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Home » Resources » Millionaire in the Making – Nic Brocato

Millionaire in the Making – Nic Brocato

Thank you to the Wolff couple for mentoring me and to Ron LeGrand for teaching me a whole new way to buy and sell houses.  After being a traditional investor for 21 years, I’ve learned how to do Pretty House Deals and have just sold my first one! 

I purchased the home on July 1, 2019.  The purchase price was $218,000.00 with owner financing, the down payment was $5,500.00 and the monthly note is $1200.00 with a 7-year balloon.  I sold it in July 18, 2019 for $249,900.00 on a lease purchase with $10,00.00 down, $1,800.00 per month in rent on a one-year option.  The profit looks like this; $4,500 on the front, $600 monthly spread and $27,400 on the back end.  If they buy me out in one year, the profit is $39,100.  If the home does not sell until year 7, the profit could be easily be over $150k not including appreciation and depreciation!!!  This is a property I would have NEVER purchased using my traditional strategies.  Talk about your game changers!  

THANK YOU, Brian & Lynette Wolff, for convincing me that this was a deal!  

I would highly recommend Brian and Lynette as mentors.  Brian has a GREAT way with words and Lynette is so ENTHUSIASTIC!!!!  They have guided me not only through this amazing deal, but since they have been mentoring me, I have many deals in the pipeline.

I am also very excited about using the Wolfe’s 1-hour Home Selling Machine!!  It will save me time from having to talk to suspects on the phone as well as showing properties multiple times.  This will give me my life back!  I can’t wait to sell my next property using this system! I will let you know how it goes. 

Nick Brocato

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