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Student Success Stories – Farion Houston

My mentor, Barbara Cockrell, was awesome at assisting me through the processes of writing the contracts and closing in on our deal. She is super easy to work with and has substantial knowledge of the real estate industry and just a beautiful person inside and out!
We found this for FOR SALE BY OWNER ad on Craigslist. The owner had used this property as a rental and she was tired of dealing with renters. Since we were not a typical renter, and we would be actually buying the house, she was willing to work with us on taking over her existing debt of around $83,000 at the time, and she just wanted $3,000 cash to wash her hands of it! We gave her $3,000 and she signed the deed over to us.
Because we were new in the industry at that time, in 2018, we attempted to do some of the remodel ourselves… 

Then the record-breaking flood of the Arkansas River in 2019 took out several homes near the edge of Fort Smith. A man call us who was desperate for a place to go because he had lost everything, so we allowed him to move into the home doing some minor repairs and paying rent on a month to month basis until he was able to secure a place through FEMA, which took him about a year. At that time we listed the place as a WORK FOR EQUITY. 
A man and woman responded to our ad with $7,000 down needing a house ASAP.  We put them under contract at $101,000 because of the condition at the home and the current market in that area at that time.
They assured me they only needed a year to qualify for the loan so I put them on an 18-month lease, assisted them with the credit repair program and set them on a path for home ownership. They totally renovated the home!  At 18 months I met with them, and rather than repair their credit they had gone further in debt and were far behind on all of their other payments (even though they had never been late on their house payment). I offered to extend their lease and help them yet again to work out something with their credit, but because of family reasons, they decided to not pursue home ownership and they vacated the home. 
I put a for sale by owner sign in the yard asking $149,900. I found a cash buyer and we wrote up a contract but just days before the closing they decided they did not want this house. I put another for sale by owner sign in the yard and marked the price up $30,000 more. I found another cash buyer for $179,900!
We closed on this house within a couple of weeks yielding us a $90,343.27 check! 

Farion Houston

Fort Smith, Arkansas

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One Response to Student Success Stories – Farion Houston

  1. Terry Eley says:

    Congratulations! Looks like a sign of great things to come!

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