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Home » Resources » Millionaire In The Making – Mark Owens

Millionaire In The Making – Mark Owens

I’ve been investing in Real Estate a few years now. Before meeting Ron LeGrand, I had bought three houses through banks by qualifying with my income and using my credit.  I had reached the point the banks would not loan me any more money. I didn’t know how to buy houses any other way so I sat on my Assets for years! Still having the Real Estate investing dream, I saw where Ron LeGrand was hosting a “Fast Track to Wealth” seminar in Atlanta Georgia in November 2015. Atlanta being five hours from Winston Salem, NC where I live I decided I should enjoy the company of my family members and invited my sister and brother-in-law to join me. They live five hours south of Atlanta. We arrived at the seminar early and got a front row seat. Ron came out and introduced himself as Carlton Sheets! It was funny and we had a big laugh. I took a lead sheet with me and Ron critiqued it. He told me to buy the property so I did. I have since totally renovated it and I’m currently using his techniques to get it sold. During the seminar, Ron convinced me that he could help me achieve my Real Estate goals so I signed up for his Real Estate Boot Camp in Jacksonville, Florida in December 2015.

At the Boot Camp, I signed up for the mentoring program to get the added assistance and security I needed by a seasoned professional. My mentor is Barbara LeGrand Cockrell. Barbara is a great mentor and is not afraid to tell you to get busy! During our mentorship period, I found a lovely little A-frame 2 bedroom/ 2 bathroom home. With Barbara’s guidance, I was able to buy the property using the “Subject To” strategy. After much screening and advertising, I found a Tenant buyer to sell the property to. I am happy to report that I was able to close with the Tenant Buyer and the Seller of the house on the same day. I was able to use the down payment fee from the lease purchase to pay for the closing cost and a small down payment to the Seller. I am proud to say I got my first $6,000.00 “shut up” check. I will make about $6,000.00 up front, I will make $200.00 monthly from the lease payments and I will make about $25,000 when I sell the property in two years. This will translate into a profit of $35,800 for a house I did not spend any money on. I have not even put the electricity or water on in my name.

In the six months of becoming affiliated with Ron LeGrand, I have started my own Real Estate Investment business and bought two houses using his techniques. This is why I named my business “Successful Real Estate Solutions, LLC” and my motto is “Where Success is in Our Name!”

Thanks to Ron, Barbara, and the team at Global Publishing, I am on my way to achieving the level of success I have always dreamed of!

Thanks to All,

Mark Owens

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