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Home » Resources » “What’s Your Pain Point?” by Debbie Waters

“What’s Your Pain Point?” by Debbie Waters

You can imagine in my position here at Global and working so closely with Ron just how much opportunity I encounter daily. The places I get to go, and the people I meet and learn from are amazing to say the least. From real estate investors to marketing entrepreneurs to self-made millionaires, they come from every walk of life, each unique and inspired in their own way. I’d often ponder what they’d done differently or so well to get them where they are.

So, a couple of years ago I began asking that very question. Whenever I’d meet someone who was absolutely happy and content, I’d think to myself, this person is successful; this person is content; this person thrives; this person is doing it. And, I wanted to know what IT was. And, so I’d ask. There was a common thread in their responses: they’d identified their pain point, whatever it was that was holding them back, and they’d found a way to overcome it!

I learned everyone had fears of their own. Even people with amazing confidence and grace had at one time feared something that left them awkward and uneasy. They all had insecurities and worries about one thing or another. They were no different than me. And, I suspect, they’re all no different than you either. But, their answers were very similar and somewhat shocking. The majority shared the same pain point.

I can’t tell you how many times I heard the same thing. “I’m just not sure where to begin,” or “I’m scared to talk to sellers.” The sheer fear of failure or rejection is a resounding common thread among student investors.

Even with all the knowledge, forms and documents, lesson videos and support, some are paralyzed by the thought of failure or rejection.  Now, I’ve had experiences with rejection, we all have at one point, but those experiences didn’t leave me destitute to a life of failure or misery. Rejection leads to learning, learning leads to growing, growing makes us stronger. Being stronger makes us more resilient to rejection. See the pattern?

This leads me to my question above, “What’s your pain point?” Have you taken the time to think clearly about what it is in your investing career holding you back? Are you crippled by paralysis of analysis? Isn’t it time now for YOU to face your fears or insecurities within your investing career and take the next step?

If you’re serious about overcoming your fears, regardless of how trivial you may think they are, there’s no better place for you to do so than at The Great American Real Estate Summer Summit 2017” coming to Vegas, June 27th-July 1st.

Come and see how it’s possible for you to overcome whatever is holding you back in your investing career and fast track your business to a six/seven-figure income without using your money or credit.

We’ve been doing this a lot of years now, and we’ve tweaked this event to provide you with the most comprehensive, hands-on learning environment. By bringing your property information sheets to the event, you’ll have the opportunity to sit with one of our mentors who’ll call the sellers for you as you sit and listen. You’ll learn all the proper objection handlers, how to answer the sellers’ questions and lead them to make you the offer.

This event has been instrumental in helping thousands of students from all over the U.S. and Canada overcome their most debilitating pain points. These students return year after year as the confident, happy, content, successful investor students I described above.

Aren’t you ready to be one of them? Aren’t you ready to pick up the phone and call on sellers with amazing confidence? Our past three Summits alone have netted more than 600 contracts for students in attendance and surpassed $7.5 million in potential profits. Bring your leads and work with our mentors to take the steps to help you gain the confidence you need to jump start or even propel your investing business and add your contracts to our Summit success board.

This is not a seminar; this is a working event. We’re all about working to get you closing deals and implementing the knowledge and skills you’ve gained through your training to get you on the road to financial freedom and say, “Bye Bye Pain Point!”


It’s filling up fast, and the hotel room block is nearly full, so register today and secure your spot to work your deals one-on-one with Ron and his mentors!

See you at the Summit!

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One Response to “What’s Your Pain Point?” by Debbie Waters

  1. Barbara Cockrell says:

    That’s a great article Debbie – well spoken. As one of the Global mentors I can say that all of the mentors also had to face their pain point at some time; which is why we strive so hard to help students overcome their obstacles. We really want to help students thrive.

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