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Home » Training » Weekly Lesson Videos » 2018 QSRES Bus Tour Orlando

2018 QSRES Bus Tour Orlando

Ron and Jay Conner are in Orlando, on the bus tour for Quick Start, giving you with some knowledge about ARVs and what you should actually spend money on repairing on homes when you are buying them.

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14 Responses to 2018 QSRES Bus Tour Orlando

  1. Alexandre Pierre says:

    That was some Good teaching by Ron, very thourogh, I like the simplicity and good nuggets from Jay as well.

  2. Anders Karlsson says:

    Excellent information. From the two gurus.

  3. Mark Hershberger says:

    Keeping it very simple. Don’t over spend but spend where the biggest WOW is. Don’t forget curb appeal. It’s the first WOW.

  4. Brenda Westerberg says:

    That was a really fun part of the QSRES. It was good to see how the guru’s figure out the cost of fixing up houses. He really does keep it simple.

  5. Mike Dellarocca says:

    Great video! Very simple & easy way to add up repair costs. For someone like me with no experience at all, it really puts your mind at ease. I felt like I was on the trip with them.

  6. Bella Chartrand says:

    Yes, I like ceramic sinks and stainless steel appliances. The ceramic sinks look classier and add another dimension to the kitchen whereas stainless steel sinks look like a fishery sink where they filet fish.

  7. Bryan Davis says:

    It’s critically important to know what he said about not ever knowing exactly how much things are going to be. It’s too easy to get paralysis of analysis and not do anything because you’re so afraid of not doing anything perfectly.

  8. Bella Chartrand says:

    I LOVE these bus tours!

  9. Chriss Khabbaz says:

    i have been to the one in San Antonio. Great tour.

  10. Aaron Anderson says:

    I love these bus tours but I just cant seem to get the knack of making estimates. Im always way off.

  11. Silvana Barria says:

    Guauuu this gays make a lot of money

  12. Ian Lemke says:

    Great stuff . I felt like I was there with y’all

  13. Ian Lemke says:

    This bus tour w/ Ron is worth the cost of the QSRES ticket . Great lessons from the master

  14. Edmond Carter says:

    Ron LeGrand is the Man much respect

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