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Home » Resources » Mentoring Testimonial – Joshua Dudgeon

Mentoring Testimonial – Joshua Dudgeon

Thank you!

Thank you, Ron LeGrand and the Mentor program!

I went to Quick Start Real Estate School in Atlanta and my mentor called on of my leads. The house is worth $200,000 and the seller just needed a couple of thousands in moving money on top of his mortgage being $84,000.

On Monday after Quick Start real Estate School I went to the appointment and got a contract in less than 30 mins. All his legal paperwork and him thanking me for solving his problem with $100.00 check from my LLC. I told him to keep it no matter what happens. My mentor helped me with the paperwork and were able to be available at the appointment.

Thank you, Ron, for all the training.

So grateful,

Joshua Dudgeon


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