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Home » Resources » Just For Fun » Just for Fun – 24 Cigars

Just for Fun – 24 Cigars

We all know how much Ron loves his culture, and this week he wanted to share a pretty comical skit about lawyers, lawsuits and cigars!

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12 Responses to Just for Fun – 24 Cigars

  1. Pamela Clark says:

    Hillarious !

  2. Diane Farrow says:

    Lol, I should have seen that coming, good one.

  3. Sheela Mudan says:

    Good way to start my day. lol

  4. Andrew Gulick says:

    I love that! Someone went to great lengths of thought, to come up with that one. Very ingenious!

  5. Aaron Anderson says:

    One of my favorites!!!

  6. Jeffrey Jackson says:

    Only Chuck could deliver that in such a way to keep you on the edge of your seat and make the story so funny. Great humor

  7. Junior Davis says:

    Wow What a funny joke!

  8. William Welch says:

    FUNNY!! That sounds like Chuck Swindoll.. A favorite teacher of mine. Not certain if that’s him but that is a great story!
    I love your culture Ron!

  9. Rae-Dawn Randolph says:

    That was good.

  10. Samuel Peters says:

    Hahahhaha, okay I can’t breathe that was off the chain thanks for the joke!!!!

  11. Samuel Peters says:

    Hahahhaha, okay I can’t breathe that was off the chain really funny, just goes to show you how much being a smart lawercan come back to bite you later


  12. Robert Straker says:


    That was a good, and funny joke.

    Bye for now,

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