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Lessee CYA Form

Lessee CYA Form

This form must be signed by all tenant buyers in front of your attorney at lease option closing.

Send it to your attorney for review when ready and make him/her aware it’ll be used at every tenant installation.

You can’t have too much clarity to avoid future issues with tenants and this form will go a long way to dispel any claims of ignorance of these issues.

Put it in your file with the rest of the documents.

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11 Responses to Lessee CYA Form

  1. Stephen Foster says:

    Form doesn’t load.

  2. Todd Ethridge says:

    I agree form doesn’t load.

  3. Samuel Patterson says:

    Form does not load

  4. Debra Clay says:

    Form is not loading

  5. Christopher Doran says:


  6. Howard Tejeda says:

    Wow this is one of the top needed forms and not loading not there ! 🙁

  7. Jordan Rahman says:

    This loads as a PDF form, so check bottom of web browser. Or make sure you’re not blocking pop ups.

  8. Rick Farmer says:

    This is a great form, loaded fine for me.

  9. Osama Mowafi says:

    Form Needs to be in Word, to allow for lawyer to make desirable Changes, As Needed.

    Osama Mowafi

  10. Cheryl Hawkins says:


  11. Grant Donoho says:

    if you right click on the link and “save as” you can download it. it works that way!

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