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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » The Gold Club Weekly Report » “Dare to Dream, Not Daydream” by David LeGrand

“Dare to Dream, Not Daydream” by David LeGrand

Dreamin’ or Diggin’?
Many years ago while building a shop with a pit and hoist, about twenty men I knew dropped by to check the progress. Most of them commented “I wish I had a shop like this.” My reply to them was “that’s the difference in you and me, you’re wishin’ and I’m diggin’.” Most of them never built anything but I’m still enjoying my shop.

Wishful Thinking
“When it’s all said and done, there is a whole lot more said than done.”

My guess is that you have wished many times that you could go to some places where you have never been, do some things you’ve never done, own some things you’ve never had, or meet someone you’ve never met. But instead of taking the necessary action to make it happen, you are still wishing and daydreaming about it. Sometimes you are discouraged or even dissolutioned because you think it will never happen.

It All Starts with a Dream
To daydream is to just wish you could. It’s called “la-la-land”, a fantasy never to be realized. The fake world most people live in to escape their dull existence.

But a real life experience dream is when you contemplate the possibility of doing something. You conceive it your mind, consider it achievable, and take the first step to make it happen.

The Defining Moment
Five blackbirds were sitting on a fence and three decided to fly off. How many were left? Did you say two? Wrong! All five were left because deciding ain’t doing. I know, you decided to quit smoking, eat better, lose weight, de-junk your life, make more money, and a hundred other things, but you never did. Why? Because you never took the first step to put a plan into action. The only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. But without the first bite, it will never happen.

Obstacles are not Problems
When something or someone is blocking what you want or need, you call it a PROBLEM. It’s a convenient label to excuse you for doing nothing. In reality, every so called “problem” has an option or solution. The positive label is “challenge”. A creative person is one who can come up with the most options in a given situation and will never give up until the task is completed. Daily affirmations help.

A Dream Come True
Each year I plant a garden with tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, etc. Getting tired of fighting the weather, bugs, weeds, squirrels, rabbits, and wasting water, I began to dream of a better way. So I went on YouTube and discovered aeroponics. Inside my greenhouse will be a large tank with tilapia fish. The waste water from the fish flows into grow beds to feed the plants, which in turn filter the water which flows back to the fish tank. No water is wasted. No dirt needed. No fertilizer to pollute mother earth. No plow or till soil. No dirty hands. No stoop down till back aches. No drive to lake to catch fish to eat. No stinky rotten compost or cow manure. No worry about being bit by a copperhead when picking cucumbers. Don’t need an almanac. Eat organic veggies year round, not those tasteless gassed tomatoes they sell in the stores.

It started with a dream, I next gathered information, developed a plan, started collecting materials, and am eating the elephant on bite at a time. Soon I will be eating the fish and veggies one bite at a time.

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