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Home » Resources » Millionaire In The Making – Henry & Alice Williams

Millionaire In The Making – Henry & Alice Williams

We are blessed to have Barbara LeGrand, the sister of Guru Ron LeGrand, for out mentor. She is an excellent mentor!

We were struggling with the FEAR of talking to homeowners, whether it be on the phone or in person so we made the decision to finally invest the necessary money for a mentor to help guide us to become knowledgeable of our view of real estate investing. We were afraid of saying the wrong thing and the dear of just not knowing what to say when asked challenging questions. We needed more advice ton getting the business ready – the set up.

Barbara helped us gain more confidence by giving tips to use on things to say, how to say them, and also things not to say during conversations with sellers. Using the tips made the conversations easier and keep the seller on the phone longer.

Overcoming objection was a problem also and we would immediately end the conversation with the seller. Barbara taught us that if one sales method was objected to, for example lease purchase, then discuss another way which we could still purchase the property and to keep the conversation going.

We had many life changes during the 24 weeks of mentorship with family sickness which took our focus away from the business. Therefore, we didn’t get a completed deal. Barbara showed sincere concern about our problems. She listened and gave us some good health information while still advising and pushing us to set aside time for continuing work in the business each week.

What we liked about her is that she would ask us how we were doing at the start of each meeting and no matter what the issue was she continued to be calm, sympathetic, but focused on the task at hand. Her obvious objective was to make sure we made a deal or deals.

The mentorship experience with her gave us helpful real estate investor education which we’ll never forget. She answered all of our questions and served all our needs each week.

We would recommend her to other beginning real estate investors who maybe hesitating to make the decision to get a mentor. She is excellent in teaching how to overcome fear to get deals. She will keep trying to motivate you and let you realize how you are being a help to sellers who need to sell for whatever his/her situation is. She helps you realize how you are a help for buyers when you put them in a home when their credit may not have allowed them to qualify for a loan.

We can’t speak highly enough of Barbara LeGrand as a mentor and as a caring individual.

Henry & Alice Williams

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