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Home » Resources » Millionaire In The Making – Benjamin Mayo

Millionaire In The Making – Benjamin Mayo

Big checks do come!   I had property that I put under contract after I heard Ron talking about helping people we know.  You or he said that we could use the knowledge we had received, through our training with you, to help those we know, even if we split the profit.  After hearing that message, I did just that.  I remembered a friend who had a property for sell that was empty.  I contacted him and put the property under contract on a 50/50 deal, where we split all profit and expenses equally.  I listed the property for rent-to-own with a list price of $109,900 for 3 years.  Within 3 days, I had a tenant buyer who had a $5000 down payment. We installed the tenant buyers and helped them with their credit.  With this check of $18,391.90 and the down payment of $4,509.00 after expenses, we profited $22,900.90.  Split 50/50, I profited $11,451 with no out-of-pocket money.  WOW! THAT AIN’T BAD!

Thank God for you Ron.  I know He (God) sent you my way.



  • Generated only 3 new lead sheets
  • Prepare property for and conducted open house for 103 Donna Dr., Pikeville, NC
  • Mailed 70 yellow letters
  • Closed on property put under contract October 2015 (See attached testimonial)
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