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Home » Resources » Testimonials » Millionaire in the Making – Sophia Grigio

Millionaire in the Making – Sophia Grigio

Hello Ron LeGrand Family,

So here we have a tenant buyer that I put into a lease purchase home a year ago. He decided to cash out and this is my back end check.

The story is,

I called a FSBO and the lady had two properties. This one was 3 blocks from the ocean in Ft Lauderdale, FL. I locked it up for 550,000. Put a lease purchase buyer in with 10,000 down and a 300 positive cash flow.

Lease buyer came up early and cashed me out. . .sold for 585,000.

Love my life!  $35,000 cha ching!

Sophia Grigio

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One Response to Millionaire in the Making – Sophia Grigio

  1. Steven Hinton says:

    Sounds awesome , very good to hear what and how you have done it !

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