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Home » Resources » Millionaires in the Making – William & Catherine Anthony

Millionaires in the Making – William & Catherine Anthony

Dear Ron,

We finally did it! We closed our first deal last week. We purchased a foreclosure property “subject to” for $68,500. Our exit strategy is to advertise the property as a “Handyman Special” for $104,900. We plan to have a $200-300/month positive cash flow and should stand to make a $40,000 profit.

We thank you Ron for creating an easy-to-follow real estate system and for being willing to share your knowledge with others. We read and studied your manuals as well as the Wolff Couple’s materials and gleaned valuable knowledge to help us communicate with sellers and close deals. It is evident that you don’t want to keep the formula to your success a secret; you find pleasure in helping others achieve their goals and dreams. If you told us 2 years ago that we would be pursuing a career in real estate investment, I would have laughed because we didn’t know where to start. Thanks to you, Ron and Global Publishing, we now have the information necessary to make us successful real estate investors.

We are also grateful to Todd, our mentor, for his advice, direction, patience, and gentle nudges to push us outside of our comfort zone. Todd with his gentle disposition was always kind and positive, but straightforward in his advice to us. We knew that if we had a question or concern, he was just an email or call away. We are so glad that we chose to sign-up for the mentor program after attending the Quick Start Real Estate School in February.

Thank you again!

William and Catherine Anthony

Raleigh, NC


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One Response to Millionaires in the Making – William & Catherine Anthony

  1. Marilyn Mike says:

    Hi William n Catharine. How long did it take you from time you got, studied materials until the time you closed your deal? Also, did you have to read throughout it thoroughly before you attempted to begin trying to negotiate a deal? I appreciate your answering.

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