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The Only Good Business Decision

I was sitting in my office yesterday going over the results from the deal structuring sessions at our February Summit. After collecting all of the facts, I was shocked at the amazing results from such a small number of prospects.

Here they are…

152 property information sheets submitted after our VAs called them

122 sellers reached by phone while we were at the Summit

42 deals negotiated on-site involving good terms

Estimated profits from front end deposits and remaining equity: $3,125,000

That doesn’t include any monthly cash flow or tenants moving out and forfeiting the deposit. Of course, it’s only our best estimate, but from what I saw, it’s likely conservative.

Granted we had eight mentors on-site making calls, and our VAs called a lot of leads prior to the event so this is not a number you could use in your business, but on the other hand, is it necessary you make $3 million in four days?

Most people who follow instructions and brought leads to the event left with deals, some of which were worth six figures. And that my friend, is the point.

Given the fact we dedicate our entire VA team to calling your leads prior to the event and all the mentors volunteer to make calls until we run out of leads, it would appear to me the only smart business decision you could make would be to attend the Vegas Summit loaded with leads.

You have several weeks left to accumulate the leads so our VAs can call them the week prior. We’ll process all of them and discuss most in class during multiple deal structuring sessions. What this means to you is really very simple…


Bring leads, get paid. To clarify what get paid means, the minimal down payment on a $200,000 or $300,000 house should be $20,000. The people on Planet Ron are reporting checks much larger than that as they go up in value without risk to you. And that’s just the front end.

Perhaps you are under the misconception that a hot market kills terms deals. Maybe you are listening to the broke, untrained, unskilled dream stealers and real estate agents telling you the market is too hot for terms. That myth will be clearly eliminated at the Summit as we do deals from all over the country right before your eyes. There always has been and always will be people who are willing to exit on terms rather than all cash for multiple reasons I will share with you in a special session.

Not only that, you’ll meet people from all around our nation doing terms deals in spite of the dream stealers… it’s a good thing they don’t let people with worthless opinions steal their dreams. Don’t let that happen to you. Everyone needs another dose of Ron on a regular basis, and this is your best chance to get paid while I’m beating up on you.

Even if you ignore all of the other reasons to be there, the only smart business decision is to bring some leads and let us generate deals for you while you listen to the call, which will be recorded for you, and see how easy it is to follow a script and turn a piece of paper into a $30,000 check.


You might ask, “what will it cost if I don’t come?” Right now, it’s only $197 and $100 for a guest. That will go up $100 at the end of the month. You’ll get my new Time Management Boot Camp course on CD when you arrive and $2,000 worth of gift certificates and be treated to a Vegas show Tuesday night we hired right off the strip.

Our room block is almost full and will be canceled within the next week so get registered now and book your room immediately.

What happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas. It will be with you for the rest of your life.

Make sure you stay at the Green Valley Resort where the event is held. We’ll be busy from morning to night, and you don’t want to be commuting to another hotel. Besides, you won’t find one nicer than the Green Valley for just $139 per night.




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One Response to The Only Good Business Decision

  1. Tommy Douglas says:

    Ron, this is going to be a great event, I admit, but I am attending the 21-24 Jun Quick Start classes and this event is too close to that for me to attend. Unfortunately for me I am still maintaining a job and cannot take this much consecutive time off. I will definitely miss this opportunity though, as I I know it will be.

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