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Home » Resources » Quick Start Alumni Calls » Quick Start Alumni Call 2017-10-23

Quick Start Alumni Call 2017-10-23

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8 Responses to Quick Start Alumni Call 2017-10-23

  1. Azzeaz Saleh says:

    I dont beleive the student he is making shit up

  2. Ian Lemke says:

    This is proof that this DOES work. it’s great to see successful investors doing this in their local area.

  3. Holly Peterson says:

    This is so relevant for COVID -19 because we have more time to get act on our commitment.

  4. Al Barrie says:

    This stuff works, always has and always will. You have to be resilient and ambitious. No excuses. It works if you work it.

  5. Fj Jalil says:

    Every little tip adds to our RE expertise!

  6. Junior Davis says:

    Wow!! Great Information.
    This will save a lot of headaches.

  7. Lacie Walton says:

    I NEED YALL in my life! Definitely need a mentor

    Lacie Walton

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