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Home » Resources » Millionaire in the Making – The Randall Brothers

Millionaire in the Making – The Randall Brothers

It is great to be sending in our first testimonial. We started the second week of January but went straight back to the Quick Start Real Estate School in Atlanta and then on to the Summit in Nashville! We were able to secure a deal with the help of Lynette Wolff that we immediately came back, got a contract signed and waited for the closing date in the first week of March.

We have an agreement signed with a little over $100,000.00 in equity and at least a $600/month spread, possibly more! The owner gave us 5 years with nothing down! Our second deal that we are getting an agreement signed now is a $1.1M home in which we will owe sellers $910,000.00 on. This will be an ACTS deal that we will be netting around $100k after closing costs and buyer agent commission.

We also have 5 more properties in the pipeline that have very good potential and will unfold within the next week. In short, we have seen major success following your teachings and of course with the extensive help of our Mentors, the Schlag Brothers, who are readily available when we have questions, which has been a lot lately! Thank you for giving us all the tools needed to succeed and your no-nonsense ways of doing business. Looking forward to a very successful year and attending all your classes coming up!  More testimonies to follow soon!

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