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Home » Resources » Ask Ron - Q&A sessions with Ron » 2018-05-11 Ask Ron

2018-05-11 Ask Ron

In this week’s edition of Ask Ron, Barbara Cockrell, Alton Jones and Tony Pearl are answering our Gold Club members’ questions regarding: tax liens, deal structuring, title insurance, and trust agreements.

Thanks to Gold Club Members: Ben Grise, Mark Bramble, Camille Davis, and Fernando Diaz for writing in!

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5 Responses to 2018-05-11 Ask Ron

  1. Mark Bramble says:

    Thanks for the info, team!

  2. Roger Dereu says:

    Alton is a superstar working out in California and I really enjoyed talking with him about his business while at the event.

  3. Roger Dereu says:

    On Mark’s deal, I would try to negotiate at least down to $1300/mo and then with lease option and $1200 comparable rent he should be able to get $1300 with lease and at least break even.

    Remember, that extra cash comes off the purchase price, right? and the term is only 2 years.

    Try 194,000 & at least $1300 monthly. Not super sweet though should be doable.

    Plus there is always the deal after the deal.

  4. Roger Dereu says:

    Camille, that’s EXACTLY what we talked about at this event – just like Alton stated, too bad you couldn’t be there!

    When it comes to your IRA, don’t personally touch any part of it.

  5. Roger & Lu Young says:

    Great answers. Always look forward to the Ask Ron posts. I learn something every time. Mark’s deal seems like it might need a little work though.

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