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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » The Gold Club Weekly Report » 11 Ways to Get People to Believe in You by Jay Conner

11 Ways to Get People to Believe in You by Jay Conner

What does it mean to have someone believe in you? In business, when a person believes in you, it means they are willing to follow your lead. They want to follow your directions, do as you ask, and listen to your recommendations. When people believe in you, they have faith that they can confide in you if they have something confidential to discuss. What’s more, when people believe in you, it means they trust you. They see you as a reputable person, and when you say something, they literally believe that you are speaking the truth.

Now, why does this matter? Why do you want people to believe in you? Well, as it relates to real estate investing and private money, this question is very important:  Who is going to be willing to give you $100,000, $200,000, or $300,000 if they don’t believe in you to protect their investment? Getting people to believe you is a powerful thing, and I have identified 11 ways to get people to trust you. I’ll be covering this topic as it relates to private money, but quite frankly, these concepts transcend into many other areas of your life, from personal relationships to any sort of business. People are not going to “buy into you” or want to spend time with you unless they believe in you!

  1. You Must Believe in Yourself

If you want people to believe in you, you gotta believe you are worthy to serve other people and receive funding for your deals. It is important for you to believe that what you are offering — be it a product, a service, or a private money program to help people get the highest rates of return safely — is the best thing for the people you are working for. In order to get people to believe in you, you must believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that what you are offering is the best solution and that people will be worse off without it.

  1. Confidence and Authority

I don’t want to hang out with someone who has a negative attitude. I want to be around someone who is confident and speaks with authority. Understand that when I say “authority,” I don’t mean arrogance. I mean someone who comes across in an authoritative manner and is seen as an expert. How do you become an expert in private money? You have to know your stuff. To be an authority and relay confidence, you need to be able to give a presentation or have a one-on-one conversation with a lender without looking at notes. You need to know your program through and through.

  1. Prepare

I can’t emphasize this enough: Do not underestimate the importance of practicing your presentation for friends and family. Preparation is how you achieve confidence and relay a sense of authority. I have such a fear of being underprepared that I over prepare. Before my first talk with real estate investors, I prepared, practiced, and researched so much that I ended up with more material than I would have ever needed for the presentation. But being over prepared helped me relay the confidence and authority I needed.

  1. Passion and Enthusiasm

If you’re not excited about your private lending program, how in the world can you expect anyone else to be excited about it? I’m not talking about screaming in someone’s ear. People can tell if you’re passionate about something based on how invested you are in it. It’s the law of reciprocity. You get back what you give out, so if you’re excited, potential private lenders will be excited too.

  1. Have a Servant’s Heart

By this I mean you always want to have the other person’s interests at heart. Zig Ziglar once said if you help enough other people get what they want, you don’t have to worry about getting what you want. This is one principle you can count on working.

People can tell if you are out to take advantage of someone or if your words don’t match what your eyes are saying. Be honest with people. The best way I know to show people I have their interests at heart is by being honest with the risks. “What is the worst that can happen?” people wonder. When it comes to private money, I tell people that since I’m securing their loan with a mortgage, the worst that can happen is I lose my mind, move to the Caribbean, and they get the house. Which, incidentally, will give them more equity and more money than I would have paid them in interest.

  1. Don’t Chase. Don’t Beg. Don’t Come Across as Desperate.

Don’t try to talk people into doing anything. We are simply making information about private money available. I make the information known, and at the same time, I act as if it’s okay if they don’t want to join the program. Because it is okay! You don’t want to present yourself as desperate. You are giving them an outstanding opportunity by making this information available to them. If they want in, great. If not, that’s fine. You’re not trying to twist anyone’s arm.

  1. Your Reputation

When I am speaking on stage across the nation, people in the audience are Googling “Jay Conner.” While you can’t believe everything on the internet, if there are comments about you, you’ll want the positives to outweigh the negatives. This goes back to your character, your reputation in your community, and what kind of person you are.

  1. Use of Stories

Telling stories is a very persuasive technique to get people to believe in you and have confidence in what you say. You need to know your story about how you got into real estate and be ready to share how you heard about private lending. During my first conversation with a potential lender, I will passionately talk about how I’d never even heard about private money until nine or so years ago, and how I was so excited about it that I became a private lender myself. You also want to share a story about one of your private lenders and how you’ve made an impact on their life, which is why I regularly tell the story about Carol Joy’s and my first private lender. To this day they can’t thank us enough because we were able to dramatically transform their retirement years. You can have all the facts and figures, but people do business with people, and stories are what make you real.

  1. Keep Your Commitments

Let’s say you make an appointment with a potential lender to meet at noon for lunch to discuss your private lending program and you show up 10 minutes late. When you tell this person about your program, do you think they will think about how you were late and ask themselves, “I wonder if they will be late on their payments to me, too?” This might sound extreme, but as T. Harv Eker, author of “Millionaire Mind Intensive” wrote, “How you do anything is how you do everything.” Keep your commitments, however small they may seem.

  1. Keep it Simple

When President Ronald Reagan had someone come to him with a proposal and saw it was more than one sheet of paper, he would push the pages across the desk back to them and say, “When you understand this clear enough that you can explain it on one page, bring it back to me.”

As I have traveled the nation speaking, I’ve found it’s better to keep the message simple. Now, I’m not implying that the people who listen to me or that the people that you will speak to are dumb, but you do not want to risk not being understood. How can I believe someone if I don’t understand what they are saying? Keep it simple, don’t overload people with information they don’t need, and be sure the person you’re speaking to understands what you are explaining.

  1. Use Specific Numbers

This one might sound surprising, but I do this all the time because I have the research to back it up. Specific numbers are much more believable than rounded numbers. If I need to tell someone how low interest rates are in 12-month certificates of deposits across the nation, I’m not going to say, “They’re around a quarter of a percent.” I’m going to open up a recent issue of USA Today, flip to the money section, and show them the report that states the interests rates are just 0.49 percent. And then, when I tell them I can get them 8 percent returns, it sounds much more impressive and much more believable.

These are the 11 strategies I’ve developed to get people to believe in me. I know there are other ways, and maybe you have some tried and true methods of your own, but I promise you, when you incorporate these 11 strategies, your business will be even more successful.

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4 Responses to 11 Ways to Get People to Believe in You by Jay Conner

  1. Anders Karlsson says:

    Great information, I can tell Jay knows what he is talking about.

  2. Paul Martin says:

    Simply put. Thanks Jay, got it.

  3. Brenda Westerberg says:

    Great article, thanks Jay!

  4. Alex Manolis says:

    Thanks Jay,

    You’ve made it simpler in my mind to talk to people about being a private money lender.

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