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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » “The Station” by Ron LeGrand

“The Station” by Ron LeGrand

We all go through life looking forward to reaching that one magic destination where everything changes once reached.

If only I could graduate from high school, I’d be on my own with no one telling me what to do.

Once I get out of college, things will be different. I can finally make my own way and get a great job or start my own business where I’ll be in total control.

When I get up the nerve to tell my boss to shove it and start that business I’ve been planning for years, I’ll be in charge with no one to report to or tell me how to run my life.

If I had that big house I’d be the envy of all my friends and finally have plenty of room for the kids.

Things will be quiet and peaceful when all the kids are grown and out on their own. We’ll have the house all to ourselves with no schedules to keep or never ending calamities to fix.

I can’t wait to retire and enjoy life. I’ll get up when I want, go where I want and do all those things work has kept me from.

We spend our lives on a train always pushing forward…trying to reach The Station.





Thinking of the Station…

Then, that long awaited moment arrives and reality sets in…

There is no station,

no one place or event in life where everything is magical, and all of a sudden our fantasies become reality just as we imagined. Those who spend their lives as hard charging entrepreneurs all finally conclude: The Station was the thrill of the chase!

The joy and excitement of trying to reach the station…was the station. When given the gift of creativity and freedom to make things happen and one chooses to use that gift, there can be no one place in life that becomes more valuable than the daily implementation of it.

Many will not understand this message and continue on their journey to the station. But, for those who do relate, maybe you’ve already arrived and don’t recognize it. What do you want out of your life you don’t already have that’s really worth pursuing? What will really give you peace of mind? What is your station?

If you don’t know where you want to be, you’ll never know when you have arrived.

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2 Responses to “The Station” by Ron LeGrand

  1. Jeffrey Maxey says:

    Great Ron, keep up the good work!

  2. Mary Gioscio says:

    A Great lesson , makes you think

    Merry Christmas Ron & Global Publishing workers.

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