS and more!

“Whose Idea Was It Anyway?” by MaryEllen Tribby

I know you want to start an online business but you don’t have an idea for a product. Or you need to add products to your current line-up. Or you have an idea but it is just not fully formed … Read more »

“The Formula for Failure and Success” By Jim Rohn

Excepted from the book The Five Major Pieces of the Life Puzzle by Jim Rohn Failure is not a single, cataclysmic event. We do not fail overnight. Failure is the inevitable result of an accumulation of poor thinking and poor … Read more »

Ask Ron 2013-11-22

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding ACTS, credit repair, reverse mortgages, and more!

Ask Ron 2013-11-15

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding LOI’s, pre-foreclosures, ACTS/Lease Purchases and more!

Ask Ron 2013-11-08

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding seller financing, ACTS, Work For Equity, and more!

“Stinkin’ Rich By 30 — 10 Steps To Get The 20-Something On The Path To Cash Part 2” by Loral Langemeier

5) “Say YES! and Figure out How:” If you’ve heard this before, it’s because it’s single-handedly been the biggest key to success in my life. You’ll never hear me say “no.” When a problem comes up, an issue arises, or … Read more »

“Flight turns unforgettable when passengers learn of fallen soldier” By Johnny Jet

Delta Flight 2255 from Atlanta to Los Angeles. (Photo: Courtesy of Johnny Jet) Delta Flight 2255 from Atlanta to Los Angeles seemed to be an ordinary flight with the exception of Candy, who was the most loving flight attendant I’ve … Read more »

Ask Ron 2013-11-01

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding title searches, rental ordinances, buyers lists, and more!

“Stinkin’ Rich By 30 — 10 Steps To Get The 20-Something On The Path To Cash Part 1” by Loral Langemeier

1) Stare in the Mirror. Ask yourself out loud, “What am I good at? What skill set do I possess?” Whatever your skill set is, somebody is probably already paying you to do that. So why not do it on … Read more »

“Keeping Your Fixer-Upper Cash Flow Under Control” by Joe Lane

While there are some real estate investors that pursue fixer-upper properties because they like the challenge, most are in it for one thing: the money. Getting the most out of your particular piece of real estate should be your only … Read more »

Ask Ron 2013-10-18

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding deals, success books, posting ads, and more!

Ask Ron 2013-10-11

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding liens, agreements, property taxes and more!

Ask Ron 2013-10-04

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding getting the deed, the Mentor, ACTS and more!

“The Gap” by Ron LeGrand

Recently I was reading an article written by Noah St. John published by Mary Ellen Tribby in her WorkingMomsOnly.com newsletter. Noah talked about the gap between your Current Perceived Reality (CPR) and your New Desired Reality (NDR). His discussion was … Read more »

“Feel Good About Your Life and Be Happy” by Brian Tracy

Sometimes people feel that they are controlled by external circumstances.  But the fact is that your life is largely determined by your own personal choices and decisions in every area.  You are where you are and what you are because … Read more »

Ask Ron 2013-09-27

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding mailing lists, taking over debt, land contracts and more!

Ask Ron 2013-09-20

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding quick selling strategies, bulk packages and more!

“The Strategy Behind Filthy Riches” by Larry Goins

Everybody has driven by a house that has been on the market for what may seem like years. You know the house: the windows might be broken or covered with plywood, the grass hasn’t seen a lawnmower all season, and … Read more »

Ask Ron 2013-09-13

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding the Warranty Deed to Trustee form, building a buyer’s list, and more!

Ask Ron 2013-09-06

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding regarding receipt agreements, ACTS, owner financing and more!

Ask Ron 2013-08-30

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding lease options, PATLive , ACTS, and more!

Ask Ron 2013-08-23

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding comps, private lending website, ACTS, and more!

“Strong Leaders Identify and Remove Their Blind Spots” By Kaylene S Mathews

I recently returned from a trip that included a 15+ hour drive in one day. I can’t even tell you the number of times I used my rear-view mirrors to navigate the road on that trip. I relied on them … Read more »

Ask Ron 2013-08-16

This week Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding tenants, Virtual Training, agreements and more!

“How To Make Your House Look Bigger Than It Is” by Nick Altrup

When you sell your house, you’ll want to make it look as big and beautiful as possible. And just because your house is small, that doesn’t mean it can’t look big. You can make any space look bigger by employing … Read more »

Jay Leno on Gratefulness

The other day I was reading Newsweek magazine and came across some poll data I found rather hard to believe. It must be true, given the source, right? The Newsweek poll alleges that 67 percent of Americans are unhappy with … Read more »

Ask Ron 2013-08-02

This week Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding building a buyers list, ACTS paperwork, title searches and more!

“The Secret of Getting Referrals” by Dan S. Kennedy

There has never been any argument in advertising circles that the most effective business advertising is word-of-mouth advertising. That’s why direct selling is so dramatically successful as a method of marketing every imaginable product and service, and why direct selling … Read more »

Ask Ron 2013-07-26

This week Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding ACTS, manufactured homes, wholesale deals and much more!

“Are You Prepared to do Whatever it Takes to Become Successful?” by Andy Pitt

Not everyone becomes as successful as they want to during their lifetime. There are people who seem to turn everything they touch to gold, people who just never seem to make it, and those who are constantly striving for and … Read more »

Ask Ron 2013-07-19

This week Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding online auctions, warranty deed to trustee, lease options and much more!

“Multifamily Properties: Top Ten Reasons to Buy” by Lance Edwards

When you sit down and examine the advantage of owning multifamily properties, you will be amazed at the multitude of benefits. While other avenues of income generation offer some attractive incentives, owning multifamily properties brings many great things to the … Read more »

Ask Ron 2013-07-12

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding deposits, comps, short sales and much more!

“How the Declaration of Independence Got Hijacked” by Susan Boskey

This July 4th Americans celebrate their 243rd Independence Day. The Declaration of Independence, signed during the midst of the American Revolution in 1776, was not just a statement of grievances against the British monarchy but also a declaration of freedom … Read more »

Ask Ron 2013-06-28

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding LLCs, land trusts and much more!

“Confidence Building Means Getting Out There” by Chris Yarbrough

Perhaps you have learned about staying positive and prepared yourself mentally to move forward toward your goal of confidence building. You are working on getting your mind right and you have some ideas and understandings about where to go from … Read more »

Ask Ron 2013-06-14

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding option agreements, second mortgages, comps and more!

“Successful Networking for Your Business” by Tania Mallett

During the past five years and throughout what has been a difficult time financially for many businesses, more and more entrepreneurs, small businesses and medium sized companies have realized that active networking is absolutely essential to business growth, particularly for … Read more »

Ask Ron 2013-06-07

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding buying houses subject-to, credit repair services, Roth IRAs and more!

“Trust Me” by Lee Phillips

Trusts are a major part of my legal work.  They are really neat tools, but they can be abused.  The IRS is out after the abusive ones.  They are misunderstood by most people.  There is a general ignorance about trusts … Read more »

Ask Ron 2013-05-31

This week, Ron answers your questions from the Gold Club Forum regarding ACTS, attorneys, earnest deposits and more!

“Papa’s Big Heart” by Debbie Waters

If you know anything about Ron LeGrand, you know he’s a Marine veteran with a huge heart and deep-felt appreciation for his fellow service men and women.  Just ask any veteran who’s attended one of his boot camps, and they’ll … Read more »

“History of Memorial Day Holiday” by Shelby Evans

Since ancient times, people around the world have been decorating the graves of fallen soldiers and loved ones. American Memorial Day activities date back to the Civil War between 1861 and 1865 when an incredible number of approximately 497,832 soldiers … Read more »