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Home » Resources » Millionaire in the Making – Jerome Zebrowski

Millionaire in the Making – Jerome Zebrowski

Mentoring can be a little overwhelming for me to follow. Your program is very well put together and very easy to follow. You just must do what you are told to do and make sure you follow through with each task that is explained. There is support for you each step of the way.

I just finished my mentorship with Tony Pearl. Tony is a very talented person in many ways. He not only mentors you he listens to what you say every time we talk. His web site is easy to follow and has so many ways to help you through your tasks. It is broken down in a step by step version that is as easy to follow. All you must do is read.

Tony has written many articles that inspired me or just makes you want to succeed even more. He is constantly trying to add and improve the web site to make my needs better in every way. Our phone calls have been meaning full and direct. We seem to get along very well and I looked forward to each call.

It hard to believe 6 months have gone by so fast. Today is Monday and at 10am is my time to call. I feel that I lost a friend and gained a true friend. I know I can extend but at present that is not in my wheelhouse for now.

Delores I just wanted to make sure that I sent this letter to show how much Tony has helped me this past 6 months.

Delores your team is the best.


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