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Home » Resources » Millionaire in the Making – Paul Schaff

Millionaire in the Making – Paul Schaff

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to say thank you, and let you know how great your mentorship has been so far. One of the main reasons that I choose to work with you is that you have all the channels of marketing running very effectively and efficiently. In addition, you are in the trenches yourself getting this done. I have been impressed with the vast knowledge and experience that you have in real estate and that you share this with me.

You had warned that it takes time to get the marketing funnel up and going. However, once all avenues are running the business will take off. I am seeing the fruits of your help manifested in my business.

On Friday, I had the most productive day since ramping up the Ron LeGrand part of our business. We had responses from a Facebook ad, our Facebook page directly, our website, and PatLive! Here was the break down:

11:00 AM – Spoke with a Facebook lead that agreed to do cash our refi 200k house and ok to leave loan in her name & take over her payments.

12:30 PM – Meeting at a property from Yellow Letter – Property owned free and clear – 18K as us and will give terms or he will be doing all the repairs 21.5K and will give terms – will contact end of June near completion of renovation – He is a contractor for a rental company that has 1,000 units.

2:00 PM – Meeting at house for Yellow Letter – Seller didn’t know what he wanted but said he wouldn’t be open to terms.

4:30 PM – Set up time to talk with the Facebook seller that is in pre-foreclosure 250K house.

I just wanted to say thank you again. As many times that I say thank you to you, it never feels like it is enough to properly convey all my gratitude.

Best Regards,

Paul Schaff

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2 Responses to Millionaire in the Making – Paul Schaff

  1. Roger Clayton says:

    Sound like the Facebook Ads are really working for you….

  2. Kim Harris says:

    Wow! This is certainly a productive day! I can’t wait to see what I can do with Ron’s expertise.

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