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Home » Resources » Ask Ron - Q&A sessions with Ron » Ask Ron 2017-08-25

Ask Ron 2017-08-25

In this edition of Ask Ron, Ron answers our Gold Club members’ questions regarding: estimating ARV, conventional financing, working with sellers who double as Realtors┬«, and more!

Thanks to Gold Club Members: Joseph Christensen, Ken Breeze, Helen Lukic, and Mary Ann Nunez for writing in!

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2 Responses to Ask Ron 2017-08-25

  1. Ken Breeze says:

    How cool is that?!?!!? Ron personally answered one of my questions that I posted on the forum. I am thrilled, honored and re-motivated to kick more b… and keep truckin’. Thanks for being awesome Ron!

    Quick question while I got you on the hook. It’s been very difficult doing all the right things considering we’re doing all this from Germany, six to nine hours time zone difference and all. Is it possible to strike a deal anytime soon with your daily FSBO leads only? Our budget is starting to get real thin – we’ve been subscribing to your full FSBO daily reports, full website and EVA calling program for four months now – to no avail. Of the approx. 500-600 monthly leads we gain roughly ten prospects that turn into suspects and then into “The Walking Dead” as we call them. So having spent ca. $3500,00 so far we’re wondering if we should dare do a yellow letter campaign plus PatLive which would eat up the rest of our budget. Are those absentee- tax delinquent owner leads more motivated in everyone’s experience to change strategies and therefore turn their boat around into a successful win? In other words if the yellow letter campaign doesn’t yiel at least one home run, our rocket will run out of gas.

    Please advise. Thanks, Ken

  2. Cindy young Young says:

    Ken-I hate to see you working so hard and success is evading you. I have had good luck with owners with delinquent taxes. In my county you can find them for free on our county website. You don’t need to send a lot of letters before you get some calls. This is something you can do for free if you have access to that info on your county’s website. 50 letters should yield 1 or 2 deals to wholesale, or buy if you have the $. Good luck!

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