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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » IF I WERE PRESIDENT By Ron LeGrand


A few years ago, I wrote a string of articles of what I would do if I were president. I thought it was time to update my thoughts. Before I continue, I’m sure you know by now, I am a Republican, so if that somehow offends your nature, stop reading this article right now.

The viewpoints represented here are strictly mine, and I am positive will not be in agreement with all of our members. That’s OK because there is no chance I’ll ever be president, and if you disagree with me we would certainly welcome your opposing viewpoint. If you send one, it will be published, so no profanity please because they will not be edited.

I would like to think we still live in a country where we can all express our views without getting attacked or offending those who don’t share them. I’m all for free speech, but not for slander or verbal abuse. Debate and differing opinions are what made this country so great, and I’m glad we live in one where you don’t get beheaded because yours don’t agree with those in power.

There’s a big difference between expressing one’s views than down right lies perpetrated to advance one agenda at the expense of others. This goes far and beyond our recent events and has gotten to the point where it needs some checks and balances.

We need the media, but should get back to the days when it was their job to report the news and not make the news. There was a time when you could depend on what you heard from the media, but those times seem to have faded away.

Much of the news today is nothing more than personal opinions largely spread by hearsay without substantiation. I have always cautioned against believing everything you hear in the news, but today, I would say believe nothing you hear in the news until you know it to be true and real facts are presented to verify from sources that are real and not made up.

I don’t see this changing unless those who create fake news are held accountable for their actions. Therefore, as president, I would work with Congress to create legislation that does just that. If you wish to publish the news and it turns out to be fake, there will be a financial liability attached, and in some cases, criminal liability.

I know this would be difficult legislation to get passed because it must protect free speech. It’s one thing to express your opinion regardless of how radical it may be to others, but it’s another thing to make that opinion public when it’s obvious it will harm the innocent. Accusations are not proof and therefore should not be allowed to ruin reputations and lives until it can be proven.

My legislation would permit anyone to approach the proper law enforcement authority to make their accusations with no repercussion if they were proven wrong. But, it would punish those who choose to try a case over the internet are on the TV with no real evidence.

Yes, I’m aware it’s not the President‘s job to make laws, but it’s certainly his/her job to work with those who do.

We are in the most litigious society since the beginning of our country, and new legislation will be proposed to limit the liability on all law suits, thus curtailing frivolous suits brought by plaintiffs who only wish to reach a settlement knowing the defendant will do so because legal fees cost more.

It’s one thing to sue when you have been harmed, but it’s quite another to sue simply to raise money. Litigation has become the new business opportunity of America and settlements are the end game.

In my new legislation, those who file frivolous lawsuits will be held accountable for all legal fees, and in some cases, beyond that. In addition, attorneys to file these lawsuits will be held equally liable and pay a stiff penalty. Attorneys who know they will be personally accountable will quickly stop filing frivolous suits.

There will be new standards set as to the maximum amount of money one can be awarded based on the damage incurred. For example, there will be no more million-dollar awards because you got burnt with a cup of coffee you were too stupid to test before you drank.

America is one of the few countries left in the world that doesn’t already have these standards in place. Other countries I visit don’t have frivolous lawsuits because these limitations are already in effect.

America will continue to consume drugs, and people will die at an alarming rate until this issue is dealt with harshly. The only way to stop this epidemic is to stop the supply. The only way to stop the supply is to make those pay dearly who choose this as their business model.

My new legislation will contain the harshest penalties ever created to deal with convicted drug dealers, to include the death penalty in severe cases. Drugs kill far more people than bullets. In many states, if you get convicted of murder, you die. Those pushing drugs are murdering citizens the same as if they shot him with an AK 47, and should be dealt with accordingly.

All drug dealers would be sentenced to hard labor, not just spending years in prison being fed and housed at our expense. Their labor will go to improving our infrastructure and offset their cost for imprisonment. The minimum sentence will be 10 years with no opportunity for parole.

All their assets will be seized, sold and put in a fund to treat drug abusers and get them the help they need so they can get through the rest of their life without depending on this killing crutch.

This same legislation will have a provision to deal with abusers. There is no such thing as a 30-day rehab for people on drugs. It takes much longer than 30 days, and few will endure it without being forced. The force must come from the law and entering a rehab facility will not be optional, and you may not leave anytime you wish.

My new legislation will not be popular with many because it will change their lifestyle and force them to do things they aren’t comfortable with, but unfortunately, that is the only way real change will happen. I suspect I would be a one-term president.

Don’t worry, as I said, I won’t be running for office, and if I actually told the truth about my intentions, there’s no chance I’d get elected.

That’s enough for now! So, go ahead and blast me with your differing opinions, and if you happen to agree with me, let me know that too.

You can write in to vipservices@globalpublishinginc.com.

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6 Responses to IF I WERE PRESIDENT By Ron LeGrand

  1. Tony Pearl says:

    Love it! Papa Ron for President!

  2. Scott Cusack says:

    Amen! Well said Ron.

  3. Sophia Grigio says:

    Please run for President! We need more of this mindset.
    I believe you wrote how a lot of people feel but they’re just afraid to Proclaim it.
    Thanks for putting this brilliant article out here Ron

  4. David Smith says:

    Fantastic, honest, to the point solutions.
    Not popular or feel good ideas, but necessary if you really care about saving people and preventing never ending cycles of crap.

  5. Alex Nikolov says:

    Stellar plan Ron I love it. I would just add corrupt politicians, police, judges and public servants who stay on the bottom of this mess. Everybody knows the fish rot from head first.

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