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Home » Resources » Quick Start Alumni Calls » Quick Start Alumni Call 2018-01-22

Quick Start Alumni Call 2018-01-22

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9 Responses to Quick Start Alumni Call 2018-01-22

  1. Fernando Diaz says:

    When do they do these calls?

  2. Tonya says:

    I’m happy to add real estate abc to my tool kit. Thank you

  3. Ahmed Afifi says:

    I wish they would start putting these calls as the recorded version back on here again.

  4. Agustin Herrera says:

    I heard calls are done the last Monday of the Month at 7pm Eastern time

  5. Fj Jalil says:

    The Wolff couple really cover the subjects well.

  6. Fj Jalil says:

    I may have to review this high-quality advice again!

  7. Victoria Pruitt says:

    My question is regarding just around 51:59 time stamp… what do you do in the interim? Seller tells you what they are asking and they generally are waiting on your response… what do you tell them while you test the market to see if it’s a dead or a dud?

  8. Fernando Diaz says:

    could we get more seller closing calls?

  9. Fernando Diaz says:

    Are there any more call recordings? Perhaps more recent

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