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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » “My Pet Peeves about The Young Generation and Advice from an Old Guy” by Ron LeGrand

“My Pet Peeves about The Young Generation and Advice from an Old Guy” by Ron LeGrand

– Don’t call me buddy, bro, dude or any other teenage slang or address me with YO.  I’m 3 times your age, I’m not your buddy and I’ve earned your respect if for no other reason I’ve lived so long.

– You will not impress me with foul language or misuse of the English language. In fact using it will immediately tell ME you are a disrespectful punk with low self-esteem and one I’d never consider hiring.

– At your age you haven’t lived long enough to know everything of value so your opinions are appreciated but not in the form of an argument nor repeated more than once. If yours differs from mine, I’m right. At least until we separate. Then you can be right again. Remember I’m the elder here.

– Texting while we are talking is rude, disrespectful and immediately terminates your privilege of continuing our conversation where you actually might learn something useful.

– Being on time and keeping your promises is your responsibility not something you occasionally do if convenient. The world does not run on your schedule but will judge you on your word.

– Work is how people make money and pay their bills in this country and it’s not for adults only, nor is it an evil habit to be avoided at all costs. You will learn to produce or become a leech. You will learn to think or labor for those who think. No one owes you anything and the government will not provide. Get off your lazy ass and work… even if you don’t get paid.

– It is your fault! It’s always your fault. There’s no one else to blame and no one wants to hear your whining nor do they much care if you live or die. News flash… The world can get along without you and doesn’t rotate around your petty problems. Accept the responsibility for your own stupid mistakes, learn from them and work to get better not place blame.

– If you want to quit every time you run into an obstacle your value to society and to yourself is minimal and your circle of so called friends will all be losers like you. Successful people don’t take no for an answer and spend their lives removing road blocks and growing a spine. They also attract the kind of people who count. You are who you hang with. If you go to bed with dogs you’ll get up with fleas. There’s likely nothing you want to do that hasn’t been done before, hundreds of times, in your city, in the recent past by those with less to work with than you. If that’s not true and you are the first quitter you will never get the money or the glory. Ask Mark Zuckerberg.

– There are actually people on earth who are smarter than you. Perhaps you should listen more and talk less. You can’t hear with your mouth running. Promises are full of arrow holes. Listening to experts is better than listening to your friends. They are expect at nothing. Their opinions are worthless. The world is full of people who’ll gladly tell you how to do something they have never done. It doesn’t matter what the morons say.

– You are not entitled to a big screen TV, I-Pad, smart phone or laptop. These are things that cost money not gifts from Santa. There’s no constitutional right for kids to get all this stuff free or at all. Here’s a thought… go earn the money. It’ll mean a lot more if you do and then when you break or lose it you’ll quickly learn why it’s good to take care of your things and there are consequences if you don’t.

– The way you dress is the way the public will judge you. I don’t want to see your boobs or your crack. They are supposed to be covered with cloth and only enough to do the job. Guys the crotch of your pants is not supposed to be at knee level and girls they do make pants that don’t need painted on or show your dimples through.

– You do not have the right to never be offended. This country is based on freedom and that means for everyone, even us old adults. You can leave the room, change the channel, express your opinion but the world is full of idiots and always will be and they all have the right to disagree with you even if it offends you. Get over it. Grow up and hug a military veteran for protecting these rights you take for granted. You’ll really appreciate them if you find yourself on the front line with bullets whizzing by.

– You do not have the right to a job. We all want you to have one as soon as possible but you have to convince an employer to let you have it and earn the right to keep it every day. If you are poorly educated you’ll earn less. If you have bad habits that make you unemployable it’s not your employers fault. If you get a job and discover you don’t like it, tough. Do it anyway with a pleasant attitude without bitching about it and be grateful you have it. Do the best you can every day and soon employers will seek you out.  Flipping burgers, washing dishes, bagging groceries, mowing lawns and all the other jobs you think are beneath you must be done and it’s ok for you to do them. There are millions of adults who no longer think it’s beneath them.

– Warning…. everything you put on Facebook and email is permanent. Your employers will be looking at your Facebook page. Will you proud of it or will it cost you a job. Profanity has no place online and once you say it, it cannot be retracted. Stop, think and cool off before you reply in anger or say stupid stuff that will cost you jobs, relationships and maybe even your freedom. Your opinion is worthless so why make yourself look like an idiot expressing it. FYI, it’s not in your best interest to let the world know where you’re at all the time. I know you don’t watch the news but people get raped and killed every day because of their online actions. Of course I know it’ll never happen to you but I also know that’s what every victim thought.  Every time you get ready to press send ask yourself would I want to defend what I’m about to say in court. FYI, it doesn’t get erased just because you don’t see it anymore.

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6 Responses to “My Pet Peeves about The Young Generation and Advice from an Old Guy” by Ron LeGrand

  1. Tony Pearl says:

    Best article EVER!!
    Thank you, Ron, for your intelligent & accurate observations & insights.
    I feel bad for the next millennial who dares to call you “Dude.”

  2. Thomas Mosman says:

    Right on, Mr. LeGrand! I could not have said it better myself.

  3. Percy Robertson says:

    The best ever! Thanks!

  4. Andrew Schlag says:

    Thanks for the great advice Ron!!

  5. Terry Adams says:

    It appears I really do have a philosophical doppelganger in this world, after all. You folks best be divining proper wisdom from as many of the appropriate sources as you can now, as us old school hardasses aren’t gonna be around forever. God bless you Ron, and God bless the rest of you, as well.

  6. Keith Yedinak says:

    Great article they always have to remember that they are working for themselves in every job they have.
    You can almost always tell if someone was in the military when there talking to you as they always answer with a yes sir or mam.

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