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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » The Gold Club Weekly Report » Weekly Lesson – Prescreening a Seller Call, Ron’s Way

Weekly Lesson – Prescreening a Seller Call, Ron’s Way

Check out this quick recording of Ron Prescreening a seller over the phone recently. Take notes, short and to the point!

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23 Responses to Weekly Lesson – Prescreening a Seller Call, Ron’s Way

  1. Edgar Alexandre says:

    Ron is Ron. Straight to the point, short and sweet. That’s why we can him Papa !!!

  2. Mark Rieger says:

    No, “If things change, here is my info to get back with me…I do pay retail”?

  3. Yong Xu says:

    Is it possible that the seller doesn’t understand what terms means? I know I don’t before I took time to learn about it.

    • Daniel Williams Williams says:

      Good point… I was thinking the same.

    • Armindo Gonzalez says:

      Could be possible but he sounds like he already had his mind made up that he wants cash out. Ron doesn’t waste time with people theirs enough sellers out there that would do terms.

  4. William Hepfer says:

    So, that didn’t go anywhere.

  5. Diane Farrow says:

    Important training, thank you – good example of how we learn skills and track numbers to keep going and making the calls.

  6. Grover Johnston says:

    Man, that is so true, I have been on so many appointments and never got an offer accepted because I didn’t know this.

  7. Orilee Duncanson says:

    I agree with Diane, great example of learning from the best.

  8. Michael Lamothe says:

    Ron is a master at sales and I love how real he is it is right up my ally.

  9. Edgar Valcin says:

    He made it so sample

  10. Tissany Atkinson says:

    Ron made it seem less, that was easy

  11. Rico Reon says:

    That simple

  12. Pamela Elmore says:

    Yes that was short and to the point, I like it

  13. Roy Gutierrez says:

    less than 2 minutes and move-on if they say NO…sweeeet

  14. Kimberly Gregory says:

    Thanks quick and to the point!

  15. Scott Transue says:

    My mentor would have explained “terms” and why it’s the best way to sell. I have found that lacking in some of this training. Whole thing would take 2 more minutes.

  16. Jack Latchinian says:

    Awesome! Great hearing how Papa makes the calls, even if it’s a No…

  17. Barbara Van Buren says:

    I like it!!! Short & Sweet

  18. Doug Mellinger says:

    Like Ron says you don’t want to beg or sound desperate

  19. Michael Lamothe says:

    I love it no fluff all meat and potatoes. 90 seconds and off the phone, don’t waste time with people who you can’t help or they aren’t open to it.

  20. Anders Karlsson says:


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