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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » The Gold Club Weekly Report » Weekly Lesson – Completing Ron’s Updated Lead Property Information Sheet

Weekly Lesson – Completing Ron’s Updated Lead Property Information Sheet

This week’s lesson video is an update of a previous lesson video about how to accurately fill out a Property Information Sheet, as an investor or VA.

Click here for Updated Lead Property Information Sheet

Script Guide

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54 Responses to Weekly Lesson – Completing Ron’s Updated Lead Property Information Sheet

  1. Falecia Terry says:

    Is there a video that we can see of a live call with a VA?

  2. James Coe says:

    I like the new FSBO sheet. It is so clear and easy to follow. Linda

  3. Fabio Digregorio says:

    Will this work with preforclosures?

  4. Travis Daris says:

    What if I don’t have 3000 to buy the home from owner financing?? What would I do next


  5. Bella Chartrand says:

    Ron, I love the new Property Lead Sheets…It’s simpler and with the amazing scripts you go over in detail, it’s a total no brainer…ANYBODY can do this! I’m so excited to be coming to the Phone Call Class in Jacksonville August 6, 7, 8 and am getting all my property analysis sheets ready!!! This is my ‘do over’ because I wasn’t prepared at the last seminar and I vowed, if I got another chance, I’d take it. Thank you so much for offering this class for FREE and waiving the $997! You’re amazing and I’m looking forward to going to Iggy’s with all y’all!

  6. Bella Chartrand says:

    Good point about the reason the ‘No script’ is so powerful and many times turns ‘No’s into ‘Yes’s because people tend to say ‘No’ to that which they don’t understand so if we just explain in more detail for them the process, they are likely to say ‘Yes’ because they understand the process more and know what they are saying ‘Yes’ to.

  7. Archie Pollard says:

    After listening to several so called Gurh’s
    you are the Heavy Weight Champ, now all I need is the “hand holding part” to get the
    trigger pulled, and I will be on my way, thanks.

  8. Bella Chartrand says:

    Alright! I’ve got all my scripts and side notes ready to make those calls! I feel much more confident now that I know what to say when I get a live fish on the line. Thanks, Ron.

  9. David Hillhouse says:

    Awesome training video! Makes perfect sense of the property info sheet.

  10. Michel Lautensack says:

    do i do anything differently for a wholesale fsbo lead

  11. Bella Chartrand says:

    I’m getting so many amazing leads in the Gold Club FSBO Lead System! We pulled 30 we are going to call on…

  12. Barbara says:

    good info thank you

    • Richard Ullrich says:

      PI sheet is the “heartbeat” of the
      Terms Business.

      Short, easy to read and
      gets to the terms of the deal.

      Read scripts exactly as written.

      “I’m calling about the house you have for sale.” Then, fill out the information.
      Stick to the script.

      Without the PI, you have no info to work with.

      The “starred” information MUST be obtained.
      It is critical information.

      Pull comps only AFTER you
      have a “YES” to terms.

      There’s no sense in running comps unless the seller is willing to sell on terms.

      Get comps from a Realtor or from

      There are only 3 types of Terms Deals:
      Lease Option
      Owner Financing
      Subject To

      If the seller doesn’t want to do one of these three deals, you aren’t interested in proceeding.

      If you can read the scripts,
      you can make deals.

      Most people want cashed out now.
      You are looking for those who are flexible and will take terms.

      If the house is vacant, it’s an advantage because there’s no waiting to place a
      tenant-buyer in the home.

      Use the “No Script” to turn into a “Yes.”

  13. Bella Chartrand says:

    This is the best overview and detailed lesson wrapped in one. I love these scripts and Call Lead Sheets.

  14. Jarrell Gines says:

    Where is the question for the mortgage part where the 3rd star is I don’t know how to ask that question none of my calls make it past that point

  15. Bella Chartrand says:

    By providing these scripts, you are making this business easy breazy and pretty much turn key. Thank you, Ron. Now, the trick is just getting out of our way and making those calls without any regard to the outcome. Just go through the scripts and let them work their magic!

    • Lacie Walton says:

      Love reading your comments- ha I have a little notebook specifically your Questions and comments- valuable thank you!

  16. Roger Clayton says:

    Great training video and new info sheet.

  17. Michael Caldwell says:

    I tell you this video here is GOLD!I’m glad I watched it to properly see how fill out this sheet! Very valuable information!

  18. Amorette Arceneaux says:

    i cannot see the new 2018 sheet..the link keeps taking me back to the original

  19. Bella Chartrand says:

    Awesome lesson! I just caught the part where if we get a ‘No’ on A, then go to B on the Property Info Sheet.

  20. Mary Hill says:

    Thanks, Ron
    the video makes the lead sheet easy to understand and fill out

  21. Bart Guy says:

    Great info on this video!

  22. Bella Chartrand says:

    It helps to draw an arrow from the bottom of the [A] box where they give you a $dollar amount for ‘what’s the least you could accept for your equity?’ up to the [B] Box.

  23. Naaman Starling says:

    Great lesson Ron

    • Roanne Vanderveen says:

      It’s a great script, love the stream line & structure!
      Regarding the mortgage question, do u have a lead in tip you recommend to soften the question? Thank you!

  24. Matthew Mitchell says:

    Most of the things that you are teaching the investor has to have money to do these deals what does the investor do if he or she doesnt have the 3k to 5k to do the deal remember some of us is just starting out and we havent done enough deals to have money put back to make these deals like you can. No one ever teaches to the newbie its always for the seasoned investor but they want you to buy there program when you are new but the newbie cant use the info if they dont have the money to do the deals the whole gold club is for seasoned investors what am i doing here im wasting money

  25. Kim Harris says:

    I never would have considered Zillow a place to start in looking for FSBO leads. Great information, thanks!

  26. James Brown says:

    Ask and you shall receive. A fillable PDF form!

    Shoot me an email if you’d like to have it. Since it took some time and effort it would be cool if you sent me $5 through Paypal or Venmo.


  27. Raymond Mustelier says:

    I wish there was a video with a live VA call. My VA from my wholesale business is making the calls and catching a lot of flak for the mortgage question. If someone can let me know what worked for them I would forever be grateful! Simplesolutionpropertiesllc@gmail.com
    Lets connect!

  28. Frances Wages says:

    Great Training! My only question is what do we do if we get a good prospect and we cant get to the trainings soon? Is there another way to learn what to do after we’ve completed the sheet?


  29. Carlton Lewis says:

    GOLD! Thanks Ron for explaining this for the umpteenth time. It helps to get a refresher. Also, thanks for the scripts to match. I have the old ones from the ACTS course a few years ago but this is much better because it matches up with what the PI sheets the Eagle VA’s fill out.

  30. Michael Lamothe says:

    Wow #GOLD is not to look to see what the house is worth until the seller agrees on terms, I would have wasted so much time, thanks Ron

  31. Tissany Atkinson says:

    Thank you Ron!! Getting the No script now .

  32. Elizabeth Adu says:

    Thanks for this video. I also would like to see a VA in action or a similar video.

  33. Sebastien Noel says:

    hey Guys the script link isn’t working

  34. Richard Hudak says:

    Well organized worksheet paraphrasing everything in one place, ready for us to quickly omit the suspect, or move forward

  35. Gary Green says:

    This lesson comes in handy as a review when calling leads to fill out the sheet.

  36. India Martin says:

    I just get goosebumps every time I watch this of excitement cause it sounds like music to my hears the Churching sound of money and for me to have a successful business Thanks Ron for opening a lot Doors for people including me

  37. William Welch Welch says:

    This is Tremendously helpful!
    Thank You Ron!

  38. Mario Ferreira says:

    I need to start calling FSBOs. All I do is text message.

  39. Mario Ferreira says:

    I need to start calling fsbos. I’m only doing text messages.

  40. Wayne Smith says:

    This is perfect, thank you Ron, and team.

  41. Rojo Vanderveen says:

    Thank you Ron for an encouraging PI video!

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