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Home » Resources » Millionaire in the Making – Michael Neal

Millionaire in the Making – Michael Neal

I am a licensed residential realtor. Pretty tough getting listings in Florida. Overly populated with investors and realtors.

Some of my limiting beliefs were in myself to be honest. The ability to get on the phone and seal the deal. The lack of knowledge in the field as well.

How to accommodate and negotiate. Tony does a great job teaching you HOW to talk with sellers.

The break through that I’ve had is simple. Just do it. Take action. When you sit back and are scared to move into the unknown you’re only hindering yourself.

Gotten my first deal under contract the first week of mentoring. Getting several prospects into leads. Organizing and structuring my business. Creating relationships with clients and not just doing business.

I haven’t done a deal yet, but I’m just about to close one!

Sky is the limit. I’ll be as successful as I want as long as I don’t put a ceiling on myself.

Mentoring is crucial. Being a professional football player in my past, you need coaches. The experience of others propels your success, you have the opportunity to avoid many bumps on the road and fast track your success.

I’ve had several mentors. Tony’s the only one that I’ve been able to connect with. He’s provided many tools to be successful. You just have to utilize them.

Thanks Tony!

Michael Neal, Florida

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