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The Mentor Podcast

We’ve got an exciting announcement to make! Ron’s brand-new podcast, The Mentor Podcast, will be launching May 1st! It’s been months in the making now, and we’re finally ready to bring this very informative and content driven podcast to you.

Ron’s been interviewing some of the top leaders in our industry over the past months on topics ranging from: credit repair and identity theft protection, owner financing, rehabbing, using your IRA to accumulate and protect wealth, buying and selling apartments, student housing and much, much more!

The name says it all, the podcast is designed to bring thought leaders and experts on many topics to mentor our listeners in 30-minute doses. To learn more about Ron’s podcast and to subscribe, go to http://www.TheMentorPodcast.com. His introductory episode is ready for your preview! Stay tuned for more to come when we launch May 1st!

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