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Home » Resources » Testimonials » Millionaires in the Making – John Grenga

Millionaires in the Making – John Grenga

I have found it very beneficial to study Ron’s courses and to go to the live training, but I believe that where you really start learning how this business works is when you actually go out and begin applying what you have learned and start doing it.

I am so grateful for Ron LeGrand’s mentoring program…and the Wolff Couple!!! You know, it’s one thing to hear what you are supposed to do in class and understand it with your mind, it’s another to actually be faced with a real-life deal situation and have to apply the concepts you have learned in class to that particular deal.

That is one reason the mentoring program has been so great! Brian and Lynette have been absolutely amazing and have held my hand every step on the way! Anytime I have had a question about how my training applies to a particular deal, or about what to do next, or about how to handle an obstacle (and yes, those come up regularly), or about what to say or NOT to say to someone, they have an answer!

My greatest mental block has been fear of not knowing what to do next or how to do it when the time comes, and my mentors have given me the confidence I needed to take action and get the right things done at the right time! They truly have gone above and beyond to not only point me in the right direction and help me take the right steps at the right time, but also to hold me accountable and make sure I am taking daily action towards my goals.

My first pretty house deal with Brian and Lynette was an out-of-state house owned by somebody I knew. They couldn’t sell so I got the numbers and Lynette told me to make the offer! The seller accepted my offer and I got the house under contract. I did the Wolff Couple’s 1hr Sale and found a buyer! I bought the house with NO MONEY DOWN on a contract for deed for $85,000 and sold it to a lease purchase buyer 7 weeks later for $114,900! I am getting a $3,000 option deposit up front. My payment is $900/month and my buyer is paying $1,100/month, so I have $200/month of positive cash flow. I also should get a check for a minimum of $26,900 on the back end when my buyer cashes out!

This first deal is worth well over $30,000. The thing is, it is an out-of-state deal that I would NEVER have had the confidence to pursue if I hadn’t had such fantastic mentors to help guide me through the whole process! I never would have made the offer without them! This first deal has paid for my mentor-ship twice over! It has also given me ton of much needed experience and confidence!

I highly recommend the mentor program to anybody who is serious about learning and doing this business. Thank you, Ron, for putting this all together and thank you Brian and Lynette for the way you pour your life into the lives of others!

John Grenga

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One Response to Millionaires in the Making – John Grenga

  1. Scott Cusack says:

    Great job John…

    I started the program this March with the Schlag Bros and the support has been excellent. I’m still working with my phone fear issues but I’m finding I’m starting to get it. These guys are sure blessings along with this great program created by Ron. To your continued success!

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