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Home » Resources » Monthly Q & A Sessions » Ron’s Q&A Call 2017-06-12

Ron’s Q&A Call 2017-06-12

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11 Responses to Ron’s Q&A Call 2017-06-12

  1. Mike Barney says:

    Great informative call! Thank you J and R.

  2. Roger Clayton says:

    Great call on terms. See you in Vegas 2017…

  3. Qareeb Bashir Sr. says:

    Inspiring call Joel!

  4. Eric Thompson says:

    Ron mentioned to have zillow ads go into our gold club inbox. How do we accomplish this? I was unaware that our gold club membership offer a unique email address. Please advise. Thank you Joel and Ron. See you at the Summit!

  5. Tony Cadwell says:

    Great call, appreciate all the key information. Was able to get one question I could not get clarity answered with ease from the call. Thanks Mr. Ron, thank you Joel.

  6. Michele Rok says:

    I need to obtain a VA service and subcribe to dreams program. But for someone like me who needs to close on my first wholesale deal with Ron After my first close I will obtain those services for sure.

  7. Michele Rok says:

    I need a mentoring how do you get that service?

  8. Fernando Diaz Sr says:

    Could we get the last few monthly calls?

  9. Justin Logan says:

    Host: Joel Sangerman

  10. Hani Ghali says:

    are these calls still ongoing? I never know about it.

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