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Home » Resources » Millionaire in the Making – Real Estate Steve

Millionaire in the Making – Real Estate Steve

Real Estate Steve here!

Thank you for finding our new home for us! We had just sold our current home, a rehab, on 620 Oregon Ave in Erie, PA Ron’s way- full price, paying no closing costs or attorney fees and getting the option to purchase it back for the rest of the buyer’s life for the price we sold it to him for today.

Crazy but 100% true. The proceeds check is the proof!

Simultaneously, Jasmine and Eagle VA(s) found this gem below. This was a white board deal that Ron did at Earth City, MO Quick Start School back in March 2018.

Andrew Schlag, my mentor at the time and I tag teamed it in the hallway of the hotel when Ron was doing the wholesaling seminar! We didn’t know what to do with it so we just moved in!

Here’s the skinny:

Purchased subject to $219,000, $1,516.52 month {3.625% 30-year VA Mortgage NO PMI)

Will sell $249,900, Lease Option $25,000 down, $2,000 month. Hopefully the buyer just lives in there forever and never cashes us out…

Total Profit will be over $55,000 and increasing every year we hold.

It could easily get into the six-¬≠figures. The Golden Goose! The Unicorn Deal, but they happen every month … Thanks Ron! Thanks Jasmine! Thanks Eagle VA!

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