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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » “It’s OK to be Lazy” by Jennifer Shedlin

“It’s OK to be Lazy” by Jennifer Shedlin

Now, when I say “lazy”, I mean you really can work less and make more money. I know it seems like an oxymoron, but it’s true, and I’ll tell you how. In today’s world you can get inexpensive help to perform almost any task you need done in your real estate business, including many you may feel only you can do. Yes, that’s right, I said it “you are replaceable!” What if I told you it’s possible to invest just a few dollars per day on a tool for your real estate business that could offer you a rate of return worth hundreds or even thousands of times your total investment? You wouldn’t even hesitate.

Well, that’s the kind of lasting impact a virtual assistant can have on your real estate business or any business for that matter.  So, if you haven’t jumped on board and begun capitalizing on the growth opportunities represented by this little-known resource, you’re missing out. It’s time you evaluate the processes and details clogging up your day and embrace this hottest trend real estate entrepreneurs and professionals, just like yourself, are utilizing with impressive results.

The term “virtual assistant” carries a lot of mystique for some, but the concept in not new. Virtual Assistants have been around for years and they’re by our definition: a person that helps to make your life easier.

As a real estate investor, it’s important to understand what your time is worth. To really grow your real estate business, you will inevitably have to delegate certain tasks to other people or a virtual assistant… you simply can’t do it all and expect your business to expand. I’ve found over the years that one of the best ways to do this is to delegate or outsource. You see, Ron has taught thousands of his students, staff and me the key to success is to stop doing the worthless, mindless minutia crap all day, every day and get help! It truly is a critical issue in growing any business, the faster you get people doing the things you shouldn’t be doing, (which is almost everything you do!), the more money you’ll make with the least effort.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “this all sounds great, Jen, but where do I even begin to look for help?” Great news, help is here! You see, because we want you to be successful and out of sheer necessity to help our students achieve financial freedom, Ron and I decided to take matters into our own hands. We found a void in finding outsourced exceptional VA companies to give our students the attention they deserve, and frankly they weren’t up to par with the level of customer service we desire for you. This is why we created Eagle Virtual Assistants. As the old saying goes “if you want something done right you have to do it yourself” and that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Our VAs are dedicated to helping you manage the time consuming and often frustrating administrative details so you can focus on making deals and bringing home the money.

We’ve invested the time in hiring and training your VA so you don’t have to. Once you enroll in Eagle Virtual Assistants, the benefits will be almost immediate and ongoing. Eagle VAs work with you and put your real estate business on auto-pilot, get you leads and help you make more money by freeing your time.

Here are some of the primary reasons to bring an Eagle VA into your investing world:

An Eagle VA is a great start in building your business. Whether you’re an experienced real estate entrepreneur or if you’re just getting started in real estate you’ll need to begin getting leads and someone to prescreen suspects vs. prospects. Our VAs are highly trained by Ron and our amazing team to do just that.

2.      Eagle VAs can reduce your stress level and expand your life span. OK, maybe a slight exaggeration on expanding your life, but we’ll certainly make your life easier. Your workload will decrease and income increase. A solid VA can help you close more deals by locating properties, research areas, posting ads, contacting sellers, prescreening properties and helping with general administration needs. This is the most compelling reason to embrace your assistant – virtually! You’d be surprised how easy it is to get people to do tasks which are easy for them, but hard for you.

Here are some things our students are getting VA’s to do…

Buying Houses

  • Calling FSBO ads from online sites after making a list of them in your area
  • Calling FSBOs you send in, completing property info sheets and emailing to you
  • Running “I Buy Houses” ads on various sites in your area
  • Taking seller prospects off your site and voice mail and calling to complete info sheet

Selling Houses

  • Build house flyers to post on Craigslist and postlets.com and others
  • Run ads to sell and keep current on multiple sites
  • Take buyer prospects off your site and voicemail and call to complete buyer info sheet
  • Set up your data base to house your buyers list
  • Send emails and text blasts to your buyers list
  • Update your site with current house pictures and description (you must write descriptions)

3.      Imagine someone else doing all this work for you leaving you free to…decide which sellers to call and go see after a VA did your prescreening, decide which buyers have enough money or credit to deserve your attention and close the purchase and the sale!

Eagle VAs are not your employee, yet you have full control over their service and direct communication by phone and email. We take on the management and all costs for your VA. With employees you’re responsible for payroll taxes, FICA, FUTA, notices, legalities, hiring, firing, training, babysitting and keeping them busy so you don’t feel guilty about their cost. By the way, our research shows you can’t legally hire a VA unless they are an employee of someone. Calling them contractors is dangerous and won’t hold up to the employee vs. contractor law governed by the IRS.
FYI, we have a list as long as your arm of other students doing the same. All got there by being lazy and using our VAs.

We’ve done the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. We’ve created the best and most qualified VA service on the planet, for you. With some hard work, time and a lot of training,  Eagle Virtual Assistants is now a reality with an entire section of our building set up with booths with phones and computers to house full time VAs to serve you. We feel the best way to give you the quality service you want is to put them all in one place so we can constantly hire, train and monitor all levels of service and handle issues daily as they arrive. Our VAs will have a supervisor for you to communicate with if you have any customer service issues or questions. However, your VA will also have a direct phone line and email for you to communicate directly with them so no time delays occur when you need a fast connection.

Your first VA should be one we dedicate to do nothing but call FSBOs for you. We’ve discovered the best way to serve you on this critical function is to keep all our FSBO callers focused on doing nothing but that. This way they get very good at getting you (yesses) and more leads per hour.

In our office, it’s not only about getting more leads, it’s all about helping you grow your business.

This is especially true since your service includes a constant supply of leads coming to us through several online sources daily, plus what the VA finds, plus what you send in from signs in front of houses and other sources you use to generate leads.

We now offer VA services a la carte in 5 hour increments at all levels, and our highest level provides up to 25 hours of VA services and our DREAMS Buyer/Seller websites as well as your Gold Club membership, FSBO lead services, Community Buying Group benefit, Gold Club membership site and much more. We have three levels to fit everyone’s needs.

If you’ve ever had the responsibility of hiring, training, mentoring, managing and paying employees, you know how much time and money you’ll save. Now add to that all the behind the scenes management and supervision of the entire department you don’t get billed for, and it’s a real steal.

If you do just one real estate deal a month and collect the minimum fee of $5,000, the cost is irrelevant. With the help of a good VA you can easily do two or three a month with very little of your own time invested. Ron continually does 6-12 of these deals every month and he uses our VA service.

The bad news is if you don’t get help and quit worrying about the cost you may never even do your first deal, much less two or three a month.

You Will Pay the Cost of A VA One Way Or The Other, So You May As Well Get One

There’s no long term contract. You can quit anytime and do all the grunt work yourself.  It’s not a major financial decision, but it’s certainly a major business decision.

Due to the obvious set up time and limited VAs available to service our clients properly, it may take a couple weeks for full VA service, but your first months fee won’t be charged until we do. We should be able to assign a FSBO caller much sooner.

Remember Ron’s #1 motto…”The Less I Do The More I Make.” This is a concept that most people have a hard time understanding. Don’t be one of those people!

Dedicated To Your Success,
Jennifer Shedlin
Chief Operating Officer (AKA Chief Chaos Officer)

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13 Responses to “It’s OK to be Lazy” by Jennifer Shedlin

  1. Phillip Warrick says:

    Great Job and great service Jennifer

    Thank you Eagle VA’s

    Phillip Warrick

    • Horace Broadnax says:

      I have to change my mindset to ” The less I do the more I make!” Thanks for the insight and information, Jennifer.

  2. Elon Floyd says:

    Im eager to try the VA service. Sounds like a no brainer.

  3. Maurice Stafford says:

    Excellent article, jennifer!

  4. Niko Anagnostopoulos says:

    I read that a VA comes with a Gold Membership.

  5. Rod McMasters says:

    Very strategic…thanks so much.

  6. Darvin Williams says:

    Can a VA call a owner of a property who is not listed, but the owner is in Pre-foreclosure?

  7. Michael Distefano says:

    who helps when u get a yes

  8. Tyanna Prince says:

    How do you sign up for eagle VA?

  9. Randy Connolly says:

    I just signed up

  10. Bernard Miles says:

    Thank you for explaining how the Eagle VA’s work. This calmed me a little and got me excited about joining the Gold Plus club. I just didn’t see a clear way to access that portion of the site, but I’m still exploring!

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