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Home » Resources » Ask Ron - Q&A sessions with Ron » 2019-08-16 Inquiring Minds Want To Know…

2019-08-16 Inquiring Minds Want To Know…

We had some great questions pour in this week from students around the country. Check them out below with Ron’s very candid answers. Perhaps there’s a question there that’s been keeping you up at night.

  • Why are you doing this for this price? Others ask way more than that.
    • We always deliver more value than others for less money. Should I raise the price?

  • Hey Ron, what if you live in Maryland where the closing costs are high, is there another method of creative financing to avoid that? Because with a sandwich lease/lease option you have to buy from the seller first and close before you can sell to a buyer correct?
    • Not true. You will never buy. The seller will deed the property directly to your buyer and your fee will show on the closing statement as an option fee or consulting fee.

  • Also how can the buyer improve their credit doing owner finance if they are not going through a bank?
    • You won’t but you don’t need credit in the terms business.

  •  What happens if a seller wants to buy another house while you’re on terms?
    • There’s nothing stopping the seller from buying another house if you purchase on a wraparound mortgage or deed of trust. They can show income from you to wash out there underlying payment.

  • Will you be discussing ways to get good responses?  I mean, I have been calling, but no takers.  Do you have any ideas that we can use to find out where I’m going wrong in the conversation?
    • There are actually 12 reasons people don’t get the results on the phone. They are taught in the Quick Start school and will be covered at the convention next spring in Las Vegas, March 31 through April 4. I don’t think they are published on the Gold Club site. I may do a podcast on them in the near future. Be on the lookout for it –  thementorpodcast.com.

  • How do you find possible deals to bring to the meeting?
    • Our virtual assistants can do it for you, but if you are a Gold Club member we deliver them to you every day in your inbox and then either you or your VA can call them to get the information sheet filled out. You can also go online and find plenty of them on your own and look for FSBO signs in front of houses. Most people just let our VAs do the work for them. Call our office to get the details. 800-567-6128 When you register for Quick Start school we will send you instructions well in advance.

  • Why Do you prefer Owner Finance over Lease Option?
    • Good question with multiple answers. I would rather own the house then lease it because I get depreciation, total control, no potential future interference from the seller.

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