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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » The Gold Club Weekly Report » Ron’s Seller Explanation Video – Student Edition

Ron’s Seller Explanation Video – Student Edition

During our free “Finding Motivated Sellers” event last week, Ron shared a video sales letter (VSL) he created to attract sellers and explain the way he can buy their houses.

He allowed the attendees to get a copy of the video, as well as the slides of the video in case they wanted to adjust and create their own. (If you missed it, sorry! Make sure you’re on our next free virtual event coming up later this month. Check the event calendar at the end of this e-mail!)

Action taker, Robert Guyer, immediately created his own rendition of the video. Ron loved it, and wanted to show everyone, so here it is! 

Gold Club Members, as you know we are always striving to bring you great lessons, but we want to know what you really have questions on. What lessons or updates would you like to see? Send us a message on Facebook Messenger

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47 Responses to Ron’s Seller Explanation Video – Student Edition

  1. Mark Finn says:

    that was fantastick!!!!!can i get a copy customised with the huntergroup contact info?

  2. Klaus Feige says:

    This is one of the best info video’s
    Iv’e ever seen on the subject. How do I get my hands on this?

  3. Maryann Fawcett says:

    WOW! That is really nice. Hits all the targets with a nice voice and video. Very professional. Wish I was further along to get tap this. Wonder the cost?

  4. Aj Carter says:

    Robert, I would like to get a copy of that video also, What do we have to do to use it or get it customized with our information. I’m located in the Phoenix area.

  5. Keith Yedinak says:

    Great Video

  6. Josh Hightower says:

    Has anyone posted this VSL on Facebook?

    I created a VSL similar to this using Ron’s script driving them to my DREAMS site for a Fast Cash Offer…and within 3 days, Facebook disabled my ad account for ‘violating their advertising policies’. Despite my appeal to get them to tell me what about the ad violated the policy, all they said was “Our policies are in place to keep users safe and foster a positive global community. When accounts run ads that don’t comply with these Advertising Policies or other standards, they’re disabled.

    Anyone else have a similar experience?

  7. Moe Diakhaby Diakhaby says:

    Love this video, would love to purchase an edited version rob. if you can shoot me an email at mdiakhaby1767@gmail.com

  8. Barbara Van Buren says:

    I would love to get a edited version rob.My email is greatdeal@visitrhs.com

  9. Kimberly Gregory says:

    Wow! That was awesome, I tried to do it myself it didn’t work I would like one. my email address is kdrei19@gmail.com

  10. Tammy Gazda says:

    Love this ! Can I get an edited version ? My email address is gazdatammy@yahoo.com

  11. William Pizarro says:

    This video is great! I’m very interested in getting an edited version for my business. Email address is villaflow515@gmail.com

  12. Shakin Giddins says:

    I need this video so i can explain to people

  13. Levi White says:

    This is a Powerful marketing tool. I need this.

  14. Derrick Cox says:

    This is great marketing! We would like to get an edited copy for our business.

  15. Chris Cannon says:

    Great video! I’d like an edited copy. Chris@sellfasthburg.com. Thanks in advance!


  16. Omar Baker Baker says:

    Nice explanation video Robert! Contact me for info gotta plug this in my marketing thebakers239@icloud.com


  17. Orilee Duncanson says:

    Great video, builds interest while hitting main features and providing great explanation.
    Would like to have an edited copy for my business. Thanks. lade@uniquehousesllc.com

  18. Valerie Patterson says:

    Was there a way discovered to get around or be able to comply with FB regarding the sellers PPTadvertising. Please advise.

  19. Bradley Johnson says:

    This would be a great video to put on the appropriate page of my website. Would that be allowed?

  20. Terry Church says:

    Robert Guyer has a seller video, how do I get the slides from this? Do we have permission to use his video and slides?
    New member to Gold Club.
    Thank you,
    Terry Church

  21. Marlon Cousin says:

    This is an awesome video that I am definitely going to create for my business. The simplicity in which Robert created the video can definitely put a seller at ease and help lower their defenses. Robert absolutely captured many of the objections and rebutted them prior to talking to a seller, making it a smoother call or visit. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Michael Lamothe says:

    This is a great video. The only thing that would make it better is to have a real person read it. Maybe get someone on Fiverr.com to do it they have some great voice artists that are super talented.

  23. Roger Clayton says:

    This is a great video. Thanks

  24. Roger Clayton says:

    Great video for marketing. Thanks

  25. Wanda Bruno says:

    That was awesome!

  26. Steve Adubofour says:

    Rob I want an edited version this is my email kwakuadubofour@gmail.com

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