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Home » Resources » Testimonials » Millionaire in the Making – Tom Holyfield

Millionaire in the Making – Tom Holyfield

Hi, my name is Tom Holyfield, from Belding, MI. My wife Sonya has been a Registered Nurse here for many years.  I’ve just been a free agent, working in whatever sweat shop needed help for a while. I say that half-jokingly, as I’ve always been able to be Top Gun, in any job I’ve ever done, but enjoyed very little of it, beyond some of the relationships I’ve made along the way. I’ve told Sonya that I wanted my headstone to  read “Charter Member of the Factory Hall of Fame.”

Never was my goal in life, but somehow just seemed to be my destiny.

Throughout all those years, I’ve always known that there was a better way of life, I just needed to find the right vehicle, I’ve delved in and out of Real Estate many times, they talk about 7-year newbies, I’m like a 20-year newbie. I have had a Realtor’s license, and have closed some deals along the way, but nothing of any great success. I just couldn’t get out of my mind that these “no money down” things could be real, but somehow people were doing them, why can’t I?

Started following Ron LeGrand I guess about 8 years ago. Bought most of his courses, and along the way was introduced to The Wolff Couple. I mean I bought most all of their courses, and tune in to all their calls etc. Somehow, my confidence level, or maybe belief level at times, just couldn’t bring me to pull the trigger on some things, and now I wonder, “what was the big deal?” Not like I’m any phone pro quite yet, but it is getting easier.

I say I’m a newbie, and throughout all these years, I’ve had some near misses, but just somehow, someway just couldn’t seem to ever bring a deal to a close. But always believed that day would come. Through some serious health challenges, and chasing my 2 kids throughout the Midwest and beyond, (My daughter was an All-American Track athlete, my son was a collegiate basketball player, but I always remind them that the old man used to hoop with Magic Johnson back in the day), Sonya and I are empty-nesters now, and if the time was ever right to chase this dream one more time, then it was now.

By the way, I named my son Paul Bryant, after the greatest football coach still ever, and have always kept as my personal mission statement a famous quote from him, “If you believe in yourself, and have dedication and pride and never quit, you’ll be a winner. The price of victory is high, but so are the rewards.” I’ve always believed that one day, I’d be able to share with someone, and actually have, with some of the kids I’ve coached over the years, but maybe, just maybe, could convince someone who may have struggled in life a bit, for whatever reason, to go pick themselves up one more time, and don’t give up on their dream, whatever that may be. I’m not at the point where I can puff my chest out and say “I did it” quite yet, but there’s definitely a feeling in the air, on this cool late summer night here in Pure Michigan.

Which brings me to the point of all this I guess as I ramble along:

So, I guess about a month or so ago now, I saw that Ron was going to do a Fast Track to Wealth seminar in Chicago. I also knew, by following Ron, and the Wolff Couple, that Lynette attended these, and made calls on behalf of anyone that brought leads to it. So, I got myself a VA again, started hammering FSBO leads to her (Joy Joyner, Top-Notch) and she went to work, and had a dozen or so yes leads ready for me to have Lynette call at the event.  It all went well enough that, I ended up on the Hot Seat with Ron going over a half dozen or so deals that Lynette had called for me. I was scared to death up there, maybe more just looking on in astonishment, like is all this really happening? Don’t mind admitting that I had more than a tear or two in my eye, as for at least that particular Saturday, I was the star of the show one more time. I’ll never forget that, ever.

Not all of those deals have come to fruition as of yet. Still some calling back and forth and negotiating and all that, on a couple Million Dollar properties, but I just closed Friday on my first ever Subject-To Deal. After the Chicago event, in which Lynette got in late, late night after a few flight delays, still had all that energy to make these calls in true Wolff Couple Fashion. So I asked them to become my mentors, and they accepted me, which just gives me so much belief and confidence, that this time will be different!

You hear Ron, and Brian and Lynette, say sometimes “Well, why would anyone ever just give their house away?” And their answer always is, that you just can’t make assumptions for why people would. You just don’t know until you get out into the field. In this particular case, the situation was that, a fine young Veteran of the Army, came to Michigan from where he was stationed in Oklahoma, looking to set up roots here in his home state again. So, they bought a home, along with his wife and 2 children. Unfortunately, his wife’s parents back in Oklahoma, took seriously ill, so they made the decision to move back there to care for them. Bought a house out there, so now 2 house payments. So, like I say, Lynette had called him from Chicago, and he said he would sell for what he owed, she set an appointment for me, and when we visited him at the house, I explained some of the ways we could help him, but it was pretty much him who “made the offer.” He just wanted us to take over his payments, and he would deed us the house, in order that he could get back to his family in Oklahoma.

It went just so smooth, as my attorney, along with Brian and Lynette, pretty much guided us through this whole transaction. He’s set to head out this coming Thursday, and I’ll be a lifelong friend of his. God Bless he and his family. Told us to just keep whatever furniture he may end up leaving behind, along with a sweet riding lawn mower. Even scheduled a cleaning company to come in after he leaves. I mean, wow, what a joy of a person to work with. Again, that’s going to be a life-long relationship!!

Brian and Lynette are going to help me set up a One-Hour Open House!!  Definitely looking forward to that experience!! Have heard and read, and listened to how effective and exciting they are!!

Probably a few more things I wanted to say tonight, but I’m watching my Lions get throttled by the Jets. Probably a good time to shut everything down, and hit it again tomorrow,

Best to you all,



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