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Home » Resources » Millionaire in the Making – Corey Ellis

Millionaire in the Making – Corey Ellis

Dear Ron,

Wow! It’s been about a year since I attended my first Quick Start Boot Camp. I was scared and had quite low self-worth. You see, I had closed my retail/website business of 12 plus years about 6 months prior to the Boot Camp and I felt like I had given up everything I knew and my security blanket. At the time of closing, I didn’t realize the direction and roller coaster my life would take over the next year and a half!

I heard an ad on the radio saying I could get some sort of real estate book for free. I knew there had to be a catch…nothing in life is free. I called and it “caught” me for sure!

It has definitely been a struggle keeping up the fight and trying to change my mindset! I went to as many events and seminars as I could that Ron was hosting and slowly but surely my mind changed and I look at life and real estate differently! I phoned in to almost every Q&A with Ron and I still do!

I hired my first mentor, Todd Foster…this man must have the patience of a saint because he was able to put up with me for so long! I also worked with the Wolff couple and have learned so much from them! They have encouraged and educated and critiqued me through so much of this process.  Thank you so very much!

I have met so many friends and people along the start of my journey that are always encouraging and lifting me! Deb, Tony, Delinda, Irina (both of them!), Vince, Whitney,  and the list can go on and on…

This is like an Oscar speech but the end results will be so much better! Ha!

Ron is really a genius when it comes to educating people how to do real estate.  Thank you for continuing to teach and share your knowledge. You have changed my life and I in turn am changing the lives of others!

The following check is just one of the first “bigger” ones that I have received. The switch finally turned on in my head. Getting in front of Ron and listening and learning was and is the key for me! I have put 7 buyers into houses over the past two months. Each deal is averaging about $15,000 in profit!! The future’s so bright…even here in Moose country Maine!

Thank you Ron for changing my life!

Corey “Moose Man” Ellis

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2 Responses to Millionaire in the Making – Corey Ellis

  1. Phillip Warrick says:

    Congrats Corey

  2. Fernando Diaz says:

    Congrats on your success

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