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Home » Resources » Quick Start Alumni Calls » Quick Start Alumni Call 2017-02-27

Quick Start Alumni Call 2017-02-27


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8 Responses to Quick Start Alumni Call 2017-02-27

  1. Daniel Carr says:

    can I get Robs information from the Alumni call 02-27-2017

  2. Daniel Carr says:

    can I please get Robs info. you wouldn’t let him put the info out that he provided about the trustee. Now no one is getting back to me, what’s really going on here..

  3. Daniel Carr says:

    been trying to get this info for 2 months what’s up gold club.

  4. Steve Shabkie says:

    I Hope someone in Ron’s Gold Club responded to the above members query.

  5. Steve Shabkie says:

    How can I get more seller leads; other than Rons gold club; craigs list, or google?
    Thank You;

  6. Fernando Diaz says:

    Drive by houses, Buy lists

  7. Fernando Diaz says:

    Great info as always

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