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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » The Gold Club Weekly Report » “The Essence of Essential Oils” – Barbara LeGrand Cockrell

“The Essence of Essential Oils” – Barbara LeGrand Cockrell

The essence of oils has been used for medicinal purposes since as early as 3,000 BC. Using essential oils can help alter not only our physical bodies but also our emotional and mental well being by triggering and strengthening our bodies’ already natural process.

So what exactly are essential oils? Are they helpful?

Essential oils are highly concentrated aromatic essences of plants from around the world. They are made up of tiny molecules that can deliver healing properties to the systems that control our physiological state. The oils are extracted from roots, wood, flowers, fruit and/or leaves.

Some of the best ways to absorb the therapeutic components of an essential oil is a combination of inhalation through the nose and absorption through the surface of your skin. Each essential oil contains different properties that can heal us mentally, physically, and emotionally. Each essential oil has a plethora of unique healing properties, usage and effects. Combining essential oils to create a synergistic blend creates even more benefits, too.

Fragrances have an intriguing ability to evoke emotions, memories and visions. This is where aromatherapy comes in.  Aromatherapy has an array of benefits from improving sleep quality, to managing pain and headaches, to reducing stress, agitation and anxiety to even fight bacteria and boosting your immunity.  Using essential oils and aromatherapy has even been proven to soothe the side effects of chemotherapy! With so many alleviations it’s no wonder incorporating massage and aromatherapy is so popular.

Some scientific evidence has considered that the use of aromatherapy has helped in treating Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and heart disease, although there hasn’t been enough research to prove these claims just yet.

Some other ways to benefit from essential oils is using a diffuser at home. Diffusing different aromas in your home can help you focus, ease stress, and can even boost the air quality. I have several diffusers at home and I absolutely love them. My favorite oil to diffuse is orange because orange essential oil promotes happiness and warmth, but there are so many different oils you can use and mix that will give you the vibe that you want. Pro Tip: dropping a few drops of your favorite essential oil in your bath at night can give you an even more relaxing and healing bath and improve your quality of sleep.

By inhaling the right mix of essential oils, someone that is suffering from sinus congestion, sore throats, colds, coughs, bronchitis or even the flu can see an improvement in health. Additionally, the inhalation of essential oils supports your over all well-being. Another way you can inhale essential oils is to drop a few drops on a tissue or a handkerchief so you can get the benefits of inhaling throughout the day. A few drops of essential oils on your pillowcase at night can have many benefits as well. However you must remember that everyone is different and what works for someone’s well-being may not work for another. You just have to learn what suits you.

Essential oils are an excellent method to improving your mood and your health, whether you want to try using aromatherapy during a massage or you want to use them in your diffuser at home, I highly suggest incorporating the wonderful fragrances and benefits into your life.

I love Young Living essential oils and get mine through them. If you would like to know more about them or order some for yourself, email me at Barbara@CompleteHealthyLife.com.

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